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  1. +Support - Great leadership -Chill guy - Works so hard to to get results - Has brought the ST's to a new level Lydus is a great guy and I have know him for just over a year now. He always gives 110% at what he does. He is also chill, but when needed he switches to a leadership mindset.
  2. +Support Nice and approachable Good officer from what I see Dedicated Means well Good Luck!!
  3. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : SHGOC Lore Senior Guard Aero 2. What Regiment are you applying for? The Royal Guards 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I wish to become a commander of the Royal Guard battalion as I have a goal within this server. My goal is to become the Dart Vader of the server. Most people already know this is my goal and becoming a commander within the Royal Guard battalion will help me get to this goal. However if I am rejected to become a commander within the Royal Guard it will not stop me. I will always keep pushing for this and I will always be trying my hardest to reach my goal. I also wish to become a commander within the battalion to sharpen my skills with the server, as I know some things are different from what I have done over the years as a leader and as a commander. This will help me understand what will need to change within the Royal Guards. I also want to become a commander to show other that I am capable of leading them and to show that they are being heard. I am also wishing to become a commander within the Royal Guard battalion to make changers where possible. This will be done by going to every Royal Guard member and letting them speak their own mind. No form filling out as i know most people prefer speak one to one. However this does not mean i wish to remove the suggestion forms at all. I would simply like to speak one on one with each member and see what they want to changed or be improved on if I am given the chance to become a commander within the Royal Guard battalion. I also want to become a commander of the Royal Guards as I know i am more than capable of doing so. With my knowledge and experience I do believe I can make great things happen within the Royal Guard battalion. For example. I have already made a few documents as a member of the Royal Guards, I have also make sure that people under me have a voice to be heard. I also speak my mind to the current command staff with matter that need to be addressed. I also have the many years of being a leadership figure and as a commander of troopers/members. I know for a 100% that I will make a great commander within the Royal Guards with all the skills, experience and knowledge that I have. I also wish to be a commander as I believe it is time for a new face on the block, however this does not involve others apply. I believe with my time in the Royal Guards I have gained lots of information and also seen different sides to other members that have been in the position before. This will put me a step above them as I see what the command team does not see right now. This will benefit the Royal Guard battalion in so many ways. What members want- More activity's [New] Missions [RG only or RG, IQ base] More duty's to carry out. Another sub branch [This will be hard to get | Not just Pilots] These are just but a few things that the Royal Guard battalion lower ranking members want to see. And I know for a fact most of these have not be pushed as a suggestion, so with that knowledge this put's me above of members as they know I will push what the members want and I know most of it will get rejected, but they need someone with a voice to try. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 6 weeks and still going. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? When you think of a commander of a branch. Most people will think of a strong willed person, but some people will also see a different side of this. However I believe a commander is to lead his guys and go above and beyond for them. Even if it means putting himself at risk. However the main purpose by default for a commander of a branch is to make sure that his or hers members of their branch is to tow the line. This will always start with the lower ranking officers. If other officers fail to perform then the NCOS will fail as well. This will also continue down to the cadets. A commander must go out of their way to make sure that the chain does not brake. This is all held together by the commander. The next purpose of a commander is a hard task/job for some. This is administration work I.e. sorting documents, training files, arranging new types of files and keeping a database updated. Most people do falter at this however I know I will not as I have had many years doing all of what is listed above. Another purpose of a commander is to hear is men/members out. If a commander or leader does not take input from his or her members, then they are not a team player. This will make people hate their commander and will lead to people rising up against them or even members leaving. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I know I can be trusted with a commander positions over the years I have lead many groups on a wide range of games. The most i have lead a group is for 17 years and I still do run part of a branch/Section/battalion. I also deal with administration work, which I know comes into play with a commander position. With that knowledge I know I can be useful and bring a lot to the table. To add onto my experience but focusing on Royal Guards. I have been in the battalion for quite sometime. And in this time I have spoken my mind, made many suggestions on how to improve the Royal Guard battalion. I do believe that some of the suggestions that have been made were also where I went out to other Royal Guard members and let them speak their voice. This I know is important to do as some people do not put suggestions forward in our suggestion form, but would rather be asked person to person. I believe I can also be a commander for the following- Trust worthy Reliable Responsible Man of my word Respectful Active Take responsibility for my battalions actions I also know I can be trusted with a command position as I show I am capable of leading. This can be fact checked by a few members of the server that are in high command. This will show that I always do what is needed and they know I go above and beyond what I do for the Royal Guard battalion. 7. How often can you be Online? : The minimal hours I usually play per week ranges from 48-56 hours. However this does change depending on the days I work. However I still try to be active after work. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) I do not have any warnings at all within the Royal Guards and Shadow Guars. Thank you to all who have supported me and for any who will. And thank for for any feedback for myself.
  4. Shadow Guard Application What is your in game name?: Rev What is your in game rank?: Senior Guard How long have you been in Shadow Guard?: I became a shadow Guard again on the 12th of March 2022 but have been a Show guard over a year if counting before I went on reserves. How long have you been in Royal Guard?: I became a Royal Guard just over a year ago, but cam out of reserves on the 10th of March 2022 Why do you want to become a Officer in Shadow Guard?: I wish to become a Shadow Guard Officer so that I can become more involved with the Shadow Guard Branch. I also wish to show that I am a valuable asset to the Shadow Guard branch. I also wish to become a Shadow Guard officer to sharpen my skills again to the more modern Shadow Guard branch. I also wish to get back it the swing of things where I last lead off. I want to show other that I know what is expected of me. I also want to lead by example in the Shadow Guard branch, I do however know that most people say these things but as a ex Shadow Guard Officer I have the knowledge and experience to back up what I say. I also believe in activity wise that things can be improved apone and I know I can assist in more ways than one with these matter. I also will be able to make sure people are fulfilling their quotes as I know most Shadow Guards do not meet the full requirements, but I will make sure that changers. How could you assist The Shadow Guard Lead?: I can assist the Shadow Guard branch with my knowledge and experience from the past. I can also assist by speaking my mind on matter that I believe that need a tweak or more to improve the branch. I also believe that my experience can also help from past event's that may happen again, but hopefully they don't. I also have experience leading others. This come from the server it's self all the way to IRL. This can help as I know how to talk/deal with a different range of people. This will come in handy where others don't know what to do. This will range from how people communicate and how people understand others as I know some people take things the wrong way. As said above I know I can boost the activity of the Shadow Guard and even bring some new faces into the Shadow Guards. The reason for this is because I know some Royal Guards feel like the try-outs is hard and yes I agree it is hard, but it is suppose to be that way. I will make sure people have their mind put to rest so that they feel like they can do it. This will go into the Shadow Guard lead having more people to help one and other, instead of only set individuals being able to. How many strikes do you have?: I have no strikes that I am awear of. Do you have any prior experience in being an Officer in a Sub-Branch? (If yes, explain): Yes, I have been a shadow Guard before in the past that should equal up to 4-5 months. These are ranging from when the Shadow Guard branch was small. All the way to when it grow to a good number of members. This time frame was under when Lemmet was in charge of shadow Guard and one other, who's name I can not remember. My job was very simple. Make sure that the Shadow guards were following the Shadow Guard SOP, doing trout's and also keeping up ot-date on their dulling with each other, or even other branches. I would also deal with matter that people had with the Shadow Guard branch and bring these thoughts to the Shadow Guard lead. I would also deal with Shadow guard beef. I will also like to note with all my time as a Shadow Guard I have also seen how each Shadow Guard Lead acts and changers things. I believe with that knowledge I will be able to point things out that others may not see.
  5. Trial Senior Guard Application Format Name and Rank: Rev [Shadow Guard VI] Are you in Shadow Guard?: Yes How active can you be?: I am active everyday for 8 hours sometimes more depending on what needs to be done in RG that day. Length in Royal Guard: I have been in the royal Guards before but have recently rejoined. In total I would say 2 months or more. Why do you want to become a Trial Senior Guard?: I have been an officer within the Royal Guards before and have reached SHGO/Shadow Guard Officer when I was last in. I believe my knowledge can help and assist the lower ranking RG. I have been doing as a NCO when I can as as a past officer in RG as well. I also believe I can contribute to EU time zones as a officer as I know most officers are in different time zones which means most of the time there is only x1officer on and in some cases only NCOS online, which limits the Royal guards in the set EU time zones. I believe I can help with this by stepping up to the stand and doing the duty's as a officer to better the Royal Guards along with the rest of the Royal Guard Cadets, NCOS and officers from all levels. Why do you believe you are ready for this position?: I believe I am ready for this position as I have already been a Trial Senior Guard for the Royal Guards Before. I also believe I can bring my knowledge and skill set that I have picked up and passed onto others and pass all that knowledge down to the future of the Royal Guards. Do you have any warns? Yes I have 1 warn. This was for killing a guy I was stuck in whilst trying to protect my VIP. I do not wish to go into more details with this warn but if needed I can do.
  6. + Mega Support - Has matured a lot since becoming Vice commander - Plans ahead for best out come - Knows how to work with others - Great communication skills - Good intentions for IC
  7. +Support -Knows how to lead -Great guy to talk to -Easily handles problems -Would make a great officer in Shock!
  8. Name and Rank: Rev Shadow Guard VI Are you in Shadow Guard?: Yes How active can you be?: I am active every day for 6-12 hours. Length in Royal Guard: 30 Days Why do you want to become a Trial Senior Guard?: I wish to become a Trial Senior Guard as I believe I can make the EU time more active for the RG. I also believe I can bring my experience that I have learned to the new members of the RG. I also want to get more SIMs/Trainings going for RG whilst most are offline. Why do you believe you are ready for this position?: I believe I am ready for this position as I have learnt all I can as an NCO and I believe I can use my knowledge to help lower ranking RG. I also believe I am ready to become a Trial Senior Guard as I lead by example and set the standards for other members within the Royal guard. Do you have any warns? I do not have any warns and I do not plan on getting any.
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