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  1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Stormtrooper Commander Lydus Why do you want to become the position of Marshal Commander?: I Know I have what it takes to become Marshal Commander. I see it more as a challenge and passion. From climbing the ranks to Commander I have seen and done quite a lot. Not all of it has been good but not all of it was bad either. It was most certainly a learning experience and one I joke about hating but by no means regret it. I won't claim to have made Stormtroopers what it is today but I’ve certainly helped and contributed a lot to the black sheep of the server. It made me realize that I love helping and building up a battalion into something that is reputable. I want to grow and expand on what others have before me and becoming AHC is a way to help further my passion with multiple battalions. But it’s also a way for me to connect with more people on a bigger scale and learn/experience things I have not before. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Army High Command?: I believe I can bring many things to Army High Command. I’m well known for my ability to take charge and command my fellow peers. I showed that during the first bimonthly tournament we held and brought ST into a strong third place. But I’m also known as a great listener and I have the ability to work together and follow others. I have shown that in commanding a battalion. Battalions are tough to manage but the officer core I have built since the start of my position has been proof of my ability to build relationships with people and contribute to something as a team. I'm extremely dedicated when I put my mind to something and I excel at deadlines. What is the purpose of a Marshal Commander?: A Marshal Commander has a vast amount of purposes and roles to fill, however a few stand out above the rest. Firstly, a Marshal Commander is immediately put into a position that their prior knowledge and experience on running a battalion is used to benefit and aid in overseeing battalion commanders without bothering them in a counterproductive way. This means that you can be tasked with work that doesn't require you to take up a slot on a battalion's command team. Secondly, a Marshal Commander are also tasked with assisting Army High Command and putting in a combined effort to make Army High Command into a well oiled machine. Finally, the Marshal Commander is in a position where they are capable of suggesting new changes to a Battalion’s command team which could greatly help activity, within a battalion. Why should we trust you to be Army High Command?: I believe I should be trusted as Army High Command due to my vast amount of prior experiences. I have held at the least NCO-LOW COM positions in the following, Nova, Royal Guard, Shock and Stormtroopers. This means I have been put into positions of some power and have upheld those duties properly until the time I left/resigned from the battalion. My character and personality as a command member, and my dedication to the server. I have never made an enemy on the server and I doubt there are any people who actually dislike me for my qualities. I have held positions of power and I have also lost positions of power. Meaning I know what it's like to drop seven ranks and them climb back up to a even higher position then before my demotion and be well respected and more than dedicated to my work. How often can you be Online?: I can be online usually any day of the week/weekend in the morning or late afternoon provided I don't have plans that day. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) I only have 2 warnings on the gaminglight servers. That being the imperial server. MARDMx2, RDM both are inactive warnings.
  2. Good luck and welcome to the command team if you make it dawg.
  3. As long as your promotion doesn't lead to me having more frequent deaths. Good luck and welcome to the command team if you get it dawg.
  4. Your Officer Application has been accepted! Please speak to a MAJ+ for your officer training!
  5. It was a great experience working with you and being able to call you a friend. Get lost on the road of life for awhile and stay safe while you do homie.
  6. I tend to fall off too much. This would be great for my own safety!
  7. + Support - Dedicated member of the community. - A great guy to talk to and interact with. - Active and always keeping his battalion active. - Has been in shock for awhile and knows the ins and outs of it like any future commander should. - Knows what is expected of him and overall a good application.
  8. Good luck! I hope to see you apart of the command team soon.
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