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  1. Overwhelming +support As someone who who works both with and under his command, Ted is the best candidate for this job! He is active while having a full time job, he makes sure everyone is treated equal and feels important. As his Vice Commander, I never disagree with his orders as he is a very just and fair person! Ted has also been with Naval for a while now, I feel that he is very well suited for this rank. I feel that he is more than ready for Fleet Admiral! I've been with GL for a little under 2 years, I can say with great confidence that Ted is one of the most trustworthy people I've met in the community! Best of luck Ted!!
  2. Accepted! Please speak with me to get trained!
  3. Bepiks

    So a donkey

    Guys I just saw the craziest thing So a donkey... fell into a bowl of sugar.....
  4. +support Theta is a great person not just to talk to, but to also work with He knows what's best and how to best way to do things Very active and is seen rather often doing a stellar job leading his troopers Theta would make for an excellent Marshal Commander!
  5. Massive +support Prime example of "don't judge people based on their warnings" Pisces is an amazing and fun person to work with He knows when to be serious and when to have fun I've watched your work for some time now, I honestly feel that you'd make for a perfect Marshal Commander!
  6. Massive +support Where do I even start? Lydus has shown what it means to be not only an effective leader, but one who also ensures his troopers under him are both taken care of and entertained (Even if that means robbing me at gunpoint lol) I feel that Lydus has already shown how good of a commander he is, and I also feel that He'll make for an amazing Marshal Coammder! Best of luck Lydus!! (I'm not giving you my money tho)
  7. +support Been in a command position long enough to fully grasp leadership and working well withing a battalion. Works GREAT with others. Fun person to be around. I feel that Suns is more than ready for HCOM Good luck suns!
  8. Overwhelming +support I may not be under his command, or have ever been under it before. But when I tell you that Bub is an amazing candidate for HCOM, I mean it Bub shows great dedication for the 69th and treats everyone equal and nicely! He's a very fun individual to work with and he shows amazing leadership! I cannot stress enough that bub would make for a perfect Marshal Commander! Best of luck Bub!!
  9. Massive + support -The guy is great to work with -Doing great working with and leading the shock troopers -In my honest opinion, the dude will be amazing for HCOM Goodluck clarence buddy!
  10. Kitchan, I love you man, you're a fun person to work with and a great person all around, but sadly I will have to give a -Support simply because you're not ready for HCOM yet. Give it more time, show off some more leadership and go when the next app is open.
  11. ACCEPTED Please contact any JSL+ for training! Also, please request your IF senior agent tags and fill out a roster update.
  12. ACCEPTED Please contact any JSL+ for your training! Also please fill out a roster update and request IF Senior Agent tags.
  13. I'm glad I was able to help you with your last ideas for IF, I'll try my very best to get those ideas in use! I'll miss you dude, We didn't interact much since I've been in IF, but I still remember the fun talks and discussions we had. You had a good run and you did a great job man, hope to see you around man! like always, God speed soldier! o7
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