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  1. I Love you one the true homies
  2. + Support + Cool Guy + Would make good Naval Officer + Serious
  3. +Support Havoc 2.0 But Donator Maybe not every job should have a Fortification Tablet though
  4. Jaeger.

    Johan NCO APP

    + Support - Good App - Funny guy
  5. What is your In-Game name?: Jaeger What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:553847139 What is your rank?: Soldier I How long have you been in the Pyke Syndicate?: 10 Day What leadership experience do you have?: JMT, HC, Low Command Why do you want to be a Pyke Officer? (100 word minimum): I Wish to become a Pyke officer to help support Pyke by helping it keep playing by doing simulations, Training, and continuing to do tryouts and supporting the lower members of pyke and hopefully convince them to stay in pyke. I also wish to do a flag up to get pyke on letting them know a raid will happen if they get on so they will be bored with nothing else to do & to give out GC to those who decide to get on and also reward them with promotions if perform well. Also, make sure raids are hosted frequently and help others get their quota done Why should you be trusted with this rank? (100 word minimum): I'm decently trusted on the server being on for a while now, I've been trusted within the Navy as a Captain, Inquisitorious as a High Command Member, and Army as a High Command Member Reaching high ranks within all 3. I've also been trusted with staff becoming JMT and being a Senior Admin a few times around a year ago before I left the server for like a hundred times. I know when to be serious and when to joke about. I know my responsibility and the job requirements I must do when I hop on the job the Officer job Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of a Pyke Officer you may be removed from your position?: Yes Major's+ perms to apply: Sudden, Harry
  6. + support + Former Senior Admin + Cool Guy + Good Application + Chill and careful guy + Dedicated Member
  7. What Is Your In Game Name?: Jaeger What Is Your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:553847139 How Long Have You Been In IQ?: Almost 3 years Who are the Two Major's+ that gave you permission to apply: Demon | Ghoul Have You Been In Purge, If so, What Rank Were/Are You?: Highest rank possible as Purge Why Would You Like To Become The Rank Of 2LT/Lord VI?: As activity and numbers have reached an all-time low, I would like to reapply to be an officer in order to assist Inquisitorius once again and help the current command and High Command make Inquisitorius one of the best branches on the server. Getting Activity up is the main problem with IQ only having 19 Members currently, I Would be able to assist with regrowing and building the numbers of IQ and also helping purge to maintain their numbers. I Also want to make sure relations between Inquisitor, Purge and Royal Guard is good during Simulations for Purge/IQ and Inviting RG so we can maintain good relations with them and also do trainings like dueling session to help Inquisitor Improve in dueling as that has declined since my time in IQ and also doing Lore Session to make sure new Apprentices are getting ready for Lord Trials. Additionally, I would like to assist new NCOs in becoming more engaged in tryouts and assisting them in doing so as quickly but effectively as possible because some tryouts take too much time. I Would like to help other officers with the improvement of Pings making them more presentable and less time consuming What Could You Bring To The Inquisitorious Officer Team?: I have previous High Command experience, I know when to be cool and collected, even though I have a tendency to be extremely blunt, and I also know how to ensure that Inquisitor are having a good time and are entertained. I am familiar with all the rules and will be able to assist lower ranks in learning them. Do You Have Any Previous Officer Experience?: I Do the highest ranks I've been on the server, Grand Inquisitor | General | Naval Captain Do You Understand The Duties And Protocols You Must Undertake As A Member Of The Officer Team?: Yes How Many Strikes Do You Have?: None atm
  8. + Support + Active + Little Funny + Dedicated Good Luck! Coup 2.0?
  9. + Support + Cool Guy + Very Active + Would be a Nice addition to the JMT Team + Dedicated to the server
  10. Jaeger.


    rip the GM Team
  11. + Support + Feel like this would be more of contacting Inquisitorius High Command rather than staff + Cant really get warned for RDM When he never started the fight as it was starch who attacked attack him ( Force slow doesn't count as attacking or Engaging especially when someone has trespassed ) + Should been given a Verbal warn because at this point when both members are being childish I would just suggest ending the sit in future reference and have JMT spectate them both when the site has ended. - You Cant really use guarding brig as your defense as you followed him in, I Would say if you were actively guarding brig, it would be fine but you weren't. Overall Both Members ended up in the wrong, Starting with starch but the way Klondu handled it is extremely childish and also a poor look for a Royal Guard command member.
  12. + Support + You can't be banned for ERP nor punished with jail time. Unless it mass ERP or a second time being warned to stop + First warn, should be given a Verbal warn + The Staff member is required to talk to him and ask him to change it even before actions are taken Overall the staff member should communicated to the Offender and explained how its not allowed.
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