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  1. You Red, Joslin and Name where some best command and will be in Royal Guard Command, RIP Royal Guard time let it die again @ZabuzaYou better apply for Vice Sov stop that happening. Red you were one my close friends in RG from that command team and that keep it like that, If you ever want play some games hit me up!
  2. +Support + With the screenshot I provided, I contacted Rice several times that there was an individual Alt Accounting, I told him 4 times and he only stopped ignoring me when I did it in Admin chat, and not in PMs + Rice has leaked MULTIPLE things that he should not of. He leaked both SMT and HC information, he did leak to me that Gold Roger was getting VCMDR, I reported this quickly to Bop and Nimo. + Rice Would constantly Spawn in Entity's to harm other players he did this as a SA proving that he never learnt and continued to abuse his powers and shown by these Clips. + Rice would abuse his powers multiple times, a lot on me as well, it made me not want to be on the server when he was on. Though I had a few reason as to why I resigned, one of the main reasons for my resignation is that someone like him is in the position of SMT.
  3. - Support - I Just banned you for ALTing since you decided come on an ALT
  4. - Support - Mass Minge - DNT from Two regiments - Got banned not to long ago
  5. Bro Speaking facts - Support - With the Mikey Situation you can clearly see it is a Joke - Mikey was Removed due to Cher incompetence, Mass Inactivity and Failure to perform his job and was Removed by Hotshot himself during the time I Was Grand Inquisitor. This has nothing due with Sawick and Luci - Seems like your Which Hunting ngl Funny facts that is true
  6. This isn't really a thing for the forums I Suggest contacting an Admiral or Your Current Naval High Command Overseer
  7. - Support - You are Unable to appeal warns from that long ago - You just got warned for False Demoting what was vailed - Now 23 Warns of today as you got warned for ARDM Too - That's your fault for not learning off you're old warns You can not appeal warns that have passed around 3 months+
  8. - Support - Was Literally just mass minging last time on the server. ( 1 hour ago) - Advertainment another community last time he was in the server.
  9. - Support - Never stated what you did wrong - It legit you just saying sorry
  10. What is your ingame name?: Jaeger What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:553847139 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Commander What specialty are you applying for?: Aviation What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: Pigeon What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? As an Aviation Officer, I have a few ways I would try to improve SF. First and foremost, hosting tryouts and ensuring tryouts are being hosted. I Can help host Simulations for SF, keeping them entertained and enjoying being within the Regiment, while also gaining the trust of SF Members. Also with my Past Experiences with being High Command, from being past command in STs, Shock, Havoc & Inquisitorious I would be able to give the right advice to help anyone who has any issues or would like to host a training or Simulation but needs help. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I am Past High Command & Past Command, I Have helped many command members in Inquisitorius training them and teaching them how to become a good Command members. I Would Hope I would be trusted by SF Command, such as Korea, Manjini & Steeley, knowing them from past Experiences from doing Training or SIM's, or just regularly talking to them. Why do you want this rank?: I Would Like to become the rank of Aviation Officer since I've been Gunnery, Medical & the Old Engineering Officer, with these past Experiences I would like try AO, as SF seems like a very fun regiment and I Would be glad to help them, by doing training, Simulations & Tryouts. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: Aviation's Officer job is to be in charge of SF battalion since they defend the airspace of our ISD. Aviation also remains on top of who enters and leaves the ship. Also making sure Officer and NCOs are holding tryouts, training, as well as me & the other AO's.
  11. - Support - Great Guy, would be a good Vice Sov, but your not ready yet. Overall I Think giving you little more time, get used being a officer before going straight to VCMDR would be good for you.
  12. - Support - This post makes my eyes bleed - These HP Changes are not needed - Overall Not Needed - Way too OP
  13. + Support + Good Guy + Good Application + Overall would be a pretty chill GO.
  14. + Support + Nice Guy + Great Person talk to + Very Active + Good Application Good Luck Lydus
  15. 1. What's your ingame name?: Jaeger 2. Whats your steam id?: STEAM_0:1:553847139 3. Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes 4. How long have you been on the server: 27 Weeks 5. How many warns do you have?: 4 Warns 6. Why do you want to be a 2LT: I Wish to Become an Officer with STs to help with the Activities that happens, such as Training, Trigger Discipline, Formation & Simulations like PVE or PVP between STs or other branches to make sure STs have strong relations with other branches and hopefully make it easier work with the other regiment in future events, Overall making sure New STs are having the best Experience possible learning that the server isn't that bad and is fun since most new STs come on to Minge but end up learning it a fun experience and stop mingeing lastly making sure they wish to Stay within STs or help them find another good starter regiment to join. 7. What Timezone are you?: GMT 8. How well do you command this Regiment?: I Believe I Can Perform well within this Regiment since with my Prior experience with being past ST Command & also being past High Command, so I Would hope I would be able to command people, due to my attitude fitting in with New STs making sure they are enjoying playing on the server and hopefully enjoying STs and wishing to stay. Lastly would be able to perform well within my Sub-battalion I am the former Scout Lead back from 2020 November. 9. What makes you stand out from other applicants?: What makes me stand out from other Applicants are my past experiences with being Command in STs, RG, IQ & Purge, I've also been CPT+ in Havoc, Shock, and 501st. I'm on during the Morning since my time zone is GMT and will stay on until primetime on the server, Lastly I Will Perform Training & Simulations when we have a good amount STs on making sure they are not bored and have a fun time overall.
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