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  1. +Support since joining the server i can remember azrael, always been the friendliest, most helpful and funniest member of IQ to this date. i could not think of a better person to put in as the new High IQ. i really hope you get this position, you deserve it.
  2. matrix i remember working up the ranks with u all the way to captain, it was amazing spending that time. u were my closest friend in naval for a while, hope to see u again someday. goodbye
  3. I haven't known suns for very long but he seems like an extremely nice guy and someone who deserves that position. goodluck!
  4. +support -He is active. -Knows how to run a regiment effectively. -Has everyone's respect, while being an extremely nice guy. -Has extraordinary leadership skills. -Has worked so hard to get where he is now. -He has managed to create a very good team of officers under him. I'm not sure if he knows this but I hold a massive amount of respect for lydus in the way he works as a commander, he really in my opinion is a great example on how to be a commander. There is many good choices, but from my point of view lydus is the best. -Good luck
  5. What is your in-game name?: Steeley What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:595961750 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: PO2 What specialty are you applying for?: AO What Naval HC (Commodore+) gave you permission to apply?: Astro/Kallus What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: As I was formerly a CAO (Quite recently) I have good relations with almost all of SF command so I will be able to work extremely closely with them as most of them are still friends and people I can freely talk with and give constructive criticism. I can also do alot of tryouts as previously shown when I was an AO/CAO, I was performing a large amount of tryouts every week and seeing as I am not a supervisor yet it will be my only priority to get SF to prosper. I can improve the relation between Naval and SF/pilots, I can help support SF and its regiment in a way normal naval can't. SF could benefit with having an old familiar face this could help to improve relations even more and making sure the troopers in SF are being heard by naval. Also I can help out people in the reg if they are struggling to cope with anything or have problems that need solving. As shown last time I was AO/CAO the regiment was thriving, even though command completely fell through and I only had a singular Vice-Marshall by my side, the both of us were able to hold the regiment together and made sure we bounced back from those hard times which we did, we built back the command and got a full team of CAO, Vice-Marshall x2 and a Marshall. This just proves that no matter how much trouble SF is in i can always help in those times of struggle. Why should you be trusted with this position?: As stated I was a previous CAO and had no problems relating to my job with SF, if u ask almost all of SF command then and now they would all say that they thought I was a good CAO and didn't cause any problems or upsets within the regiment. I did help with removals and strikes of people not keeping up with the standards of the imperial star fighters which shows I can be trusted to do my job and support the SF command in all aspects of their job. I also went above and beyond in most cases with looking after SF and performing my duties, I acted like it was a second life and was putting my all in. This just proves that if anything i should be fully trusted with this role as i carried out my duties as an AO/CAO perfectly in most cases and put in extraordinary amounts of effort when working with the amazing group of people. I also have 0 warns within naval and never got a single one when i was last in naval, this just shows i can be responsible with this role and juggle between my naval duties and SF duties. Why do you want this rank?: So I can spend more time with SF while being part of my fav reg (naval) I also love SF so much and the people in it and i want to directly support them without having to be part of them, I have such a large passion for SF and the people within it that I would do anything to be apart of them and support them again. So with my rank i would do everything in my power to help them if its tryouts, SIMs, roster updates, removals, strikes, meetings and transfers. I would also make sure that the lower enlisted are heard and their opinions are voiced, And most of all to make sure everyones RP experience on Gaming light is enjoyable and FUN! Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: To help the Chief of Aviation in overseeing the regiment and to make sure you understand how the regiment works and how to perform/act within the regiment, also to help the regiment grow and reach their full potential. I should also host try outs and help out with any disciplinary actions that might be needed (hopefully not). Overall I should be supporting the reg in every way I can. -Me with SF
  6. I might be corrected in some areas but as i said i dont know the guy very well and i was just saying my opinion, obviously i havent interacted or noticed him enough.
  7. -Support -Only became active for Low command, he will go inactive again -Rude -Need to work on social skills -Needs to work on not talking bad about a lot of people -Has a bit of a problem with problem with being corrected Overall i feel some of the other SOs would be better picks
  8. -Support -People say hes dedicated but really hes just inactive. -I never see the guy doing anything extra or anything that amazes me so i feel some other people deserve it more. -He says "I would like to get more involved with the other Naval battalions" But in reality he needs to work on getting involved with his own regiment. I would like to say that you obviously have experience but you also need to be able to be active and available as HC, maybe you might change your activity and be more active/Available to help naval if you get HC. This isn't anything personal as I barely know you and I don't ever remember talking to you that much so i don't know what kind of person you are. You could be the nicest guy in the world but without being more active than usual then there's no point, HC is also extremely demanding which you probably already know but you need to understand people want someone who can devote a lot of time. Like I said this is nothing personal and I'm probably gonna look like a massive dick but I'm just saying my opinion. I might be completely wrong Good luck anyway ! p.s dont hate me when ur Fleet admiral for this please.
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