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  1. @SnarlaxIs there any update on this, and I believe this post was my last clan post before this one as goat was the last one added to the clan so he should have his steamid connected.
  2. Kat would be the perfect fit with his activity and experience that he could bring to underboss +Massive Support
  3. Most active man I have seen and would be a great member to supports as alot of people need help during down hours and bob would be an amazing fit for this position
  4. Accepted! Please report to any Major+ in Royal Guard to get trained.
  5. Accepted Please Report to Lux for your Training!!!!!
  6. Im missing the Forum banner I have for my clan
  7. + Support - Extremely Active - Time zone is perfect for down time events and thats when we need a Gamemaster the most - Perfect fit for the GM Team.
  8. - Support Completely Agree with Chiefs Statement here as it shows that you need to prove yourself, more than just 2 weeks on scp.
  9. + MASSIVE MASSIVE + Support: I personally would love to show off my legend weapons This would make the server stand out as it would be accurate in lore as equipment would show and would definitely increase the purchasing of perm weapons as everyone would be able to show them off
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