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  1. If the pdf doesn't work use this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lGveqkLYkqILIoTScBpf4ZLbViZ1i4VIYglOEGI2R-A/edit Mythos Agent.pdf
  2. I am not a suitable vice commander. while being in this amazing position i have not been on the server as much as i should have this is because of me allowing stress to get the better of me and i believe i wont be able to improve this due to the number of events happening around me that include an apprenticeship right around the corner and a sibling on the way this will take up too much time to also be in command of this amazing regiment medical has helped me in so many ways just trying to count them makes my head spin love you guys and i'm sorry i couldn't be the vice commander that you deserve. -Deltoid
  3. Oh my God I have to say I would have never expected this but I wish you fair well and good luck with what you go on to do next and I hope that high command learn from this.
  4. sad to see you go also no promises on cat girls so you soon pal
  5. Trust worthy and has a lot of experience he has already helped me a lot within medical and is a great fit for command! - MC VCMDR Deltoid
  6. M gonna be honest maple is the best for this position and I have up most respect for this guy as he is kind and has already improved medical for the better I hope to have him as my commander soon - MC HS VCMDR Deltoid
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