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  1. Vicious Imperial Commando Vice Commander Application ========================================================================================== Questions 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Domino MAJ 5170 Vicious 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Imperial Commando (the SEV job position) 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to try to improve and help bring up new IC into the imperial commando group. And maybe try to push for IC to get improved and helped out. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 4 weeks 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of the Vice commander in imperial commando is to lead and attack high priority targets and to help the officers form into a wonderful fighting force and to help the IC adjust and assist the troopers in the server as a whole. Another thing the VCMDR needs to do is to train and discipline the IC in a appropriate way to insure strength and still allow the troops to have fun at the same time. This involves a balance being active, punishing people for breaking rules and not becoming a tyrant and becoming the thing no one wants to be near. You know, like remembering that you were once a trooper or a curious ST, or trigger happy trooper. But also not being biased and always siding with your own troopers and keep a open mind. aka be the example of what you should be and not what you should avoid. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : To my knowledge I have always followed orders to the letter by high command or commanders and always try to listen to ideas from others. I have only been arrested by shock a few times while for weird reasons. (like getting arrested because I was trying to get a 31st to leave bridge CP.) I do follow IC and server rules to the best of my ability and avoid killing other troopers and try to get them arrested instead. (honestly getting arrested is a worse punishment then getting killed.) I have served as a commander in Republic Commando's on a clone wars server and I preferred to train the trooper in combat or maneuvers then simple PT. Punish a person in a way where they can use the punishment to improve instead of punishing them where they just get a finger cramp and watch YouTube. I have not been the guy that has had a staff sit made against me aside from the one that the guy put in the wrong name and a guy that was performing failrp by mic spamming the DT voice mod as a mouse or a gonk droid. (I will never forget that because it was funny watching a admin snap so fast onto a player.) If i was arrested or put into a sit and it was not mentioned I may have forgotten about it. The server is fun and I want to try to push the IC into a better state then it is now. 7. How often can you be Online? : I went to put in a loa and realized I was just going to be gone for only a half of a day. If I am needed and I am not busy at that hour I should be on daily for at least a hour or 2 at the absolute least. All day if I don't have anything to do. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I don't have any warnings and don't plan on ever having any warnings.
  2. +Support + He works well with the medical + 0 warnings + active + has common since
  3. Vicious

    IC update?

    If something is in motion can someone say what that is? I cant keep anyone because everything we have is just meh. Also it does not help that the IC shotgun got nerfed.
  4. Vicious

    IC update?

    What do you want to see? - IC to be updated so we can do something. Right now our shot gun for some reason got nerfed. So can it be changed to the DP-23 or changed in some way. Right now the pistols do not recharge passively and almost all the weapons are weaker then all the other troopers. Like change the DC-17M to have something with a bit more punch or bigger clip size, and the sniper is also in a bind with the sniper being underwhelming at best. Why should we add it? - IC is locked to darth rank and its very difficult for people to want to be active in it when everyone else can do the IC's job better. Why pay money for a job when you can get the damage and armor from a different bat? What are the advantages of having this? - People may be more active in IC if they have the gear to perform there jobs. Honestly i am just wanting some confirmation that IC will become more then a solider that has a nice model. Who is it mainly for? - IC Links to any content -
  5. RPG: rw_sw_manda_rocket rw_sw_z2 The Manda rocket is broken in a way where it literally does nothing, you shoot it and its pretty much doing less then doing a /me and slapping someone. And the Z2 minigun shoots correctly when you first fire it, but then once you reload or stop firing its stats go to the fire rate of a e-11. Kinda makes the weapon bad in normal firefights because it still has the accuracy of a minigun and the dmg of one.
  6. Now i need to explain, I don't like bunk inspections the way it happens, Its not the GM its just the fact that it restricts the player base to there bunks and makes it hard to get them moved. I just start doing other things aside from playing the game because i would be restricted to bunks. AGAIN it is not the gm, the sole reason i don't like it is the reason above. Just not interesting. Sorry and yea in my past as a gm on other servers i did it before and its amusing for the event characters and the gm but that pretty much it.
  7. Was a officer on GGN sw gmod server: Shock officer think LT or more, also transfered out into 21st batt and made another life into shock and got back up to SGT then left due to a rebellion that happened in staff. castle sw gmod server: Shock CMDR hierarchy gaming sw gmod server: RC Boss (got shut down due to owners abandoned it also don't exactly remember what rank it was, they gave me some weird rank) A server that i would prefer not to go into detail in public because of issues. And another that died. Reason I don't do clone wars servers anymore ^ things are cursed. I was in RC again as a officer but cant remember the server because i never became a GM or admin in the server.
  8. Domino SGT 5170 Vicious's IC LT app Current rank: SGT When you were promoted to current rank: 08/14/2020 How many strikes: 0 How many warns on the server, must show screen shot with proof: O How active will you be? Be honest: I tend to be on everyday, and have a pretty login spree that i am happy about. Do you hold a specialty in IC? If not, which would you prefer: Specialty is in Demolitions Are you qualified to train IC RCTs: Yes and i have trained 1 or 2 kind of forgot if there were others and another crashed mid train. (He never continued his training, not exactly sure why.) Why do you want to be an IC LT: So i can help with training and maybe help teach the spec DEMO. I can provide help and during events try to keep people doing something. What advantage would you bring to ICs by becoming an LT: I am always on and i do have officer experience, (from other servers as RC) and i do expect the troopers to be the best they can be. Though one negative I will put down is that I tend to assume that things that seem obvious to me is the same for other, and it has bit me in the ass the last couple times I have been a officer. I am trying to fix my issues of my past experiences as a officer and I think I have solved a few.
  9. During the server crashing I lost all of my stuff in the integrated storage device and my main light saber and off hand light saber. And I am just wondering if there is any way to get that back? The main thing I care about getting back is the "orange Sawtooth crystal" since it was the only item I bought. And i am not sure this is where this goes but i was told to go to the forums and ask. From the Gaminglight Store -profile Saw Tooth Crystal Orange (Package)2020-07-04 09:32:40 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79401933