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  1. 1. Steam Name: Ay0_ 2. Ingame Name: Ay0 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:118519145 4. Ban Length: Perm 5. Admin that Banned you: [GL]Mybrofrosty 6. Reason for Ban: trying to get others banned only trying to cause trouble 7. Dispute: I know what I did at the time was wrong and unfair but I know I've learned from my mistakes and I've apologized to the person that I was trying to get banned I really just wanna meet some old friends on the server and possibly get back into it, at the end of the day its your guy's decision \ Have a good day
  2. +Mega Support - Was a great leader when i was in SF - Could help turn SF back to its original status prolly even better -Great dude and friendly
  3. I've been thinking about this for a while Gonna miss my SF and miss the OG's I had a great time being vice marshal I tried my best to help all my SF anyway possible but i guess that went unnoticed. I wish that anyone reading this has a great day - Ay0
  4. 1. Your In-game: Ay0 2. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:118519145 3. The admin's name in-game: Finnely 4. The admin's steam name (If you know it): i dont 5. What did the admin do: He was training in DB so since it was early in the morning and nothing was going on i went to watch (keep in mind i didn't talk or do anything to anyone), while I was watching he ran up to me and arrested me at first I thought it was a joke but then he tells me and i quote "don't fly through RP things", so i told him I didn't fly through anyone and he shouldn't be arresting staff as a shock trooper after i tell he could get a strike for that he tells me to come to him to get unarrested but by that time a diffrent shock trooper who saw the conversation was already on his way to unarrest me. 6. Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED): they might not be in order 7. What do you believe should happen to the admin: honestly i dont really get in situations like this so i would leave it to whoever take the report 8. Any extra inform
  5. +mega support The amount of times I've had to deploy SF to deal with CC flying in the past couple of days when they aren't suppose to is ridiculous and even telling everyone who the person is that keeps stealing the ships is they get off Scot free I feel as if a CC doesn't want to follow rules they should be not allowed on their CC for a certain amount of time
  6. +support known for a long time and has been actor in a few in my events and suggests a lot of things trustworthy overall cool dude
  7. +mega support - gives us a break from the ISD - a lot of people love the map
  8. +Mega support great dude great leader can control the 501st well respected around the server
  9. +MEGA SUPPORT -cool dude -take the 31st very seriously -very dedicated
  10. Questions 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Ay0 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Starfighter Corps. 3. Why do you want to be a vice-marshal of this branch? The reason why I wanna be the vice-marshal is because other then the fact the the position is gonna be vacant I feel like i could help Flame lead the star fighter corps to a era where every pilot can deal with any sort of enemy against any and all odds, an era where all pilots take responsibility for any of their actions. I feel like I can help create a system in SF where all the outstanding pilots are recognized and all the minge's are dealt with fast and swiftly. I'd also love to get some leading experience in my favorite battalion. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? a little over 150 hours maybe more. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a vice commander for a branch? The purpose of vice commander in a branch is to assist his commander and deal with smaller problems in the battalion, for example if 2 troopers got in a argument over who's the better trooper the vice commander would defuse the situation but if instead the troopers getting in a argument tried to kill each other that's something the commander would deal with and if needed vice commander too. If the commander is ever away or offline it would be the job of the vice commander to assume some of his duty's on the server. 6. Why should we trust you to be a vice commander? : I've made a lot of friends all over the server some of them being commander or vice commander overtime I've been paying attention to whats the expectation that comes from leading a battalion and what needs to be done to prevent any sort of chaos from ensuing. I also will take any sort of advice and ideas my troopers have them implemented, I also will take any advice from my peers and use it to help me improve myself and show that i'm deserving of vice marshal. 7. How often can you be Online? : I am usually online in the afternoon everyday (during the weekends i'm usually on during the morning 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I had 2 from when I first the joined the server and I can explain why, It was my first time playing starwars rp and I thought it was kinda boring but i guess the reason why i though it was boring was due to the fact it was pretty late at night so I gave the server another chance
  11. +mega support knows his lore really cool dude could make a great gm
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