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  1. Welcome to DS Sixx. Make sure to join the tac discord and request your tags and in the discord you can ask for a trainer or ingame Tac discord link:
  2. +support He got blacklisted so doesn't really matter anymore
  3. +support As brandon said copbait and little diss
  4. It is very illegal to put a light bar on an camaro. disgusting
  5. Rein

    What next?

    middle car looking sexy
  6. +support He surely needs to get warned for this and a maybe a ban. Its up to SMT to decide on that.
  7. +support He has 20 warns so that means a week no playing
  8. +support Clearly broke the rules
  9. Rein

    Hostage rule change

    -support If you are going to change the rule it removes more roleplay from the server which is something the server doesn't want.