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  1. Hey guys, im not gonna do one of these sappy resignations however A resignation is necessary. Recently I haven't been having fun with anything in life really. This closely relates to IRL issues. I don't think I can continue to fufill the obligations of Medical command and being an Admin in SCP-RP gaminglight server. I don't want to do a lot of name calls, however I think a few people wi ll be alright. Note: I love each and everysingle one of you guys, these are just people that went above and beyond for me. TylerPortal-I appreciate you always looking up to you and wish you good luck in the rest of your gmod career Bully Maguire- I know you IRL New rowphin- I'm sorry I let you down in medical but you've been a great deal of my life in the past year Pure- Thanks for hearing me vent and annoy the shit out of u love u Diz- thanks for the laughs and for helping me escape the facility for the first time. Will never forget that watchtower Fusion- I love you Adam- Love you you irish prick Its impossible to remember everyone, but know each and all of you I will miss. I hate to leave around my 1 year anniversary on this server but irl calls for me. Ive worked so hard for my current positions and wish you all the support that I got. In-Game Name: Will SteamID: STEAM_0:0:236584067 Rank: Admin Reason for leaving (If Private, Fine): Depressed and can't enjoy nothing no more Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? I will try however my activity this week and past month i don't know if itll be to satisfactory Do you agree to contact your Head of Staff once your 48 hour notice is up? (NOTE: Failure to do so will result in a staff restriction) Yes I love you all and will always miss you Dm me if you ever need me, ill remain in discords and am willing to help anyone in the same situation as me or anybody that needs to talk period.
  2. +|- support Coltable I love you, however people bring up a good point. I agree with both sides so that’s why + and - However, it’s been like 17 days since this post and unless i’m completely blind there is no response from you which in my opinion i believe to be immature and need to own up to problems and face them.
  3. Mas +Support Good staff member Different time zone where we dont have too much staff Granted the recent events, however that was one time and he learned from it. Great fit for this position
  4. Mass +Support Great staff member Active af Completely unbias Great decison making skills Good luck Chineseman!
  5. Okay, lets break this down 1. Just because its not in the MOTD doesn't mean its not against the rules. Called a gray area. There are good gray areas and bad gray areas and this is a bad. Its to staff discretion. 2. The d class was not stuck whatsoever. Hes not even in the wall. He was told to stop as it was annoying and messing up securitys job. This would be considered fail rp/NITRP They were doing it in a malicious manner.Once again he was repeatedly told to stop. However he didn't. Also destroying an anchor would not unstuck the d class. and you said in rp d class are helping eachother escape, in RP you also don't have a phys gun that can destroy things. You can stop them by rioting. Also, you need evidence. There is no evidence here whatsoever my clip i based on
  6. and want to mention, lafluer is a very caring dude and has been nothing but good to me or anyone I know. he would take this position on quite well.
  7. Jess, while you are a great person and have great energy, I think this is too big of a step right now. You got moderator less than 2 days ago from making the application so I think some time is due. I know you aknoloweged that and I respect the attempt. I just think you should get some expierence under your belt. -/+ support to end She would be great in position however I do not believe this is the right step right now.
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