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  1. In Game Name: Italian Goon 1 Marty/ Marty Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80059877 Your Discord ID/Name? (Example of One: [GL] Mike#2480): Dak#0878 How Many Warns do Have? (Server Warns Not Mil RP or Imp RP just SCP-RP: 0 Why would you like to join MTF Nu7 "Hammer Down?" (125 Words Minimum): I would like to join Nu7 because I was previously in Nu7 prior to Covid-19 hitting at its hardest however I was removed due to inactivity more than likely. I wish to return because at the moment of writing this application all I have to do is play my D Class or CC, that or use my donator rank to join E11 which I truthfully wish to not join at the moment of writing. I believe I made it to the rank of CPL back when I was Nu7, I know I wont be reinstated at said rank and thats fine, I wish to work my ass off to make it back up the chain. I mainly wish to join Nu7 for the thrill of recontaining SCPs and dealing with CI raids, breaking out as D class isn't fun for me the only thing I find fun is letting out the scps so I want to be on the other end of the spectrum and recontain them. You are an Nu7 Enlisted Standing in your bunks and a Nu7 Officer (2LT) Begins to Diss and Argue with other MTF and CI. Who would you report them to?: For the Nu7 Officer I would either follow CoC and report them to a higher rank or call staff depending on the level of branch diss. If you have received a strike in another Branch: How long ago was it and why? (If you haven't don't fill this part out): What other branches have you been a part of, if you are still in them what rank are you in the other branch?: I have been apart of Gensec and made it to SM and then joined and mained Nu7 and made it to CPL before being removed for inactivity. Do you agree to be active and be dedicated to play on Nu7 for at least an Hour a day (If possible?): I fully plan to play a mix of my D class and Nu7 if I do join back in. Did anyone recommend you for Nu7? (If not just say No): SM Surge, He was my friend at the time when I played Nu7 alot.
  2. Would you be alright with me supplying a mass quantity of food here via my potential highway plan.
  3. I would also like to make some automated farms in terms of collecting the crips sadly youd ha e to still replant but i want to make some giant farms to sell in a market like setting, which i believe someone made a pist about.
  4. I plan to start in the overworld however if requests are made for a nether expansion I will go about building location based major hubs with multiple portals opened for use by highway users.
  5. Hey guys, I plan to join the server tomorrow or sometime this week to start work on the Highway Project I plan to use the highway to connect cities or large monuments or anything of the sort, so long as I have cords to things you want connected I will try my best to connect them to the highway. I would hope no one attacks as I wish to be neutral while doing so, If any donations were to be made DM me and we can discuss ideas on that I don't know the specifications quite yet, I do know I plan to make a central control center so as to control where tracks are going and such if I planned on making it able to be changed mid travel or anything like that. I would like to use the highway to transfer resources and make it easier for people to get from Point A to Point B or any points connected. I hope to see yall soon, and I plan to have fun doing it. If anyone wants to assist with this project just post here and we can discuss it through discord where needed.
  6. In-game Name: Marty SteamID: STEAM_0:0:80059877 DiscordID: Dak & Vick #0878 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): Military How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? I'd say 7/10 however im always up to look into more lore. Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I should be CI because I like to have more experience in any fields I can get them and sometimes its fun to plunge the site into chaos and mayhem and I love doing it as D Class. I have decent knowledge of the server rules and how things are meant to go and I would like to sometimes be the enemy of the foundation that can do more than just try to get out or die trying. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I have been CI back when I initially joined the server half a year ago I however had things come up IRL and I couldn't get on to play or stay active. How active can you be? Very active to semi active. Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes @October Edit has been made for Military
  7. +support if someone is playing in a rp scenario which people come to the server for and just decides "I don't wanna deal with this scenario anymore and I don't feel like having to deal with the consequences" they need to be punished in some way shape or form and it shouldn't be up there with like server adverting or racism but it should be a minor offense that is at least warnable.
  8. April 20th Year 2020 Time 9 PM to 9:45 PM EST D Class has been rioting successfully for nearly 30 minutes to 45 minutes, with reports of D Class being sighted at EZ near ramp checkpoint. D Class however never made it to surface due to interference of MTF units Nu-7, and Omnicron-9, a total of 3 D Class were terminated at EZ. Reports of so much as 10-18 D Class were reported to have appeared in upper HCZ and were terminated by MTF units Nu-7 as they attempted to brute force through HCZ to EZ. Time 9:50 PM EST In a effort to deter D Class riots and regain control of D Block use of Mustard Gas was authorized by site personnel with at least clearance level 4 or higher theorized to be either the individual named Hoovy or the individual named Igneous. Amount of mustard gas used during this time is [REDACTED] and was enough to eliminate all D Class personnel in UPD and pushed them back down the elevator in a attempt to recontain the D Class rioting. From what could be heard from personnel with exceptional hearing the D Class were upset at the use of Mustard Gas and planned on increasing rioting to eliminate the individuals responsible for the authorization of the use of Mustard Gas. Time 9:55 PM to 10:00 PM EST D Class has become restless at this time and have managed to obtain a greater arsenal of weaponry that has rarely been seen to be in use by D Class in such high volumes, current source of the weapons was unknown at this time but was found out to be a individual called [Breakout Bob] as he called himself. Rioting was contained to lower D block with it hardly spilling into UDPhowever heavy casualties were taken from Gensec security forces in UPD as it seems D Class were armed with scoped and ranged weaponry, potentially a G2 Contender. MTF support was called at this time. Time 10:15 PM EST D Class has become even more armed, visual accounts and CCTV footage shows automatic weapons such as UZIs and CZ-75s and semi automatic/ pump action shotguns were spotted in few D Class in the form of a MAG-7 at this time it is unknown the extent of Breakout Bob's arsenal and what all could be obtained from such a dangerous individual. At this time MTF forces in the form of Nu-7 and Omnicron-9 have entered into D Block to assist with holding back numerous attempts from D Class to take UPD, Personnel such as possible DHOS or HOS was noted but not confirmed at this time as they led the defense of UDBAt this time Foundation personnel was joined by a man named Igneous under the code name of [THE BRINGER OF THE DESTRUCTION OF D CLASS] and with this new personnel in the battle the tide of the battle changed from large scale riots into a all out battle and later into a war on a small scale. Time 10:20 PM EST At this time chatter between Breakout Bob and Igneous could be heard over the D Block PA system the way in which Breakout Bob made contact through the PA is currently unknown but believed to be him either hacking into the PA from a remote system or someone on the inside modifying the sound channel to be a two way radio of sorts. It could be heard that Igneous and Bob went back and forth on who should surrender and how both sides would be armed and ready to fight and this would be no small scale battle any longer. Time 10:30 PM EST After small arms fire between D Class and Foundation Personnel Igneous used his currently unknown clearance level to order the use of SCPs in the battle against D Class, reports show SCPS such as SCP-682( notes show there was somehow a smaller faster 682 in the battle, this variation at this time has not been shown in our records and is currently either in containment or on the loose) , SCP-076-2, SCP-939 in multiple amounts of 939. Later during the battle more SCPs were used and will be noted in the report. Time 10:45 PM EST Foundation Personnel decided to take things into a more assault based attack and took the elevator from UDP into LDB and initiated a full lockdown of D Block and went on to massacre any D Class personnel outside their cells, however this backfired with the massacre of multiple Foundation Personnel in a last ditch effort they tried to move into and close D Block tower which they only succeeded in closing the tower to be met with The Italian Mob who swiftly killed the remaining survivors. SCP-076-2 at this point was convinced that the Foundation was a bigger challenge than D Class and went back up the elevator to slaughter Foundation Personnel, he was later incapacitated and returned to his Containment Cell. The SCP-682-2 ( A temporary classification to the smaller 682 seen inside LDB ) was still seen inside LDB and was later noted to of either been eliminated by D Class or escaped by unknown means. Igneous and Breakout Bob calls a ceasefire at this time for unknown reasons, however its believed both sides were planning a large scale assault to either side which never happened due to equal amounts of firepower being used by both sides. Time 10:55 PM EST Igneous yet again uses his unknown clearance level to call for SCPS to be used in more attacks on D Class, SCPs included and noted were SCP-106, SCP-457 and SCP-457-2. The D Class seems to have fire extinguishers laying around somewhere as the SCP-457 and SCP-457-2 were both extinguished and one was reported to have been transported by SCP-106 to SCP-106's PD and was later seen to have somehow made its way out of the PD and back to its Containment Cell. Many D Class were killed by SCP-106 however there were still large numbers of D Class fighting Foundation Personnel. Time 11 PM EST Igneous calls for a evacuation order of all Foundation Personnel from UDB over the PA system after requesting and being denied the surrender of D Class and Breakout Bob and claims he will be using Nuclear weaponry to annihilate the D Class riots and threat. 4-5 minutes later 2 Nuclear launches occur ending the D Class riots, however Breakout Bob somehow managed to escape through unknown means and is presumed at large. Time 11:10 PM EST A meeting between [REDACTED] , Igneous, and Italian Mob Boss Vinny took place in a attempt to stop future wars from possibly occurring, rumors were that Bob was there however not confirmed at this time, a agreement was made between D Class and the Foundation however the audio failed and was corrupted at this time and is not able to be recorded and put into the documentation. Ending documentation of the War between D Class and the Foundation. - Foundation Automatic Inscribing Log System
  9. [OFFICIAL TRANSFER REQUEST] Game Name: Marty Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80059877 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Red Right Hand as MTF Nu7 PFC If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: O5-9 Callsign: Outsider How many Strikes do you have: 0 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I wish to join the O5 staff team in a attempt to have more RP opportunities and scenarios that otherwise I cannot seek out at this current time or level of clearance. I also wish to join in order to become better acquainted with other branches such as site administration, research, and the O5 Council. As of now, my interactions are fairly limited with other branches and I would really enjoy being able to directly participate in activities that go beyond normal MTF work. And I would like to try my hand at being personally responsible for the protection of a VIP/HVT is quite intriguing to me. Before I never really had this opportunity and I personally think that I would be a really good fit for this role! I am sure that I could carry out my duties well in all situations, whether that be in the facility or on the surface. Why should we accept you: I have played on numerous other servers where my RP character was meant to protect either a important place, or multiple VIPs/HVTs (Examples include Temple Guard for Clone Wars RP where I went up to the point of training those to join Temple Guard, Further I was in a clone battalion tasked with protection and extraction of VIPs/HVTs), I also have made it up to SM in security and I have managed to take back and defend D Block with minimal assistance. During my time in Nu7 I have helped recontain numerous SCPs that pose a major threat to the facility and humanity as a whole, I have kept a good record and helped protect the foundation from CI before the new MTF unit moved to the site. I also did initially plan to join A1 before they moved off site but I missed my window unfortunately.I think that most in MTF, Gensec, and research who know me will say that I am reliable and trustworthy and am always able to carry out tasks efficiently and effectively. I know that if I were given the opportunity to be a part of the Red Right Hand team, I wouldn't let the O5 Council or the O5 Staff down. To those viewing this official Document input is greatly appreciated for the viewing of those that are in charge of these official decisions. Signed by - MTF Nu7 PFC Marty [Callsign TX00]
  10. I would also like to say just in case the models to my knowledge are already on the server, I believe used by utility trainee.
  11. Brigand would be a great choice, his rp Is amazing and he has great ideas swarming in that head of his +support
  12. I do like the idea of organized crime however maybe perhaps not on such a scale, maybe perhaps just small scale organized such as bribing officials or maybe even just allowing suppliers a larger selection to supply in the form of either a change to the current supplier role or making a new donator or mid tier level supplier that has more selection than the current supplier. I don't necessarily agree with the idea of something along the lines of large scale factions such as a new CI or a constant form of the GOIs it is however evident that CI doesn't raid in a frequent amount that is constant. However that makes it harder for MTF, Gensec, and other parties that stop CI, able to prepare for CI in a manner making CI raids near futile or impossible to pull off. But perhaps maybe allowing a small set faction within D Class with high level parameters to even access it or making it donator only like very few SCPs in a job pack or even the very few MTF jobs within the MTF job pack. Maybe to just put pressure on the other factions involved so as to create events that allow the lesser used sides of factions such as RCF in Gensec or making new events for the MTF to have fun handling. Ill stick to neutral or even supporting it but I only like causing things that allow parties involved to have fun using their classes, such as when I play Pro D Class I like to break out SCPs to allow them the fun to use the SCP class and then some action for the branches capable of containing them such as RCF, MTF, NTF, and other potential parties and then also allowing CI to capture them and allow negotiations to happen. After reading the actual proposition and not basing it off the wiki link provided I do agree with the idea and will be + supporting it as giving a more permanent GOI instead of leaving it purely to events would add a nice element to the server. I do however stand by the last things mentioned in my response should we not add the Chicago spirit
  13. Name: Reznov Rank: SM FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): Not FTO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: How do you do.
  14. Name: Reznov Rank: RCT Callsign: N/A Activity: Semi-Active Region (US/EU): US DiscordID#: 0878 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): What would you like to achieve in CI: Move through the ranks and make new friends