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  1. I completely agree with badaim, all of the current -Supports are coming from fixable issues with the map. If the creator is open to changing it to just how we like it, I don’t see why we should change to it!
  2. +Support -Decent app -Very active -Nice guy, haven’t had any issues with Good luck M8VP!
  3. -Support, it is clearly stated in the MOTD that you are to not being spawning props as a Class D, especially not throwing them in d block. Also that wasn’t my own sit, I simply saw you breaking a server rule, and brought you to a sit.
  4. Jimmy Savile


    +Support, if the current NVG's are tweaked making them actually useful.
  5. -Support, the new swep may be buggy, but it's a step in the right direction. And it can be fixed.
  6. +/- Support, too many D Class would get stuck under the elevator, and it is there to mitigate the hordes. I like the idea, but I think it would cause too many problems.
  7. +SUPPORT, a change is needed every now and then, and I would love to see this map. As a member of E11, i especially think the surface is super cool, and would love to see the new map!
  8. Nooo! We will miss you calamity!
  9. +Support if you could find a way to have them be a toggle, -Support due to you having to have them equipped as a weapon.
  10. +Support! It makes the meetings harder to hold, as for most people will not be focused because they will be too busy trying to find and fight CI. It also makes it easier for those running the meetings!
  11. Jimmy Savile


    Big +SUPPORT, this would be really cool and really fun!