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  1. There's a reason they were removed from the armoury, and it's this very reason we are proposing the nerf.
  2. -Support It just seems like a simple mistake on Jakub's part. I myself didn't know that SCP's weren't allowed in the armory, because unless they're buying guns it shouldn't cause an issue. In the video it just seemed that he mixed up a rule and closed up the sit. Nothing wrong.
  3. Quite frankly, this is simply not true, the Vikhr is significantly better than all of the other AR's I have done extensive testing and it should just be factual by now.
  4. A factor that wasn't counted into their DPM was reload and unload time. I have calculated the reload and unload time of each weapon to find the weapon's true DPM, if someone were to be constantly firing, then reloading and repeat. The Vikhr would deal 6.274k DPM in combat, and the HK416 would deal 4.251k DPM in combat.
  5. For those saying that the Vikhr shouldn't be nerfed because they haven't had any run ins with it is because it hasn't yet been used. Simply put, the Vikhr is the most overpowered AR that the server has to offer hands down, and this post is forewarning us before it gets used more.
  6. Also, it is near impossible to test movement variables as for the outcome would be different each time, and would be affected by ping, the user's aim, and many other unconsidered factors. Therefore, the raw statistics allow for appropriate comparison as for all of the guns are placed on a level playing field.
  7. In comparison to say the HK416, which deals on average ~ 12000 DPM, the Vikhr deals ~15625 DPM. Which is quite the difference, for comparison the Vikhr kills ~3 682's per minute, whilst the HK416 kills ~2.4.
  8. +Support I was involved with the testing of these weapons, and quite frankly, they are absurdly overpowered. The Vikhr was able to take out a full hp and armor E11 Redacted in one clip. Aswell as doing 747 total damage with no armor in one clip.
  9. +Support, E11's HK416 is basically useless, the TTK is way too high and we don't really even use it now. Also the dual Berettas are way to overpowered now, wins against a Negev and shreds armor.
  10. +Support, I would love to have more stuff to do during defcons 4, and 5.
  11. +Support Quality Application Seen IG everyday Nice Fella Good luck
  12. Lore Name: Jimmy Savile Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85867565 Rank: AR Activity Level: Everyday (mostly MTF E11) however, I will try to do 2 high quality research tests a week.
  13. Rank: Associate Researcher Jimmy Savile Clearance Level: Level 2 personnel, level 3 access List of Personnel involved in testing: AR jimmy Savile, and MTF E11 HCE COL Jakub. Level D personnel involved: D-Class #4562, and D-Class #4783 SCP: 049, and 049-02 Errors and/or safety hazards: The main risk was to extract SCP-049 out of temporary containment after he cured a D-Class. Question: What is the land speed of SCP-049-02 Background Research: There was no measured land speed of SCP-049-02, and that's why I wanted to test it. Hypothesis: My guess is that SCP-049-02 would move slightly faster than an average human, considering his bodily structure had been changed. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): (Game crashes when I take screenshots, so none today) AR Jimmy Savile: Hello 049, today we are going to take you Temporary Euclid containment. SCP-049: *Nods Head* We proceeded to put SCP-049 into restraints, and transported him to temporary Euclid containment. AR Jimmy Savile: We are going to place one D-Class with pestilence in your CC, and I want you to cure him. After you have cured him we will restrain you and place you outside. Do you understand? SCP-049: Yes, I do. AR Jimmy Savile: Ok which one of you wants to be first? D-Class #4783: Oh pick me! AR Jimmy Savile: Ok, right this way. I proceeded to walk the D-Class into the CC and un-restrained him. SCP-049 proceeded to cure the D-Class, and was then put into cuffs and removed from the CC. SCP-049-02 stood in the corner with no one to command him. AR Jimmy Savile: Ok D-Class #4562, you are up next. We placed the D-Class at the opposite end of the CC, exactly 10 meters, ~30 feet away from SCP-049-02. I exited the room and fired a shot off to provoke SCP-049-02 and started a stopwatch. SCP-04-02 proceeded to charge the D-Class, and reached his position in 2.094 seconds. SCP-049-02 killed the D-Class. We opened the CC to restrain SCP-049-02, and to take it to the incineration room, but he charged us, and was terminated by me. MTF jakub took SCP-049 back to his CC, and I took the corpse of SCP-049-02 to the incineration room. After incinerating SCP-049-02 I was admitted to the med bay, and was brought to good health. Analysis and Conclusion: From this, I can conclude that SCP-049-02 traveled at ~5 meters per second, hence the 2 seconds it took for him it to travel 10 meters. 5 meters per second translates to ~18kph, which is roughly 11mph. From this we can conclude that SCP-049-02 travels slightly above the average human running speed, and should be treated with caution, even from a distance. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes, 11mph is slightly above the average human running speed, and is rather quick for a subject who has been recently cured. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.