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  1. thanks for the name drop I did care about it I even tried to get bio completely redone, I was the one that raised bio rank requirements, make it more strict, and tried to make it less OP but there's only so much you can do when you have someone that is biased to favor a sub-branch and cares more about bio than the branch it's self. Just because one HCMD made stupid decisions doesn't mean the rest should be dragged down with it. As for the report -Support, I could type 500 words on it but I think the other posts have given my general reasoning.
  2. +Support While what happened is silly, a formal warning is complete over kill.
  3. Thanks for making me laugh I needed it -support
  4. -Support I can't really see a great impact being made if this was to be implemented, and I currently don't see an issue with the raid timer as it is considering Sarkic's Activity.
  5. +Support less time needed trying to look for what jobs have cyanide
  6. In-Game name: Cloaker Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:461863232 ULX Rank: Moderator / Platinum What rank are you applying for?: Any rank between CDOP and SARCH (CDOP or DDOP preferred) Why should you deserve this position? (300 words minimum): I feel I deserve this position because of my history of being able to lead and my reputation in the community. Now you might say just because you were a good command member in a combatant branch doesn't mean that you'll be able to perform the same in a non-combatant branch, and to that, I would agree for the most part but the difference between that and me is that I've also been a non-combatant branch main before in Research and I've also held the position of SVA in R&D. I feel if I was able to be offered a position in R&D I would be able to change the branch for the better overall. I would go to great lengths to ensure the branch's success. I would actively do PTs, promotions, grade test logs, issue punishments when needed, consult with fellow command, and if eligible do frequent exciting branch updates and ensure the roster is up to date among other things. One of my main goals would be to motivate people in the branch by actively doing giveaways, having more Cross PTs, ensuring people who are active get promoted, taking everyone's input, etc but most of all making sure people are having fun. CI has always been a laid-back branch and that's what attracts a lot of people to join us in the first place but I feel recently we've had some people mixing up being laid-back with not having expectations and this just won't be the case if I was to be able to lead R&D. One especially important thing for me is to reduce the amount of people maining combatant sub-branches, we will always have combatant sub-branches because combat can be fun, but we have research in our branches name for a reason. When it all comes down to it I will always do everything I humanly can for our branch. How would you lead your branch? (High Command only, 100 words minimum): My first course of action would be to hold a state of branch meeting with all of R&D Command to get input on any current issues they might want to address and then try to discuss a resolution. The next thing on my goals would be to boost R&D's Morale by adding fun exciting updates to get people to want to flag up and have some fun! I would try to boost our current FTOs performance as well by hosting weekly FTO competitions with an award for the highest placing FTO and also handing the SFTO rank out more commonly. The last thing I'll list is that I would lean off combatant jobs and focus on researcher-style gameplay more as that's what most people want to join the branch for, to do Research RP. Give an example of a time where your leadership showed best on this server (100 words minimum): My leadership would have been shown best during my prime when I was an LT-COL and SF Deputy Head in CI Military. Whether it be when I was working with my peers in command on Sub-branches, special promotions (i.e. SFTO, HHS, etc), or just in a raid helping direct the raid party I feel I held a good representation. My leadership has also been shown when I have had to hand out punishments. One thing I prided myself very much in and still do to this day is Branch Relations, I always made sure to communicate and stay in touch with other branches and tried my hardest to ensure that there were no grudges against us or vice versa. How active would you be: I'm currently in school so if we're going off a scale I would say I can be around 7/10 on school days and 9/10 on weekends.
  7. -Support I'm so offended that I'm about to stop playing the server ngl
  8. In Game Name: Cloaker Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:000000001): STEAM_0:1:461863232 Discord Name (Bread#0001): Cloaker#7584 If you have any SCP-RP warns, please list when and why you got them here (If you don't have any, exclude this from your application.): 12 https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198883992193 When did you start playing on SCP-RP? (Approximately): November 30, 2019 Why do you want to join Nu-7? (75 word minimum): Uhh I want to join Nu-7 because it's been a while since I've been on the server and I wanna start playing again. When I last left my grades were dog shit along with other IRL issues but it's all been resolved so I feel I can play more stably now. I'm not sure how active I'm going to be yet which is why I'm not coming off reserves but I can insure that I'll at least hit the activity requirement. If you've been in any other branches, list them and what your ranks are/were. This counts for all servers. (If you haven't been in any branches, exclude this from your application.): CI Military LT-COL CI R&D SVA Security SM Research LR E-11 CPL Nu7 PFC Alpha-1 PVT (original) I was also in medical but I don't remember what rank Do you understand to get on at least every other day and keep yourself up to date with Nu-7? We don't treat it like a job here - but we do expect you to be notified and enjoying your time: Yep thx for reading
  9. Cloaker


    #remove912 this is the reason I went into retirement
  10. damn, see you around partner! Good luck at training :3
  11. This has been on my mind for a while now. Due to IRL taking up almost all my time I can't really find time to play on the server anymore. It's been fun, peace :3 - Skela - Down bad but like, in a good way. Enuz - Fuck your shitty music stay mad ong Warren - Never gonna forget how surprised I was to hear that Saudi Arabia had a McDonalds lmao Fiery - Bro your amazing to talk especially when it comes to the things we have in common. Continue talk to me in Discord pls Alexx - Didn't know what BBQ was Cosmic - Mozzarella Sauce Vindertech - Still remember when you hopped on E4 and we Order 66'd all of CI Deuce - Band Kid, Alto #1 Appel - Remember RDMing you in the RDM Arena when I was a PVT Gar - You're doing an amazing job behind the scenes, keep it up LukeMario - Never seen so many questionable memes Frog - RCT but like also MAJ your a super chill guy best of luck! Lee - FTO fucking god, unofficial HFTO. Remember when you trained me for Security in 2019 lol Toaster - Minge Pills - Maintenance guy, always pissed me off when you said "chocker" Kieran - though you were aussie when I first heard you speak ngl, but turns out your a bruv Change - Headache Vortex - Mained HSU at one point New Rowphin - Voice Reveal when Dees - Can Deez nutz fit in yo mouth? Fellow Mississippian Grey - Trolling is always better when you're around lol Tydrix - Try Dicks Dick Grayson - Tarkov Addict Coltable - Irish accent is non existent
  12. rip bozo, pls grow some hair PS: C++ > Java L
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