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  1. Thank you all for letting me have a good time, and I loved being in E11. I can’t bring myself to be active anymore as for being extremely burnt out. I will hopefully make a return in the future. @Jakubyou were my main homie, and the one person I could tolerate the most. Thanks for single handedly promoted me from PVT-MSGT. I will miss u. I will also miss talking a whole load of shit with you @Gh0pitI joined when you were a captain, and now you are the E11 commander. Thanks for being a chill ass dude. @Clistro You were my other homie, and a really nice guy. Never had opinions on controversial stuff, and an epic Rho36 man. @Jojo's Reference ik we had some beef, but that’s ok. You were a chill guy. Goodluck!
  2. Stuart

    Stuart's LOA

    In-Game Name: Stuart  SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85867565 Rank: Member  Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 2/10/20-Saturday (will attend meeting) Reason for LOA (If private that is fine):  Really burnt out, need some time away from gmod.
  3. Stuart

    Stuart's LOA

    Name: Stuart Rank: member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 2/2/20-2/6/20 (will make meeting) Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): A series of not be able to play gmod due to honor band/work.
  4. I completely agree with badaim, all of the current -Supports are coming from fixable issues with the map. If the creator is open to changing it to just how we like it, I don’t see why we should change to it!
  5. +Support -Decent app -Very active -Nice guy, haven’t had any issues with Good luck M8VP!
  6. -Support, it is clearly stated in the MOTD that you are to not being spawning props as a Class D, especially not throwing them in d block. Also that wasn’t my own sit, I simply saw you breaking a server rule, and brought you to a sit.
  7. Stuart

    nvgs - Denied

    +Support, if the current NVG's are tweaked making them actually useful.
  8. -Support, the new swep may be buggy, but it's a step in the right direction. And it can be fixed.
  9. +/- Support, too many D Class would get stuck under the elevator, and it is there to mitigate the hordes. I like the idea, but I think it would cause too many problems.