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  1. I'll tell ya right now it takes all 3 minutes to get from Point A to Point B on this map. It's a long walk. If you die in EZ this becomes irrelevant because you're stuck in bunks -Support
  2. I sadly agree with this as D class is very melee oriented and tight corridors for a D block give GENSEC no room for a "fair" fight. I love the map, but that is indeed a major issue.
  3. After examination I propose to switch to Site 65... that map is badass
  4. The gas mask only protects from mustard gas? Only staff members on duty/event team can spawn gas in the first place?
  5. -Support If you want to discuss GMod, realism is not a valid argument in the slightest. I mean come on... numerous classes are bullet sponges and eating sniper shots is a daily occurance. Also, unless you are constantly recording we have no way to enforce this. What constitutes jumping in combat? What if they are jumping to cover? By all means if you want to waste 10 minutes uploading a 30 second video for an admin sit, then getting sent back after a verbal is handed out by all means. This would be the most unenforced rule since the whole "SCPs need to advert when they breach" was a thing. All I see coming out of this is more toxicity in OOC where player A is like "F***ing jumping in combat" or "NICE COMBAT JUMPING (player)," and player B just doesn't respond or makes some equally annoying retort.
  6. Do Researcher IIs even have level 3... do you have access to your own test?
  7. We already have this. We even have a meme catchphrase for it. We like to call it... A1 REDACT THAT MAN Your suggestion basically defines A1's lesser duties outside of protecting VIPs and recontainment. -Support
  8. -Support You can't puppy guard, but you can be vigilant. Pocket them before they can take you down. It ain't puppy guarding if you see someone heading to your CC. 106's lore abilities include going into walls and coming out any connected surface (hence the floating CC). Go into a wall, and cut them off.
  9. Tommy Gun bad anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Store support ticket in case of a double purchase
  11. Going through a PayPal dispute is never the way to go as many servers have it set up to immediately permanently ban you. If you couldn't get support via teamspeak we also have a ticket system in our Discord where many Support agents will be notified and happy to assist you, unfortunately now it is up to Zeeptin and SMT as you went through PayPal
  12. Dont forget subscribing to the content packs from
  13. Official SCP Foundation site