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  1. Can't say I expected that one...
  2. This is karma from all the minges who spammed it
  3. Yea we all know why you want this Fool... you don't need your Fubar back. Let's be real that was ridiculous -Support
  4. Glad to see the mad lad got back in the saddle Don't forget to Micro Rang as a way to help take your mind off things
  5. Not what I thought you meant when I read DEA. I was hoping we would get called in when someone ingested some part of 999 and get to yell DEA MOTHERFUCKERS OPEN UP
  6. Knuckles


    Tranqing humans and a large number of RDM counts? Nah -Support
  7. -Support You knew you were having mic problems, why use it? Any dropping of the N bomb is not tolerated GMOD IS PUSH TO TALK Heh... are you sure you are?
  8. +Support Rookie... DID AN OOPSIE
  9. Knuckles

    I’m sorry.

    *Laughs in innoculation*
  10. GENSEC are basically prison guards. Why wouldn't they know the names/designations of class D? Also, like many law enforcement and military personnel, wouldn't GENSEC have their names labeled on the uniform?
  11. Its almost like we have a rule against SCPs spawn camping... Players are not allowed to “puppy guard” an opposition’s spawn point.
  12. Lore wise his touch kills on contact. Main thing is he is still a "vulnerable" SCP in that he can be hurt