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  1. What about just prohibiting interference with training as opposed to banning access to certain areas (or attaching keycard scanners)
  2. I've checked out some of the added features and they are quite nice. MTF and NTF look even more beautiful than before!
  3. My guess is that use of a mortar entity would not be buyable, or if it was much more expensive
  4. Im bordering on 5k and I'm beginning to question my life choices
  5. +Support + Thorough + Active + Trustworthy - Tried to reinvent scramblers and got us all killed
  6. In-Game Name: MTF Nu7 LCpl Knuckles LC02 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92194481 Server: SCP RP Custom Job Name: Covert Task Force Delta-9 Blackbird Color of Job: rgb(0, 255, 255) Job Description: CTF Delta-9 (designated "Blackbird") is a covert unit that works alongside MTF Nu7 in order to keep the facility secure. This unit is highly secretive and not much is known about it. One of the few things known is that when operatives are in the facility they are capable of assisting in all situations. They operate inside of all zones and D block regardless of DEFCON. These operatives are known to go to the surface if they choose, but it is uncommon. In order to keep their cover they may operate using their Nu7 designation. They are equipped with the standard MTF loadout containing thermal vision, lavender, and water balloons. Model: Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server): tfa_csgo_negev | weapon_m9 Extra Weapons: ($40): weapon_cuff_elastic | tfa_csgo_scar20 Armor: (20$) 100 Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit CI or Foundation: Foundation (Spawn in MTF/NTF bunks) Total: $50 base class + $20 armor + $40 additional weaponry: $110 (Level 3 card if possible, keycard access to all doors MTF can access, standard radio given to all foundation personnel if possible)
  7. What you want to see? - I would like to see rules added to the MOTD for the new SCPs added by the job pack Why should we add it? - Since these new SCPs have been added I have noticed situations that could be resolved much quicker by defined rules (such as can they be tranq'd, breach the surface etc) What are the advantages of having this? - Less confusion surrounding what these SCPs can and cannot do Who is it mainly for? - The server/rules Links to any content - N/A
  8. I recommend implementing a written description of SCP-2521 :)
  9. When I installed the content pack from subbing to all the workshop addons some of my playermodels that were previously fine now have the error texture instead. These include certain models from D class, GENSEC, and Research. Unfortunately verification of game cache did not help
  10. Name: Knuckles Rank: PFC Activity: Active What you want to see in NU 7: I want to see more active collaboration between members going on patrols/missions together. Everyone has started leaning towards going solo aside from when things get out of hand with 049 or 173 Do you like the Command in NU 7: They are outgoing people and love to create an RP environment. I definitely like them. Any Questions?: None at the moment
  11. MTF Nu7 Recontainment Specialist Reply: SCP 939 and SCP 682: Arming SCPs 939 and 682 would be highly dangerous. 035 has already proven highly intelligent and if armed with their brutal physical abilities could be nigh unstoppable. Even if tranquilized 035 simply has to lure in the containment agents to regain control of the situation. 035 could also augment 939 with the capability of sign (in theory only as of now) and make it as dangerous, if not more, than SCP 682. SCP 049: SCP 049 and 035 cross exposure could have insightful results provided containment can be maintained. If the combination successfully breached their combined intellect would be even more dangerous than SCP 2522 after coming into contact with Dr. Everett Mann. However 035 may be able to provide insight as to what the "Pestilence" is and what causes the disease 049 is working so hard to cure. SCP 049-2: SCP 035 would make 049-2 more dangerous due to intellect, but still easily contained due to it's ease of termination. SCP 096: Cross exposure has the most practical benefits for SCP 096 and SCP 966. The effect the mask has on it's host over time may be able to finally terminate 096 provided it is in a calmed state, as well as the fact that 096's face would be permanently covered while under possession by 035. SCP 966: If applied to a 966 instance SCP 035 could possible eliminate the MTF's need for thermal scanners in event of a breach. Any 966 instance wearing 035 would obviously have unpredictably effects, but our current hypothesis revolves around the fact that the mask would likely be seen floating thus immediately confirming a breach. SCP 076: SCP 076 armed with 035 is a major risk that far outweighs potential benefits. The only possible conclusions that we see coming from this cross exposure is a more intelligent 076 trying to breach the facility with a sword. If this must be attempted it is recommended to take the sword of 076 and leave SCP 572 outside the containment chamber so as to coerce the SCP 076/035 combination into making more reckless decisions if containment is breached. SCP 527: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  12. This is an engaging read Clever experiment with and unexpected cross exposure of sentient SCPs to one another I just hope 049 doesn't put the mask on... arguably more dangerous than 682
  13. Knuckles


    Another possible help would be the verification of your game cache as well as loading into a single player game to see what you have and what you don't