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  1. + Support * Seen online often * Legitimately seems to care about SCP RP * Not often in trouble if ever +/- Event idea is interesting, but could use some tweaks - Mentioned SCP 2521 in writing and now I have some giant monster thing trying to steal my PC
  2. - Support * Horrid grammar showing a distinct lack of effort or thought of reviewing the application before posting | Worries me about how you would act on the team * Event in no way fits with lore | Bright might do dumb things/be a meme, but he isn't a traitor * "i can do a lot of event in a 1 hour space" is not a good thing, that just shows little effort/creativity * Majority of your "Why should we allow you" question was you restating the handbook. You read the handbook, any other reasons you should be accepted?
  3. Pull up your warns by typing !warn then screenshot it with F12
  4. Going to Houston for worlds? Have fun! (I have a buddy going also, good luck!)
  5. "Oh my god.... A mobile task force sqaud! That no one stops. It is the Nine Tailed Fox" In all seriousness though what kind of sound clips would you be looking for? Sounds likes the buttons in the admin room (pizza day, security, NTF, etc) or players doing various things?
  6. 527 used to be ok in D block... then people started using bodygroups to give 527 an orange jumpsuit which led to a lot of false shootings (among other causes Im sure). I would like to see 343 allowed in D block though
  7. HEY I didn't gun EVERYONE down... sheesh Disclaimer: This is a joke
  8. Thank you for this valuable information. If SCP 066 can be utilized more consistently in this manner we may not ever have to worry about that stone bastard again. Now to make sure we don't hire any janitors named Eric to clean the containment chamber
  9. -1 The "crabby boi" is a dangerous and very violent SCP that needs constant monitoring an environmental chamber wouldn't be able to provide (why do you think he's in a box with nothing to obstruct the view). The "fish guy" on the other hand has that habitat as he is not an active threat and doesn't need to be stalked when he goes to get some seaweed. He was simply unlucky enough to be one of Dr. Wondertainments odd creations
  10. I don't often agree with Jet, but mate you played yourself in this one. That textscreen is obvious and is typically updated by SMT (who make the rules)
  11. My personal favorite was when a lot of Foundation were online but no CI. I played as a CI Infiltrator and single handedly breached all of HCZ and 173. Then enjoyed 90 seconds of nuclear sirens
  12. This ^ Perhaps an M1A1 to maintain the silenced/stealthy approach of the Infiltrator
  13. Spawns are bugged for multiple jobs. One player was saying he spawned in 173's chamber and the Administration job spawns in one of the spare glass chambers in HCZ. Not tested with others. The radio wall hack persists for everyone and is called "Scripted Weapon" | It can also be shot like a Half Life 2 revolver. As another side note we noticed no ULX commands were working in chat (had to use console commands) and normal chat is global. OOC, Advert, and PMs dont work at all
  14. Bug: Job switching bug/Improper Spawn Location/Radio Wall Hacks Description: Job switching: When logging on today I was attempting to change jobs and simply updated my job title and salary until I died and respawned (Moderate) | Improper Spawn: My custom job "Covert Task Force Delta-9 Blackbird" now spawns inside CI base for some reason. My proper spawn is MTF bunks (Moderate) | Radio Bug: My radio was labeled as a "Scripted Weapon" and when 'C' was pressed allowed me to see through walls. This was demonstrated with the CI Trainee that happened to be online the time I noticed these bugs (Semi-Critical) Importance (None/Moderate/Semi-Critical/Critical): Semi-Critical Photo/Video Evidence: