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  1. Name CI LCPL Spookie XA24 Rank lcpl Callsign XA24 Semi active I'll be more active one im done with the researcher competition
  2. Name: Senior Researcher Spookie Rank: Senior Researcher Time in Research: If id have to say more than an a month (I cant remember its been a long time) Position being applied for: Research Manager Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100 word minimum): The Reason I should be a Research manager is mainly my activity since I have been Researcher 75% of my time on the server has been as a researcher I am one of the most active members of Research and have been on nearly every day of my rival. Since my promotion to a senior Researcher I have been training Assistants every chance I can get as well as accompanying Researchers into Heavy to test on SCPS that are allowed, I feel like the biggest problem to researchers is inactivity it can be pretty boring such as now once ive became a senior It all felt pretty boring for a while, However my main way to Improve the research branch and stop this main problem is to host more frequent events such as community scp testing assembling every researcher online and finding which one deserves an promotion, I will be as engaging as I can with my fellow researchers asking about their tests and if they need help with anything, I overall feel like I can improve the experience for everyone and have everyone get along and RP. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)? Over all I will try my hardest to make Research great again by being as active as I can and training anyone that joins assistant. I will try to set an example and encourage and my fellow researchers growth on the server correcting them if they do something wrong and try to improve overall performance from the researchers making the Research branch as great as it can be. Ill also try to make the RP more fun allowing Researchers to show others what they've done by hosting minor meetings where Researchers can talk about each other whats happening and so on where they can ask to promote each other having every players voice heard. I will also try to host some Research event having every researcher Test on One object so I can find those who deserve a promotion for their hard work. If I encounter someone who is minging in the research branch or overall making the Research experience bad ill try to talk to them ask them to stop I feel like everyone deserves a second chance and if you point out what they have been doing wrong that they can improve in the future how ever if they show no intent with following the rules I will punish them accordingly or contact and admin who can. How ever if you do pick someone else for my postilion ill be glad and put faith that you made someone who will improve the server. Thank you for reading and listening to what I have to say.
  3. cool cant wait to see who will become command
  4. Oh shit the d class in 049s cell was mine I forgot about him.
  5. Test of anomolis melon Special containment procedures: The entity is contained in a 5 meter by 5 meter square chamber chamber the entity is supposed to be washed at least once daily. The entitys chamber has been move around the cafeteria as used as a way to save money on food sources. SCP: anomalous melon Object class: safe Description: The SCP is an average sized watermelon being 11 inches in diameter and weighing in at around 24 pounds. Once hitting the melon it then forms into another it is advised not to repadedly hit the melon as it will duplicate in larger masses each time it's broken. The Melon can be broken without duplicating if gently cut or incinerated. Because of the the cafeteria has used the melon as a infinite food source to cut back on the budget for the foundation. Testing Log one: Name: Jr Researcher Spookie Rank: Jr researcher Clearance: lv 1 List of personnel: 1 d class and me SCP: anomalous melon Hypothesis: if the D class breaks the melon really hard and fast what will happen. Apon hitting the Mellon with fast speeds and with much a Mellon appeared.(Note I shall test this again to get more results) Test 2: Name: Jr. Researcher Spookie Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance: lv 1 List of personnel: 1 d class and me and security guard xxxxx SCP: anomalous melon Hypothesis: how many melons can we get to show up is there even a limit. The following is an audio log taking place outside of the melons cell. Spookie: class D please enter the chamber. D 1284: no im not goin I ain't standin around I hear the screams Spookie: the wha- what do you mean screams? D 1284: I hear em they all around me I hear, it i tells you! Spookie: im sorry I don't get what you mean? D 1284: im sorry it's just too much. D1284 started running at Dr Mayo beating him security xxxxx stepped in and terminated the D class. Adendum: [Data lost] Test 3: Name: Dr Mayo Rank: Researcher Clearance: lv 2 List of personnel: D 5281 and me SCP: anomalous melon Hypothesis: if the D class hits the Mellon and there is where for another melon to appear what will happen. Placed melon inside of a box just able to fit it the D class walks up to the melon and before punching stops and stares at the melon. The D class looked back and me and says im sorry I just can't hurt him. where I said to him hit the melon or be faced with termination. The D class looks back and the melon and said im sorry before punching it. upon hitting the melon a bright light surrounded the area and D 5381 [Data Lost]. Scp: anomalous melon Object class Keter Description:The SCP is an average sized watermelon being 11 inches in diameter and weighing in at around 24 pounds. Once hitting the melon it then forms into another it is advised that NO foundation staff approaches the SCP for doing so will [Data Lost] the only way to terminate the subject is with [Data Lost] which MTF NU7 hammer down has been briefed on. As seen in incident report [DATA REDACTED] and therefore the melons cannot be destroyed. The SCP can communicate through telepathy to influence their victim to [DATA REDACTED] this poses a significant danger to the foundation and re containing all melons are number 3 priority. Conclusion: soon after the log the Chaos insurgency took all of the existing anomalous melons MTF NU7 has currently not found any of them this far. Based on the analysis of these events I advice nobody to come into contact of the SCP let Dr what happened to Dr Mayo show you what happens. Adendum: Because of the amount of data we lost the research staff started testing the melons again lead by Dr. Carpenter, Recovering test A1: Personnel: 7 researchers and 1 security Hypothesis what will happen if the melon is shot. Apon picking up with bare hands the melon the melon seemed to teleport somewhere in it's cell the kept happening until it eventually teleported out of the cell startling some of the researchers +See incident report Anomalous Melon B1 -incident report B1: Researcher xxxxx touched the melon causing it to teleport outside of it's Containment Chamber Researchers tried to pick the melon back up but it kept teleporting this eventually ended when Dr. Carpenter picked it up in his hazmat suit and put the melon inside of it's CC. Recovering test 2: Hypothesis: what if you shoot the melon. [DATA REDACTED] see incident report B2. +Incident report B2: a few researchers were trapped in the melon's containment chamber I believe the melon through telept made the researchers touch it, because they didn't have hazmat suits they started to transform into larger melons the size of these melons are entirely random anyone who touches one of these melons are to be designated Melon-2. The Melon-2 are not to be destroyed through brute force or broken in any way the proper way of dealing with then is through incineration. Melon-2s are incredibly hostile and NU7 has been debriefed on how to contain them. In the event a melon shows up in D block contaminating D class lock down the entire site and wait for MTF unit NU7 to destroy the melons. Anatomy of Melon-2: The Melon-2 are able to remember how to operate basic things from their past life and the majority releases screeching when communicating, very few are able to communicate with actual speech the way this is done is through unknown. Some staff converted into Melon-2 appear to attack in numbers and are able to use their keycards somehow. The melon-2s are extremely weak to fire and should be burned immediately. [ Instance of Melon-2 surrounding D class and and instance of SCP melon appearing on top of the horde. ] Adendum: From now on any Researcher is to ask permission from O5-1 or a Member of high command for testing. Please note Dr. Bright is not considered when asking permission to test with the melon. -sincerely Spookie
  6. Ih btw is there a certain number of plus supports that we need to hit for them to consider adding it
  7. What you want to see? - I would Like to see cameras added to the research branch Why should we add it? - You should add it so the Researchers can take photos that we can add in out reports this will help the Research division test logs by showing the reader basically what just happened instead of taking a computer screen shot and have the blinker and other stats in the way, adding the camera can also make it more formal and add a layer of RP in the forums. I also think that the camera should be given to every researcher except assistants because I don't think they can use it properly What are the advantages of having this? - Like said before adds a layer of RP and makes the forms seem more formal. Who is it mainly for? - Researchers Links to any content - Its in the base game in weapons and in Other its the First one to appear looks like a camera I also think for misusing the camera such as spamming the Flash it should have a report system the admins use that looks like this: The warnings shouldn't be that harsh and the punishments should be as followed be a verbal warn then a warn then kick them How ever in a Testing environment that should be the only time a researcher can take a bunch of repeated pictures this should only be to capture that one really good moment that they can find later in the library. -Note for some Researchers might not actually know where to find the pictures they took so here is how to find it: 1) if you get off Gmod it will show the pictures you took there is a show "in library" button that you should find and press, this will lead to pictures you took. 2) find the photo you want and drag it into teh drag files at the bottom of where you type in the gaming light tab. -hope you find this helpful if cameras are added : ) -sincerely, now Jr. Researcher Spookie Ghostie.
  8. I agree I feel like he is valid ive met him and he seems pretty good and motivated for the job support +
  9. Name:CI LCPL Spookie XA24 Rank: LCPL Callsign: XA24 Reason I should stay: I am a dedicated member and just got promoted Concerns: Not sure why you'd remove anyone from this what if they are off doing something
  10. Upon SCP-066 entry into 343's containment chamber it began loudly emitting Beethoven 2nd symphony until it eventually terminated the D class. Once SCP-066 terminated the D class it began to pursue me. I escaped with only minor injuries. I will conduct further experiments to see how SCP 066 got into the containment chamber as well as how often and the speed it kills to a attempt to avoid further foundation casualties.
  11. SCP-343 ~ Date Sunday, January 12, 2019 Name: Jr Researcher Spookie Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance level : one Personnel involved: Me and Security Guard ████ D Class involved: Rocko SCP:343 Action: instructing a D class to fight 343 Hypothesis: I believe SCP-343 will not take Violent actions towards the D class Proving 343 to be non hostile. D class rocko began assaulting 343 and yelling profanities towards the Entity, 343 responds by saying "how could you hurt God" in a calm voice, a few seconds later SCP-066 somehow enters into 343's containment chamber and kills the Class D. It is unknown if the SCP-343 summoned SCP-066 to protect itself or if SCP-066 came along on it's own accord. As soon as this test was completed SCP-343 approached me with Security Guard ████ where SCP-343 instructed Guard ████ to [Data Corrupted] barely escaping before [Data Corrupted] Photos/pictures: NA Errors/ Safety hazards: SCP-066 Addendum: [Data corrupted] causing D 8263 to [Data corrupted] Conclusion: No hostile action should be taken towards or in proximity to SCP-343 as it is able to summon "protectors" out of the surrounding population. As a result we must [Data corrupted] as to prevent any more site casualties like this from happening again.