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  1. Not supposed to test on 682 even if as doctor bright also tests as Dr. Bright don't count.
  2. At last a SCP 500 and a good one as well I read this one first and enjoyed it.
  3. Lore Name: Spookie Ghostie Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130714378/ Rank: Assistant manager Activity Level: Weekends/ inactive I have been very busy lately
  4. This is a good idea and I would like to see more tests done on protege ( I want to find his source of tea). You had many errors and for background research I would describe what proteges lab coat and I would also describe more what you mean by it can do anything as anything is a broad subject and we want the basics of every SCP. I would also improve your hypothesis like why you wanted to test on 008 and what do you want to find a hypothesis is your question that you attempt to find in testing what you are saying that your testing on the SCP you didn't give us a reason. Also I would separate the Analysis form the conclusion as it is very confusing to have them together. I feel like this is Junior Researcher work I'm sure you can do better then this if you want to improve what you made and PM me an improved version and I can help you further. I also noticed that you didn't add the SCPs you tested on.
  5. Amazing work I enjoyed how it tells a much larger story that you wouldn't know from the title. "Skarlet stands up and punches Dr. REDACTED, 2 guards detain Skarlet and tie her up to the chair so she doesn’t attack Dr. REDACTED again." Makes it seem really believable.
  6. So everyone as you read in the title of this I am now leaving research. People who I don't want to name in case any of you dislike their decision and would like to ask them to think other wise (although that's not really necessary as this thing is already put up and I know what happened to Nimo). Its honestly been great in research and I don't honestly thing I should have got HOR in the first place as people used to know me as incredibly mingy, but when I was just a low level researcher I wanted to make it to the top and I did which should show all of you not to give up your research careers just like you I lost inspiration countless times and wanted to quit I think I even had a 48 hour posted before this one for research but anyway I have hope for the future of research and Weiss I am glad you are going to be the new HOR as I honestly thought you were way better then me. The only things I hoped to do before I left was to have all of you do these tags that I talk about and be less mingy in general so as a HOR's last wish please for the love of God (yes this is a pun) PLEASE DO NOT MINGE (even in my last words i'm trying to manage you) a lot of researchers have been minging lately and it needs to stop. For the rest of low command please be more involved in the fourms I don't want you to share my fate. Also for baguette Sorry about that med bay thing. Also Security please add those escorts role back I fuc[DATA REDACTED] loved those guys. Well now that I said everything I'm now going to be with Oppenheimer, good bye its been fun everyone. -Not really signed but existed by HOR Spookie Sorry Wesearch~
  7. Name: Rank: Time in Research: What server do you play on? EU/US: Number of strikes on the roster/reason for strikes: Position applied for: How would you describe yourself (please be honest): Why do you think you should be command, what can you do that the rest of command can’t? 100-word minimum: How can you make research more active? 100 word minimum: How would you describe your RP?:
  8. I think you should have alerted the other MTF about Jesus instead of killing him, your missing the background research. Also i'm unsure if 035 referred to them self in the third person.
  9. Nicely logged however I would like to see a more unique test done as this is just re writing the effects we know. The only exception I see to this is it is formatted better and it can teach newer Researchers the effects of this SCP. I don't rate tests so just know you did a good job. You should also fix some of your grammatical errors.
  10. Change the background Research from someone mentioned it on discord to something about the SCP it's self.
  11. Can you go into more detail how it died.
  12. I mean this could be a good idea but what if people just randomly equip it. And even if someone uses the hazmat suit is there a way to turn it off or take it off. Also where would be put it.
  13. I forgot to say why its needed this is mainly because of tests with SCP 008 or other chemical SCP's for one I wouldn't want to conduct a test without proper protection and these hazmat suits provide that protection. We don't always use D class for tests for many different reasons sometimes the gensec and or MTF don't want to help us.
  14. Name of Job: All Research and Research low command jobs. (may change if juniors run around with hazmat suits on or if people don't RP with them correctly.) Job Model (Model Paths): Add hazmat suits for SCP testing. Links to the recommended models can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620046026&searchtext=hazmat Job Description: Doesn't change Job Weapons (Ex. tfa_csgo_mac10): Doesn't change Job Salary: Stays the same Job HP: Stays the same Job Armor: Stays the same. Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620046026&searchtext=hazmat Image of Model: