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  1. This adds new information on 527 but can you add a bit more detail as well as specify what you mean by magical properties.
  2. Looks like someone should get a promotion for this epic test
  3. I am fairly sure you CI have your own SCP section and not the research forum
  4. Like I said before I like how you incorporate Photoshop and videos in your test which is what makes them really unique keep up the good work
  5. So quick question so what the +'s are they supposed to be positives and the - is supposed to be negative.
  6. I think you should state of your hypothesis if it is right or wrong in the conclusion part of the test personally. Also I hate saying this but please don't incinerate people please. Other than that great test.
  7. Excellent and detailed test this is what I want all Researchers to strive for in helping MTF or other agents successful contain SCPs to further the efforts this is very helpful in RP as well. Good quality test.
  8. thanks for your feed back ill improve next test I post
  9. Interesting test I like the detail and quality of it like Dcethe said before this is a quality test
  10. Good test Constructive criticism: There's a lot of empty space but that's fine just pointing it out.
  11. Lore Name: Dr. Clef (Spookie) Rank: Foundation Dr Clearance Level: 4 List of personnel involved in testing: Me, a Medical Doctor, a Technician to setup the camera, and an MTF. List of materials: x4 Thermal goggles, x1 Thermal Camera broadcasting what was happening for review and able to broadcast the 966s. Level D personnel involved: None SCP: 173 and x5 966 Hypothesis: If 173 cannot see the 966’s then it can still move freely Pre Test: The MTF moved SCP 173 inside of 966s cell, he released ordered us all to look at 173 while he released it. Once SCP 173 was free he ran back outside of the cell and we shut the door. I instructed everyone there to look away from the glass. After some time about 3 minutes we took 173 out of the chamber. Camera Footage: The following is written format of what happened as the camera footage was [Data Redacted]. //----TEST BEGIN----\\ 1:00: MTF agent moves scp 173 into the chamber. 1:30: MTF agent released 173 and quickly moves out of the chamber. 1:45: Dr. Clef (Me) instructed everyone to look away from the chamber glass. 2:00: SCP 173 is standing still, SCP 966 pay no attention to it. 2:28: SCP 173 remains still, a SCP 966 notices SCP 173 and starts to slowly approach it. 2:30: The other 966 instances do not pay attention to the 173 while the 966 still approaches 2:34: The 966 is right up in front of 173 and starts to pace around it. 2:39: 173 suddenly Snaps 966s neck having 966s body uncloak and fall to the ground. The sound of the neck snap alerted every other SCP 966 instances which quickly turn to face SCP 173. 2:40: SCP 173 appears in front of a 966 farthest from the group closest to the containment chamber door. 2:48: The 966 closest to the containment chamber door backs into a wall and gets cornered by 173. 2:49: 173 Snaps the 966s neck and its neck, and then turns to face the other 966. The 966s then enter a panic state one 966 runs up to the glass and begins to claw at it attempting to get out. The other 966s a male and a female run to the side of the room farthest from SCP 173. 2:50: SCP 173 starts to approach the 966 clawing at the window making it claw at the window faster, this broke its claws but despite this SCP 966 continues to try to get out. The 966s shift themselves to the other side of the room. 2:51: SCP 173 continues to approach the 966 clawing at the window, this triggered a “Fight of Flight” scenario within the 966 where it decided the best cause to stay alive would be to fight. The 966 then charged SCP 173 uncloaking and attempting to claw it despite them not having claws at all. The 966 attacks leave no visible damage to 173 swiping 4 more times before a loud crunch was heard. 966 drops dead on the floor. 2:52: SCP 173 approaches the 966s and they dash to the otherside of the room. 2:54: SCP 173 turns and continues to approach teh 966s the 966s attempt to escape clawing the glass the 966 did before. ----At this point I decided to stop the test---- 2:53: I told the MTF to get ready and i'm about to open the door they move over to the door and I open it. The 966s run towards the door and hide beside the MTF agent not attempting to kill them. 2:54: The 173 sees its escape and gets to a point behind the guard the medic turns around and sees 173 and alerts the MTF. The MTF successfully captured SCP 173 and begin to bring it to its own containment chamber //----TEST CONCLUDED----\\ Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): [Data Lost] Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP 173 got stuck on the door while we tried to move him out the technician suggested closing and opening the door we did that and the door was fixed allowing us to bring SCP 173 back to its containment. Addendum: After the Test I went to log my findings I was uploading the footage to the foundation database when [Data Expunged] causing the footage to be lost. Because of the SCPS lost the remaining 966s have been assigned new names, with the Male 966 being assigned the name 966-1 and the female being assigned the name 966-2 Conclusion: while my hypothesis was proven wrong I have discovered that the 966 SCPs have a higher self preservation then I thought and also cannot establish a threat as easy and fast as other SCPS do like the SCPs 939 how they want to avoid 682 and how 682 wants to avoid 173 but this could be marked down as past experience I imagine. The 966 will even go out of the way to side with their prey in escaping danger when 966s hid by the door to avoid SCP 173 or what could be when the SCP was clawing the door they could have been attempting to get out attention. I’ve also discovered that 966s have a closer pack bond then I expected attempting to protect another from danger. Which I will further attempt to study at a later date.
  12. I know but I imagine this can and can't work as not many people play janitor or untility staff in general expect medic. We would also need a rank system or training and I'm not sure how janitor training world work. Overall it's a good concept abd can work but I'm not sure many people would want to lose a rank to the utility hierarchy. Or that many people would play as janitor. Also if we do add utility roles we should allow them to enter HCZ and have equipment failures so they have things to do.
  13. I think this is also a good idea but being one of the classes shouldn't be counted as another life like you can be security and a Researcher but you can't be a CI or NTF. I think this mainly because I don't want to lose a rank to be a janitor. I also think it is a good idea +support
  14. “Spookie Ghostie” - Event Team App Name: Spookie Ghostie SteamID: STEAM_0:0:85224325 What is your ULX Rank?: User How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): Personally Id say a 9 I dont know everything like the numbers or what all of them are but growing up I loved the SCP community watching SCP readings and stuff like that the more it scared me the more I wanted to come back for more. Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain l): Personally no How Active are you?: I am really active but recently I've been LOA due to family matters and me getting sick my activity might be semi active as the year progresses and I get more and more things to due but ill still try to get on as much as I can. How many warns do you have?: 3 how ever I am viewing it as 1 because I thought the RDM was allowed if it was a research test ( I wont go in detail of what its about for the sake of writing and keeping this short) and the mic spam was because I thought It fit the mood and the people wanted some music when I was playing it nobody said to turn it off or to stop so I thought It was ok. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I imagine that I can unify many people of the SCP RP community through events finding a way to increase activity because as a researcher I found that many of the people in the research branch are inactive. Like the CI branch you look in their discord and find many people in it how ever you go in game and you only see about 2 or 1 CI on including high command, my idea of how to increase activity is by making events that revolve around a group such as CI events or a research event where every researcher does a huge test on one scp only to have it breach causing a panic and have MTF do something. I want to make the community as great as it can be and hopefully make these events so good they can attract new people to join ( real ambitious I know but I want to do the best I can for this community ) if i'm not able to be apart of event team its fine I still have fun on the server and i'll try to make it as good as I can from a RP perspective. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): I can think of 2 on the spot one is and scp 105 and scp 682 cross test as it will allow the breach of 2 keter SCPS and could keep people on their toes and be exited. The other idea is GOC, and CI raid the foundation at the same time having a 3 way war in the process having the CI spawn at gate A and having the GOC spawn at gate B telling the MTF not to kill the GOC right away or place the GOC somewhere near the Keter hallway as to prevent distance from the MTF spawn and avoid people dying before the event even starts. What is your favorite SCP? Why? I love almost every SCP but if I'd pick a favorite between 999 and 173 I would go with 173 because of how the one post of 173 started a great community and made many other writers make fantastic story's. I also like the whole theme of a non emotionless statue killing its prey and hiding in the darkness waiting to strike and the reputation it built up through out the SCP wiki having many content creators on others sites gain fame from it. I like that its one of the most popular and how it basically represents not only the SCP community in general but by what it does and how it captures the theme of the SCP community having an emotionless item kill people giving the foundation a cause to capture and contain the scps as to not have them do harm to the world.