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  1. Thank you. Yeah borith has spammed me saying that its now causing errors
  2. Oh. Apologies I thought you were typing to confirm I fallowed chain of command and didn’t jump right to you.
  3. SMT Adam had more involvement then hotshot. I don't know his tag at the moment but I am trying to get it.
  4. Ingame Name: Purge Commander Armor Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:61292034 Job Name: Purifier Death Trooper Server: Imperial RP Bug: Saber hilt is an error and is now causing errors for the server when used. Followed the COC from SMT, Manager of the server, now to you. Saber hilt change from ID: models/swtor/arsenic/lightsabers/exarch'smk-1lightsaber.mdl to ID: models/starwars/cwa/lightsabers/darkforcephase2.mdl If you need me to get SMT Adam or Hotshot to approve that I tried to solve this without making a change please let me know. Link to original Post for all dues.
  5. rip thought I did. Sorry about that
  6. Fixing now @Zeeeptin have I fixed it or am I still pulling the big dumb. also sorry for the @
  7. Hotshot told me he was adding this ship. I attached a picture with the msg from discord.
  8. Thank you for letting me know that. I have added a ship now. Sorry if you just finished and now need to go back though the files.
  9. OK I will fix it now @ZeeeptinDone all changes undone except for the IDs next to the payer I was also told to add a ship its 30 now. If that is the case I will add one next time I want to do some changes
  10. Done. I also removed all things that you did already
  11. + Support We need to also need to have dark binos, rw_sw_bino_dark , for all purge classes and Commander needs arrest_stick and unarrest_stick Purge Commander (and the last true clone) Armor
  12. ID of my other account that paid. STEAM_0:1:172704709
  13. Anyway they were payed for by me just not from my Armor1093 account. I can send a new picture with the steam id and everything if you want. But that will most likely need to wait till I get home from work.
  14. Also, I saw that the saber is made... the handle needs to be fixed as I saw it is an error on the server, I corrected it in the post
  15. @Zeeptin If you're talking about the people being added you already accepted them. If you're talking about the other donations that are me from my other account as something is wrong with my main to sign in on anything other than steam.