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  1. fucking hell, do I have to come back to E11 again? it was fun borther
  2. Yoga


    remember that time on elitelupus with kiddo and cap? yeah, welcome to the retired minge gang. Also, you didn't put me as a minge on there you fucking minge.
  3. -Support Im not even gonna go into detail as this seems to be a waste of my absolute time, Please Read over the staff handbook next time to see if the admin that your reporting is actually breaking a active rule on there
  4. Alright So this sounds like a misunderstanding, as I would expect to hear @[GL] Inaccurate's side. as a ex-admin of SCP-RP it seems like things like this never actually happens on my watch, But I cannot continue until I hear Innacurate's side.
  5. Yoga

    Yoga but leaving :(

    Name: Yoga (lasagna/the Minge) Rank: 2LT Reason for leaving : I will be leaving due to complications that I have been hiding from everyone else, This is my Goodybye until I come back(one day) Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours?: Negative Its been Great Playing with you guys but Sadly I will have to leave due to my complications, and the fact that I don't want to take up a spot in the roster that someone better than me could take and archive something that I have not done yet Ace- Fucking Minge| I loved playing with ya Starr- The Real Homie Crabbo- Remember that time where we both got striked due to a 1v1 with baseball bats? Yeah, that was fun. Arium-Dont Really Know you long enough but very chill dood and must be a good tarkov player Blitz- You fucking minge Jakub- Please don't Transfer to A1 and transfer back Gh0pit- gh0stpit is how you say it Inaccurate- You fucking minge goosey- Keep Blowing people up M8VP- Fucking Minge| actually tried getting me a free java account and the best for Last Giovanni- The best VCMMDR ever| was my homie back in minge days in E11 | Part of the "Trio" | A real homie These are the People that I can just think off of my mind since im currently too tired for anything else, its been an honor to play with everyone Cya broskis \_(:3)_/
  6. Yoga

    Corner's Resignation

    well, it was a honor fighting against you as my cc
  7. I, Giorno Giovanna. I mean Yoga. Approve of Pixel being added.
  8. I, Giorno Giovanna I mean Yoga. Approve of Six4Teen being added.
  9. I, Giorno Giovanna I mean Yoga, Approve of Ace getting added for MTF Unit Osprey-1
  10. Yoga

    Cloaker Staff Report

    Im going for a -support, But to be honest Cloaker is new and he does show dedication for the staff team and in my opinion he should only get talked to.
  11. My Friend Inaccurate has the Whitelist But I do not have it
  12. My id is : STEAM_0:0:503481268 I cannot Flag on to My Custom Class "Osprey-1" It is also Missing a Level 3 Keycard with a Radio