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  1. What would you like to see added: Lower prices on perma weapons Why should it be added: The server is dead/dying and i think its because it cost so much to get perma weps and its near impossible and not fun to grind. Who is it mainly going to help: Everyone What will this improve: It will make Permanent weapons cheaper (Candy apple glock is 50 mil (i haven't checked in a long time but its still very expensive) and the perma rifle is 150-120 Mil) This is way to expensive and makes people not wanna play as the main goal is to get a perma Links to any content: None needed
  2. I agree, in my honest opinion, its Dying/Already Dead. It isn't very fun as there is no very interesting/unique classes, CP are Weak and don't even compare to the crims, we really need events such as a rank giveaway or money giveaway. (Also there is no end goal and perma weps are Expensive as all hell. I really like the server and hope it gains a constant playerbase.
  3. Wheat

    Recent behavior in PD.

    Read and Understood
  4. +Support, It really needs to happen as we dont get alot of players/active players. Events would spice things up as well.
  5. Wheat

    Wheat's LOA

    Name: Wheat Rank: SNR SA LOA Time: 1/29 - 2/6 Reason (Private if needed): Wont be able to be home for a week or so because i am getting my houses floors redone. Cant acess my desktop since im on vacation since the floor thing.
  6. Wheat

    Wheat's LOA

    Im going to be on LOA for 7+ days because my floors are getting redone in my house and i wont be able to be in the house, so im going on vacation
  7. Wheat

    Wheat's LOA

    Ingame name: Wheat Rank: MSGT Length 1/29 - 2/7 Reason: Getting new floors in house, vacation.
  8. Today, i did a test with 1 D class who was compliant on 049, 049 infected him and the newly 049-2 began attacking the blast proof glass, 049 attempted to calm him down and managed to revert the D class back but did not like to do it. The D class was Startled and had a Nervous breakdown. The D Class was acting weird when he was returned and something among the lines of: "I have seen the other side" to anyone who wanted to fight him even after being administered amnestics. I believe when people get infected and survive, they still have severe brain damage or are immune to pills.
  9. Wheat

    SCP = XP for CI

    What you want to see? - CI getting XP/Money for Capturing/Liberating SCP's Why should we add it? - It rewards CI for breaking out SCP's What are the advantages of having this? - It incentives the Capturing of SCP's Who is it mainly for? - CI Links to any content - None, it could be manual.
  10. Wheat

    CI Armory

    What you want to see? - An Armory in CI HQ Why should we add it? - So CI can have better weapons before raiding What are the advantages of having this? - Improved raids, lets CI spend their money more easily, D class can get a gun without having to go back into the facility. Who is it mainly for? - CI/ Escaped D Class Links to any content - None needed, we just need to add a armory person.
  11. Name on roster: Chick3n Rank on roster: Corporal How active are you: I get on later in the day, 6 PM EST, i have 16 hours total but i plan to get more ? Who should be the next Major? Rev What can Security improve on? Better coordination, making it mandatory to be on the foundation staff radio frequency, assisting others, knowing when to shoot and when not to. Closing doors behind them whenever they go somewhere. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) Ive helped contain SCP 173 6+ times, I've helped contain 049 around 3 times, and i am very good at keeping D Class in D Block (MY JOB). I RP somewhat and i try my best to stay in character.
  12. I agree, lockdowns are still useless to everyone so to stop crime we enforce martial law, ive seen way too many shootouts and PD cant take one CC's because they get full armor from the hospital and they spawn with a medkit, they also have a negev while PD has a P250 and or MP5/M4A1 which are terrible weapons regardless. I have only had three very RP traffic stops out of 150+ where they either pull a gun or drive away. Traffic stops either devolve into A: You stop them and once you tell them they are getting a ticket ($750 at most) they drive off resulting in a chase. B: You put a spike strip in the middle of their vehicle so they can't drive off then they whine about it being "failRP" and you get either an admin called or a person wanting you dead 24/7, C : They pull a gun and you are under fearRP. D : Its a felony traffic stop and they have 5+ guns pointed at them yet they somehow pull out a negev and spray you down resulting in a big chase/ shootout or E: They get their friend to ram their car into yours / blow it up to stop your car. Criminals somehow get away with not RPing just because the cops are their "enemies" Their is not enough passive RP or any Criminals RPing with cops. We had to get our own CC Cop to deal with CC criminals. And like the post i quoted, i do care about RP on this server and i feel that there should be a certain class/ section of classes that DO kill cops. Its very annoying to get shot only because you are a cop. Also micspam is very annoying and common.
  13. InGame Name: Wheat Trooper Rank & Badge #: Trooper 1T Question 1: Do you feel you are being treated fairly and with the correct level of respect within State? Yes or no, and please give your reasoning? No, People believed that i paid someone to mass RDM and after this accusation, i got blacklisted for a day or two. They jumped to conclusions whenever said RDMer claimed he had proof but refused to give it. I never got to share my side of the story and the proof wasn't shown. The blacklist shouldn't have ever happened and if it was someone higher ranking, they wouldn't have been blacklisted temporary or not. However, i do believe i do get respect from other state and most of us are level headed. Question 2: Please list 3 or more recommendations you think would improve the atmosphere of roleplay and seriousness within the Rockford State Trooper department? Allow areas where checkpoints don't need permission (I.E. High traffic areas) and designate it as such. A handheld carpusher tool would be great if we need cars off roads when the driver isn't there and your car isn't there or the vehicle is in park. A radar gun, it would be great to have a frequency thing that beeps depending on how fast they are traveling or just any radar gun will do. Question 3: Do you have any other issues or things you would like to mention to us? Please feel free to express your honest opinion. You start with 125 armor as a trooper, you can only gain up to 100 armor without resetting. Dealing with a negev weilding CC with a medkit while i have only at best a shotgun and normal armor that they can get as well for money from the hospital. I feel that we should be able to regain that 125 without having to get killed as it ruins RP.
  14. Wheat

    Inmate Class

    +Support Increases RP inside DOC Would be fun to have a custom model to differentiate people booked vs not booked Seems good Could make it spawn with just fists and a knife for riots DOC gets more action
  15. -Support -I don't think you are quite ready for Moderating. -You should provide greater detail than the ones now in the responses.