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  1. The time has come for me to go, I am sorry I do not have time to put into the game or help anyone I must go and do real work things to support my family. To my Vice-Commanders Hoovy, my first Vice-Commander you are one of the most awesome, chill, and all out coolest medic I have ever seen in my entire life playing this game. Slade, my second Vice-Commander, you grew out the battalion and you were a great person in all of it you help Hoovy now. Sega, my best Trooper you're Amazing man I hope to see you become one of the Commanders I love you man hope to see you around Hotshot, you're the best person in the world shine on man and grow this server Bear To All Other Commanders keep your battalions strong and keep your friends close. This has been a fun one, by my time is up and I must go see you around Sincerely Bear The Retired and First 69th Commander
  2. +Support I recommend having regimental medics I do Agree with too many battalions
  3. -Support we cannot be joint by your opinion the only sub division we get are surgeons
  4. I +Support this suggestion for the following reasons Models size is decent The Model it self looks really cool and would fit for the jobs purpose Would make the 501st stand out Good Suggestion Good Luck
  5. +Support there is a place in the med bay where a wall needs to go
  6. I am 100% when I suggested this a while ago it got accepted but +Support anyways this is a great battalion and it can ISB Imperial Security Bureau Death Troopers ONLY Guarded ISB that was their only purpose they were also cybernetic they were 6ft 4 with OP weapons such as the E11-D and ISB got forms of Krenics pistol
  7. As a fellow commander I +Support this application for the following reasons Has been every single ARC Commander on GL CWRP Outstanding work as a commander Very respectable and trustworthy Very much fit for the rank Serious RPr
  8. Smokin


    What do you want to see? - The Medical Battalion being regimental and being swapped with Shore troopers Why should we add it? - Regimental Medics are A LOT easier to handle then one battalion so medical supplies can be spread out with no caution What are the advantages of having this? - My battalion being swapped and regimental medics making people happier Who is it mainly for? - 69th Medical Corps / Server Links to any content - Shore Models >
  9. As a fellow Commander I +Support this application We need more commanders
  10. Smokin

    ST Sub Classes

    +Support Gotta say GREAT suggestion very much should be implemented
  11. +Support I am 100% Certain there is no 501st members and their battalion needs to grow. I hope this gets accepted
  12. I kind of like this Idea because it makes more room for cooler battalions that are more specialized and trained such as (Death Troopers, ISB, Shore Troopers, Tank Troopers, Scout Troopers, etc) +Support Mainly because I kinda want to see it play out
  13. +Support Nice Person Vice-Commander of the Nicest Branch Great Attitude Great RP'R Fabulous Medic
  14. +Support I am 100% certain was the 1st Star-fighter Sergeant. Very Responsible and Respectable Trustworthy and Great Pilot One of the Best Pilots I have ever seen Great Canidate Good Luck