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  1. This was already spoken about in the community meeting and the same things were brought up and is if there is a way that we could do it but an admin plus had to play the video as they are trusted staff members they would have to review the video or partially and play the video for others but it's like the same with the music player thing
  2. Funny meme from the guy above me
  3. I don't know wtf I just read but okay lots of info that is kinda useless but aye more to ya! and Idk about the whole women being drones and what not seems like the SCP foundation have been up to some pretty stinky stuff
  4. I'm gonna have to add i'm also lactose but I don't really care I still eat/drink dairy products
  5. I hope you're okay brotha let me know if you need anything cause I know those can be a pain in the ass and what not.
  6. Noted sad to see you go enjoy your time at the reserve
  7. +Support as an event team member I think this would be a good addition to the rules because far and few many times I have had people mid gun fight or in restrains to cuffs trying to add event to their name right as they are being cuffed or transported to DOC. Joining the event shouldn't be a get out of jail free card it should be a treat of something along the lines of a reward to players as it gives them a break from RP and gives them a chance at winning prizes and what not
  8. Before I say anything I +support this 100% because I believe the same thing should be occurring. But as it stands the only way that I see this being enforced and people not just driving around cars that isn't their rank, is first people that own the CCs would have to have their name as their current rank in that department that they are driving around their vehicle but in no ways does that mean that they are to abide by their department standards such as if they have their name as a tac unit they should not be moving into situations. If this occurs this could easily be notified to PD command as well as their dept. command if that occurs as well as you might have people putting false names in their department. But as well you have to have regulations for example myself can pull out essentially any car from the state vehicle dealers as well as FBI vehicles so when does it cross the line of which vehicles we can drive such as the bearcat or command vehicles such as the mustang or the Lamborghinis i'm just saying moderation is key because the same command cars that PD drive they earned it for that job as to where yeah you earned a vehicle in a different department doesn't necessarily mean that you earned that vehicle as to where PD command have the same car but they worked for that vehicle in that department
  9. I mean given roccos past I believe it but considering the fact how quick you responded kinda sus
  10. I honestly had a stroke trying to figure out what mikey was just trying to say smh
  11. I watched a bunch of videos and thought it was going to be fun that's why I join the community back then but before I went by different names and I had a steam account that I no longer have the password for so I play on this now
  12. wtf is a floppa hehe i know lime king finna be mad
  13. it's been real ziege I hope to see you soon!