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  1. The custom donation I did before this one was 50$ however the total was 40$ to add 2 steam IDs I apologize for the confusion and for not posting the transactions l history
  2. Ingame Name: Danny Job Name: MTF Rho 36 Occult Server: SCP RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:86367786 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118322929
  3. Ingame Name: Danny Job Name: MTF Rho 36 Occult Operative Server: SCP RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:246842155 STEAM_0:1:85867565 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118322929
  4. Name: MTF E11 CE CPL Danny 157B SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118322929 Class Name: MTF Rho 36 Occult Operative Issues: The spawn for this custom class is inside d block in d class spawn if possible I was hoping to get it moved to the MTF Bunks so I don't run the risk of getting spawn killed or have the need to kill d class in their spawn area I'm not sure if this part was a addon but the class also doesn't have a radio
  5. Name: MTF E11 JCE CPL Danny 157B SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118322929 Class Name: MTF Rho 36 Occult Operative Issues: after getting on this morning I noticed two issues with the class the first was that I wasn't white listed for it the second was that it doesn't have a level 3 key card despite being an MTF CC I apologize in advance if this class is still being worked on I just wanted to bring this up as soon as possible so that it might be fixed at earliest possible time
  6. In-Game Name: MTF E11 JCE PFC Danny SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118322929 Server: SCP RP Custom Job Name: MTF Rho 36 Occult Operative Color of Job: 88, 70, 209 Job Description: MTF Rho 36 is tasked with rapid response of containment containment breaches & securement of entities. Normal operatives were found to receive occult abilities & traits after [Redacted] entering [Redacted] while under the influence of Dimethyltryptamine this method of creating occult operatives has been proven to be a useful find however it has only a 5% . The face off the operatives have been found decompose slightly and skin color turn gray after 6 months from when they successfully became psychic they are however perfectly healthy internally and their skin has hardened enough to endure gunfire and blunt force trauma. Model: [models/player/corvo.mdl] Weapons: tfa_remington870, tfa_glock, tfa_vector, tfa_csgo_negev Lockpick or Medkit (Medkit or Keypad Cracker for SCP-RP): MedKit Criminal or Government (PoliceRP Government Custom Job is $50 extra) (MTF, CI, Security, or D-Class are the types for SCP-RP): MTF Add-ons Armor: 200 Health 200 Elastic Restraints Tranquilizer
  7. So another one falls I guess. Roughly a year and 2/3 have gone by and I'm surprised I stayed this long, and honestly it was never a waste of time in my eyes. IRL when I was still in school this server helped me keep my sanity because if not for this server the only true friends I'd have would amount to a measly two thanks to not fitting in with others, but thanks to this server I did make a couple of new friends that I hang out with and mess around with more than I can with my real life ones. Writing this has me wanting to reflect on my past on the server starting off as a recruit with no mic to becoming a major commanding all aircraft, and then being promoted straight to VCMDR with an inactive co commander which allowed me to run the branch my way. And then event I'm pretty sure high command said fuck and promoted me to Brigadier General. Honestly I planned to resign at Brigadier General with SCOL being my fallback and permanent rank, but then John just decided to remove the rank and so I strived for General. Eventually my time came when scheffer believe I was ready for General. Looking back my path deviated way far from the norm and with no restrictions or discipline I was able to be a semi serious player while also being a minge and honestly I'm glad that didn't change because I feel like I would be friends with some people if I was such a hard ass. However I think I've stalled enough to the part people care about the most is where they sat in my life Scheffer: I'm pretty sure I left off in mind as a asshole who rejected your idea of 1944rp despite being that server's GOA you hand picked and I hope that's not how I'm remembered but as your friendly General capable of lead important discussion and meetings while also being someone you could mess around with. Tumz: Dude gave me to much freedom and that I'm grateful for because otherwise I'm pretty sure someone else would've been in the place I am. Brandon: starting today you are no a junior general [Despite being an older player than I am on the server] but T H E G E N E R A L I hope you continue to lead for a little longer as these people will need someone of high rank to rally to. Androntel: Go find the nearest swimming pool and claim it in the name of the navy and it might come back. Zach: Is more than capable of leading USAF and has more potential than all the past USAF commanders I've seen John: dude forgot I was a trail mod for 3 months which was kinda upsetting not gonna lie To all those not mentioned I'm sorry but I don't feel like there's anything I can say I about you of much importance -USAF General Danny [Callsign: Whiskey-Uniform-Whiskey]
  8. Thanks to the effort of some people military rp might just continue where it left off and since it's been a while here are some reminders to those of you who forgot. 1. US Officer meetings these are still a thing and are held every Thursday at 6:30pm EST and Saturdays 7:00pm EST. You are required to attend one of these once per week or you will be striked & high command is expected to keep track of who attends these meetings. Since this is going up late close to these meetings missing the meetings this week will not result in a strike. If you can't attend these meetings let your high command know. 2.Promotion form if you are a cpt+ without roster access you are expected to fill out a promotion form or you will be demoted. 3.Returning Officers and generals If you are returning without already having submit a resignation you good to come back however if you are returning from a resignation and want an officer rank you speak with LTG+ or let the current high command of the branch you're returning to know your intentions and they with let us know. Brigadier General+ are allowed to come back as Retired Generals this rank does not give them to order anyone around, manage branches, or promote. Please report any abusing retired generals to GEN+ so we can take action. General+ can return as reserve generals or SGEN these people still have authority to promote, lead, and a tiny bit of management authority. (More will be added soon)
  9. Personally I had hope in this server and it truly was fun initially but due to faults in our initial run of the server we've had less people come on to the point where this server is sadly population mimics what it was originally intended to replace. Since this is the case I will be focusing my time on the server I originally came from since I have more time invested into it than this server. 1944rp was a good idea however grabbing attention and placing leadership into players with high rank from other GL servers has caused this server's downfall. I would recommend that zach and Quinn be promoted up to general or GOA seeing as how much time they invest to improving their branches and dedicating their time to the server like no one else I would like to thank management for allowing me to lead this server's military.
  10. Jump start military rp has been rescheduled due to script errors on the day of the event the jump start will happen tomorrow at 6:00 pm EST
  11. What you want to see? - I don't exactly remember what it was called but I believe we should forget about using gmodsuite and return to our original whitelisting system where generals and officers could whitelist for their own branch without requiring the assistance of staff Why should we add it? - Staff isn't always going to be on and it's better that our trusted officers can whitelist rather than them having them tell recruits to come back later which gives them time to find another military rp server Ontop of that it allows our staff to focus on other inportant matters instead of being rushed to whitelist people Finally not all staff has access to all whitelists some can only whitelist to ru us soldier while things like general and commander are kept to super admin+ What are the advantages of having this? - allows us to keep new players People can be trained regardless of timezone differences There is no need to wait for higher staff to get on Who is it mainly for? -
  12. Yes just don't chug all that G fuel IK you be taking before flying to be that good
  13. We're going to try to keep new players on so if you have a custom class try to stick to normal classes so new player feel like they can atleast kill you for 2 days before you shoot them with grenade launchers, Remingtons, and USAS. you can use a custom class if your side is severely out number.
  14. I bet nobody is even going to bother reading this but I believe it is time we jump start military rp In the past from what I've seen summer time is the perfect time to jump start military rp because so many people are home during summer break In the past we've had summer nights where we keep around 45 - 50 players and frankly I'd like to see those nights return On Thursday at around 6:00 EST If you are not busy make an attempt to get on so we can bring some attention to our server. We will be in need of staff on to manage and make sure nobody is minging or disobey the rules so if you still have a military rp staff please get on if you have the time And if you had an officer rank or still do if you did not submit a resignation try to get on so we can manage new recruits This is not a Official thing created by staff but a personal request from someone who hopes to revive military rp again