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  1. Name: Danny Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118322929 Rank: Member Reason: I've don't believe I can meet a 5 event quota and I've lost my passion towards doing events and I feel like I'm to blame for that. I'd try to make large extravagant events were an entire Staff room was transformed into a new location, and while that was interesting it always hurt seeing only 4 - 5 people participating for something I had put 6 to 8 hours work & would require two ET to even be pasted. For those that participated in the LCZ Rail line events thanks for helping me keep interest in ET for as long as I did. If you're reading this and you're ET and want one of my dupes let me know and I'll hand them over to you if you want them.
  2. If you see someone strapping C4 to E-11 or any other MTF personnel you should just bring that up with E-11 HCMD as there is already a rule in place where u can get blacklisted from ambush specialist if you're caught attaching C-4 to MTF Personnel. Suicide bombing is also against the rules as well and can also get your blacklisted from the job.
  3. I do apologize on that bit as for the ones that are on the floating as I assumed contact with walls would count as being structurally supported as IRL L brackets on walls do exist in real life and they are capable of supporting the weight of roughly 1,200lbs which covers weight load on a structure. As for the video I was originally told by DOTF that the structure there was okay and then I was told it wasn't why it was wrong just that I couldn't build it again and I haven't built that same CP since I assumed it was called out due to the peak point up top. Picture 4 was immediately taken down after it was mentioned. Pictures 2 and 3 however I don't see that as prop climb I see that as simply building a platform that is accessible via a simple ramp I've seen my DHCE build ramp defenses plenty of time and this was never called out so I assumed this was okay. as for picture one I was eventually told by django that people had a problem with ceiling defenses again with contact against the wall I assumed these types of defenses were okay and I was simply trying to think outside the box in terms of foundation defense. I apologize for this misinterpretation of building guidelines. Picture of an L bracket for a visual representation of what it is.
  4. In-Game Name: Clistro SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118322929 Server: SCP RP Custom Job Name: MTF Rho 36 Shaman Steam ID request for Rho 36 Shaman
  5. Mad flex bro +Support Extremely active (I think this man lives on the server) Creative Ideas Trustworthy
  6. +Support Previous ETL & Experience App shows a strong desire to come back with the amount of effort put into it Though we haven't had a whole lot of contact you seem like a decent person from the times we have spoke
  7. In-Game Name: Danny SteamID (Ex. STEAM_0:1:123456789) : STEAM_0:1:118322929 What is your ULX Rank?(Donator/Staff): Platinum What is your time played on the SCPRP server?: 6 Weeks What is your RP Rank (MTF,SEC,CI, Etc.)?: MTF E11 LTC What is your time zone?: EST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 6 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): I was a former member of this SCP RP's event team. I left the team after 6 months [1/11/2020 - 7/17/2020] at the rank of Member. My time as a SCP event team member was mostly spent creating custom lore events as this gave me more creative space when creating events. The second position I had was on GL military rp's War Dog ET where I would set up small scale events such as terrorist outposts and the such. How Active are you? (1/10): 9/10 How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers. Put the date/reason/server, then explain each one.): [SCPRP 12/2/19] - I have one due to "teaming" with SCPs this was caused because I continued to ride an elevator after 939 got on it and he killed CI because they moved. I got warned because the person was in my custom class so it was assumed that I was working with him. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I’ve been a long time member of this community jumping from server to server and investing my time and earning into the community. I believe that this is proof that I plan to follow the guidelines because not following the guidelines puts everything I invest into the server at risk. I also have members of JMT, Former JMT and even a member of SMT that can vouch for my level of trustworthiness with an event team rank. And If that isn’t enough, I have my reputation as a former GL SCP ET as proof that I can be trusted with an event team rank. As for the construction of events side I can be trusted to be a great member of event team because my experience in the community has taught me many event techniques such as holograms, room construction, one way mirrors for redacted scenarios, and voice generation of Cassie, SCP 079, and even artificial voice for the use of creating unique events. describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): I have two scenes I'd like to use one new and one old [Update one new more scenario] Old Scene - LCZ Underground Utility Station With this old school event I used to do Maintenance would be called into lower to deal with the after math of a small tremor cause the utility station to be damaged. In order to get in maintenance would have to climb into a pipe in-between HCZ and LCZ and clear rubble blocking a door that would allow the rest of maintenance, security, and research to come down to the station. Once security has made it down maintenance will have to quickly patch holes that will allow hostiles to come pouring into the station these hostiles would be: snakes, spiders, and even D Class tunneling in through the sewage line (Spiders, and Snakes would be players). while maintenance is doing that research's job is to re calibrate a micro power generator down there to ensure that LCZ remains properly powered. Depending on how things are going I could adjust the water level and anyone standing in it without a hazmat would be colored green as a sign of infection and would have to report to medbay for a screening where they'll roll with medical to see whether they're safe or not. Occasionally I'll bring this station back with a couple of changes like a new generator stoles from a GOI or a new researching project to increase power production. New Scene - LCZ Metro Line Station Metro is a new concept I want to try this time around with a story concept of abandoned research wings. This is another maintenance focused event where maintenance has to come down and clean up rubble building on the tracks and restoring the station full operation. Maintenance will roll in with security and after security have come in and cleared the area Player zombies will come in from the Tunnels cause chaos to maintenance personnel and security. should security be deemed unfit MTF will be allowed into the metro area to deal with any zombies or anomalies. Once the first station is clear I plan to make a series of branching stories from the metro lines from abandon power production projects to Secret weapons projects, and even occasionally throw in a hostile faction tunneling their way into the metro line looking for an easy shortcut. this is still a WIP but I hope for it to turn out well. New Scene - UVB - 76 [[:>Reborn_Wild_Fire]] [[:>Executing_Protocol_76]] UVB-76 always fascinated me as an actual creepy look into what goes on over our heads. UVB-76 opened up a world for me of looking at WideBand Radio where you can find multiple countries dishing out secret messages & the use of ghost stations. The biggest ghost station in my opinion is UVB-76 as there have been attempts to find the station however no one can quite pin it down. The only thing you can hear from UVB-76 is the occasional buzzing sound coming in at around 25bpm and while that may sound boring occasion code language is sometimes spoken over the radio adding to the mystery. As for my basis behind this event I plan to have UVB-76 be involved in the releasing of a dangerous outdated CS who is hell bent on plotting the downfall of all human life. This event be a long planned story event following the assault of EX D4 Ronin, EX D4 Chupacabra AP3, and EX D4 Orion LE9. These 3 will cause all kinds of problems for the site which each having their own special trait. Old Scene - Concord Cyan Dawn Concord Cyan Dawn was a custom GOI I made early on in my career as an ET. the group consisted of extremely technical fanatics who are lead by a time traveling & dimension traveling entity known as The Shian. the leader is a time traveling AI hell bent on the destruction of humanity as a way to remove the flaws that they cause in the future. The GOI is capable of bringing with them future tech to use in their fight against humanity. The foundation's job in this scenario is to terminate the Shian and the recover all future tech in for studying. New Scene - Artifact Power Generation: Metro Line Station This one is sort of an update on my Original Concord Cyan Dawn Monadic Plane Crystal but instead of it being stolen from the CCD the foundation was researching a new form of power generation. The site responsible for this research was known as Site 08 a site responsible for electrical artifact studies. The project has lied dormant due to the site's alpha warheads detonating due to [Redacted] leaving the surface Extremely irradiated and impossible to enter even with a radiation suit. However since it's proximity was close to site 50 it was linked with site 50's rail system allowing for an underground route to be accessed after it's been cleared. Once at site 08 research's job is to look at previous notes and discuss with utility on how to move forward either by dousing the crystals in gamma rays to upping the power to re stabilize the crystal so it's safe for transport back. This event will play similar to keep talking and nobody explodes where the artifact will have random traits such as fast moving lights, colors, energy rings, and pulsation. I plan to have a whole document written out that I can provide to research and have research back at site 50 giving instructions to maintenance in site 08 Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?: Yes What is your favorite SCP? Why?: SCP-____-J. Cool rock I guess.
  8. I approve of this addition
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