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  1. Even though you were a minge, you will always be missed frfr. you were truly the Mascot of Delta-5
  2. Even though we had some to little interaction with one another, you were always there for Wardens no matter what steps came after. You were a valuable member to Wardens and still will be as you leave a inprint behind. It was a pleasure working with you during the transition of Wardens into the Foundation Agencies. o7
  3. Damn another G leaving us. I will always remember you as the Deputy Vice Commander even after you got you long deserved position. You did so much for Nu7 and I wish you luck in life.
  4. Man were you such a shining star and the future of Nu7 as we know it. You gave all you had to lead Nu7 and HTF as i have known you from since i joined Nu7 back then and then retired. I have always had some great moments with you either when you were slaying as Enoch or Leading of Group of HSU/HTF to battle. From Nu7 RCT to Nu7 2LT i always wanted to follow your path but then i realized i had another family to take care of which was Delta-5. You gave me the inspiration to be a great leader and i hope you didn't forget about me and my time within Nu7 as it molded me to be apart of HCMD I Wish You Luck In Your Endeavors Retired Nu7 2LT Shadows/HTF Smaug 0011 Delta-5 VCMDR Shadows
  5. I Love The Format Usage Here. Never Seen A Doc So Animated In My Life!!!!! People Need More Logs Like This FRFR. This is Very Creative In My Own Point Of View
  6. Im Seriously Gonna Miss You Bro, One Of The Greatest People I Have Met On The Server Since I Joined Here 1 Year Ago. I Appreciate Your Time Here And If You Ever Wanna Talk With Us Again, You Are Always Welcome To Be Safe Out There D5 VCDMR Shadows
  7. Another Great OA Has Left Us. I hope you decide to join back however i wish you luck on your career!!! Is has been a great ride throughout the year with Fallen Angels till Frigid Past. May the best of luck be with you!! MTF Delta-5 CTF DDIR > DIR > ODIR Polaris
  8. Massive +Support -Is a very dedicated member of Maintenance -Has Shown His Ability To Be Apart Of A CMD Position and makes sure members of Maintenance are always on the right track -Is very friendly to anyone he meets around him -I would say is a staple of what low maintenance command is and is very dedicated to his position and holding it I give my full support on this Application MTF Delta-5 VCMDR Shadows Red Right Hand Guardian Sierra 11 | Red Right Hand Salvus Unit Sierra 11
  9. +Support Is a very great guy to be with, He knows all the rules and he is very serious when it comes to his own job and he is very trusted around those he follows. I believe he will be a great guardian
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