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  1. In all seriousness, the time and talent you spent dedicated to MilRP was unreal- dare I say unrivaled in some respects. You mentioned you didn't expect to rise through the ranks like you did- but anyone who has been on the server for more than twenty minutes could also say that your work ethic is admirable even amongst the most savvy of the computer-bound-crustaceans. I know as VCMDR I was always supposed to treat you as an equal- but between what you put into the server in staffing and soldiering you had my respect as through you were a General. You deserve the send-off of a full 21 IMBEL IA2-"Im-Never-Joining-MAJCOM" Salute and then some. While its a shame we can't have you around for even longer I'm glad to have spent my time on the server with you. You've been company and credit to some great things that've happened and that will have to be my send off. I'll have to end it here though- knowing you've probably already replied to this post before I've even hit "Submit". Thank you, Chicken- for everything (The better one)
  2. haha. funny joke. :DD theres no way in hell such a good commander let alone person could leave. right? ..right?
  3. Love this. I had a similar idea where this kind of thing can be implemented on a larger scale through US-Wide pre-set training standards. But for some reason people think its stupid as hell to have standards for all branches to uphold so instead you have 3 branches doing their own thing and promoting at their own rates as well as training idiots who can't manage a squad let alone a leadership role just to fill a roster. But that's none of my business. And a new INSCOM informational is on the way, as well as one for MAJCOM and AFSOC. That's for a new day though.
  4. Amazing work as always where the pin @ tho?
  5. Name: Lawrence Rank: Achief Roster Status: Active Main Branch: USAF
  6. I could do Friday evening.
  7. Let us know when you're back from the boiling alley. Bring back some pasta to.
  8. Forums weren't up to date. He is 1LT and I don't think anyone needs outright permission to ask for applications (Unless a change has been made since and I haven't been made aware of it.)
  9. I'd also like to like to make it clear that this isn't just an offer for USAF in specific- I'd like to extend the offer to all US branches that would like to participate
  10. Operation "Aces High" Branch General: N/A Commander: North Vice-Commander: Chicken Vice-Commander: Lawrence Briefing Hopefully it is no surprise to the United States Air Force that certain information is withheld in order to ensure maximal effort and focus within the branch. However the members of the command structure have deemed it most fit to advise all personnel of recent occurrences that may very well change the attitude in which we wage this ongoing war with Russia and Terroristic Agencies. Brigadier General Ace Mistry has been assassinated. In an effort to cap rising tensions, the US Military High Command made the decision to falsify a resignation and remain quiet. However after well-considered deliberation it has been decided that retaliation is a must in proceeding with this delicate situation. We have not yet made public the idea or consideration for retaliation and will outright deny any hint of it beyond this point. Brigadier General Mistry's resignation will remain official until further declassification and any effort to expose, give-away, or release information without the explicit authorization of a US General will result in a dishonorable discharge and federal imprisonment for Treason. Mission Briefing Intelligence sources in the 25th regiment (AFIC) have not yet confirmed any direct sources relating to the death of Ace Mistry. However they had previously intercepted communications between both Russian and Radical Islamic intelligence/communication groups that have given us a lead into possible lead for both states involved. The following is what we already know given the situation. More will be added as we learn more about the developing situation. - At 22:34:04 1/13/19 -- US ATC Received "Mayday" transmissions from Brigadier General Ace Mistry citing the following. 22:34:04: "Mayday, Mayday, this is ACE, aircraft is Alpha Three- taking heavy fire from ground forces at coordinates (REDACTED) and Y: (REDACTED). I'm unable to punch out-- searching for suitable terrain for landing." 22:34:57: "Advise, going in for a final run on target before pulling away. Weapons free; Fox 6 out." -- "Good hit, moving in fo--" 22:35:02: "Engines one and two are Alpha three- I'm going into the t--" End Transmission - At 22:40:21-- Unnamed Task Force's recovered the corpse of Brigadier General Ace Mistry, found dead about 40 meters away from his aircraft with approximately 17 gun-shot wounds- most of which were post-mortem. - At 22:40:59 -- Unnamed Task Force's recovered fresh-spent 7.62x39mm casings over a 1 click radius. At this point they have recovered approximately 300 of them. More have yet to be counted/recovered. - At 22:53:59 -- Unnamed Task Force's encountered Local Islamic Militant patrols while transporting the body of Brigadier General Ace Mistry. Tensions remained high however there was no reported exchange of gunfire. - At 23:34:13 -- Recovery teams arrive at the scene of the landing. - At 23:34:40 -- Recovery teams discover the aircraft has been stripped- however all parts remain on scene. - At 00:12:01 1/14/19 -- Recovery teams exfil from the location. Mission Details * The mission will begin Wednesday (1/23/19) at 19:30:00 EST. (7:30 EST) Details regarding it will be explained the day of. * * Be ready for anything. *
  11. Heyo boss. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I don't recall you personally but I can relate. At LTC a long while ago my PC took a dip and I was without it for a while- and only later was I able to get back. On a spare but more important note- I'd like to bring this to the attention to the rest of command before we make any decision in stone. Hopefully we can get together and chat about things- and get it worked out when your rank can be finalized. Feel free to contact me, Brandon, Danny- or any other USAF or Ex-USAF high ranking member for our Discord. It makes things much easier communication wise.
  12. bioswales

    Remove Drones

    No, I see exactly where it's coming from, I just don't see the issue regarding it. Personally I have no issue getting out of a tank and downing drones and getting right back in- and I also have no problem doing firing runs on a target and out-running a drone in the process. If you really want that kind of bullshit to stop just regulate the use of drones so that they're not used to mince vehicles. Done, easy fix.
  13. What you want to see? - Removal of slots, addition of cards (Poker, blackjack, etc) Why gamble alone when you can all lose together anyway? Why should we add it? - Get rid of (In my opinion) unsightly, bulky, un-realistic slot machines. What are the advantages of having this? - Enjoying a more immersive RP-friendly atmosphere. Who is it mainly for? - All you nerds out with addictive habits and fat pockets. Everyone. Links to any content - I think we had this in the past in our time in/at Ghanzi to.