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  1. +/- Netural When you spectate someone as their pov. Sometimes it doesn't work or give the actual pov, meaning it doesn't know when they're aiming or not, sound isn't good for the spectator. Like for all we know, he might've heard the enemies nearby(Hearing is sensitize and yes you can hear the enemies far away). He does needs to be on watch list and like Timm said the evidences is very hard sufficient.
  2. How's my Air Force boiz? More people coming in? Don't disappoint me!
  3. Agreed, unless they implement a countermeasure class against the LFS that will be available for all. Edit: If we're gonna add the LFS fully with a countermeasure then I suggest not getting CH-47 Chinook, we already have enough transportation helicopters in the server.
  4. + Support -Very Active -Shows Dedication -Well Known to the community -Supportive
  5. You guys do know that the Javelin blast radius is like a mini nuke? Just saying because it's pretty OP. I'm just gonna reply about the "funner" part and the Stinger/Javelin as well. AT4 is very useful against APC because it's one hit, but a heavy armor require 6 or 7 rockets like you said. But thing is that Heavy Armor tanks are not useful or powerful anymore(I know). The blast radius is small(very weak), and the environmental are not for heavy tanks at all. Even with the highest buffed, the blast radius would be atleast 10-12 damage per shell. In order to gain some kills with a shell, you must directly hit their body. Player's level may got nerfed, but able to withstand a tank shell blast radius. Even a squad can take it out with regular guns, but takes time, but with the help of the environment, they can succeed. On the Stinger/Javelin , the rule changed that Stinger can be use on tanks which it is a one hit on all tanks(Depends where you hit it on a heavy) for some reason and the Javelin isn't the only fast way to take out a tank. Either get a tank on your side or jets. Lastly, in reality, it would take at least 6 or 7 rockets to fully destroy a heavy tank.
  6. + Support -Active -Well Known in the Russian Federation -Loyal -Great Leadership
  7. +/- Neutral I have seen these helicopters before, one of them has too many rockets and a very powerful secondary gunner. Although I do agree on the second without weapons which is possible and use for transportation. The third I do not know, but I think we're fine. The Attack choppers I recommend is big, but...reasons below. I agree on Second add-ons, but the rest I don't know. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716592162&searchtext=LFS+Helicopters What I think he is trying put is that he wants to put all the U.S base helicopters on the U.S side which we have one which is the Huey(U.S Helicopter). Like, U.S gets the Huey and the Russian Federation gets this non-attack helicopter(the second). The attack helicopter I mentioned is on the top. Lastly, no offense, but anyone can LFS and get 20 or more kills in one death with it and reason with that is because A: the original map had no cover, B: Stinger are unavailable(Custom classes only), and C : Anti-air tanks were unavailable, except the APC which it was pretty good. So in order to work, we must have some classes available for everyone to encounter them. I found an add-on in which the link to it above has 52.913 MB that has 3 attack choppers. The MI-28(Russian Based), AH-1Z Viper(U.S Based), and one addition(Chinese Base) which are big, but when you looked at the WAC add-ons that we currently have, they're big as well and some of them we don't even use. Here is the size of the files of them. Lastly, I completely understand they're OP, but they are ways to encounter or avoid them, like anti-air tanks, jets, helicopters, a squad with guns, stingers and the surrounding as well. I think there should have a stinger class available for everyone that would make a big difference in the war and rules to stop abusers. For example no changing class after using it. The only cons I'm seeing right now, are the custom classes, which I think they should have a saying on this. Lastly would be the donator classes that have WAC air-crafts. I honestly think that some of them don't have a purpose and should be removed. In my opinion, they should have transport helicopters. WAC Community 6: 68.522 MB WAC Community 5: 38.115 MB WAC Community 3: 60.284 MB WAC Community 2: 58.881 MB WAC Air-crafts: 32.298 MB
  8. I agreed with you about the players getting what they want, but the Juggernaut shouldn't be that overpower, it should be like an offensive team that breaks through the enemy's lines and be stoppable. A Juggernaut is one of the keys tactics to advance forwarded, however it shouldn't be unstoppable, and they're three slot which in my opinion, should be two or change the weapons. Secondly, Juggernauts is one of ways to take out the Custom Classes players, but there's more options to defeat them instead of relying on Juggernauts. Examples, skillful players, air-crafts, strategies, and more. Lastly, Juggernauts are easily to defeat, but it's not that easy for the fresh players which is different from the Custom Class and what I see so far, news players don't really receive or have access to heavy vehicles(unless donating), and personal explosives(unless donating). The point is that, players shouldn't rely on paiding to defeat them and they also shouldn't rely on top level players, it just ruins the fun out of it and those other players who wanna try and earn their spots, it will be more difficult if enemies have a Juggernaut who has 350(or more depends on the player's level), a gun that has a high fire rate, and 40 damage weaponry that can without a doubt kill at least 5 players in these times. I don't want people raging and quitting for not having a slight chance. So new players should be relying teammates, tactics, and leaderships(sound so cringing), but they don't work with the current Juggernaut we have. + Support Awg
  9. In Multiplayer, the Russian Bomber jet is unable to shoot rockets because it glitches for some reason at all. I tested it in singleplayer and it worked perfectly, so I assume this can be fix.
  10. Aircafts are spawning inside the ground for some reason and when they land, it goes through the floor and as well as Rockets.
  11. In-game name: SAF ADF MAJ Rad3c What was your old rank: LTC Around what time were you active: 5 months ago How active are you planning to be: I have work around 7am-7pm which I stayed up all night mostly. Which branch do you want to join (Needs of the RU may cause this to change):N/A
  12. Notice: The ATC Controller is unavailable at this time. Scheffer will fix this in the next update.