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  1. I agreed with you about the players getting what they want, but the Juggernaut shouldn't be that overpower, it should be like an offensive team that breaks through the enemy's lines and be stoppable. A Juggernaut is one of the keys tactics to advance forwarded, however it shouldn't be unstoppable, and they're three slot which in my opinion, should be two or change the weapons. Secondly, Juggernauts is one of ways to take out the Custom Classes players, but there's more options to defeat them instead of relying on Juggernauts. Examples, skillful players, air-crafts, strategies, and more. Lastly, Juggernauts are easily to defeat, but it's not that easy for the fresh players which is different from the Custom Class and what I see so far, news players don't really receive or have access to heavy vehicles(unless donating), and personal explosives(unless donating). The point is that, players shouldn't rely on paiding to defeat them and they also shouldn't rely on top level players, it just ruins the fun out of it and those other players who wanna try and earn their spots, it will be more difficult if enemies have a Juggernaut who has 350(or more depends on the player's level), a gun that has a high fire rate, and 40 damage weaponry that can without a doubt kill at least 5 players in these times. I don't want people raging and quitting for not having a slight chance. So new players should be relying teammates, tactics, and leaderships(sound so cringing), but they don't work with the current Juggernaut we have. + Support Awg
  2. In Multiplayer, the Russian Bomber jet is unable to shoot rockets because it glitches for some reason at all. I tested it in singleplayer and it worked perfectly, so I assume this can be fix.
  3. Aircafts are spawning inside the ground for some reason and when they land, it goes through the floor and as well as Rockets.
  4. In-game name: SAF ADF MAJ Rad3c What was your old rank: LTC Around what time were you active: 5 months ago How active are you planning to be: I have work around 7am-7pm which I stayed up all night mostly. Which branch do you want to join (Needs of the RU may cause this to change):N/A
  5. Notice: The ATC Controller is unavailable at this time. Scheffer will fix this in the next update.
  6. The Saiga is very good in close range while the Fabarm compact is good in far range. Depends on the situation, they are not suppose to be same at all.
  7. The RUAF ATC Controller does not have the thingy(whatc it call it) making it useless. I know where to get it, but we don't have it.
  8. What you want to see? - Changing the ADF Rifleman/Corpsmen playermodels into the orginal models before. Why should we add it? - So players can tell who's the snipers and who's not at the spawnline. What are the advantages of having this? - N/A Who is it mainly for? -RUAF/SAF Links to any content - N/A
  9. What you want to see? - I would like to see RU/U.S Fighter jets F/4 Phantom II to F/16C Falcon in the regular T4 Fighter Pilot Why should we add it? - The reason we should replace the F/4 Phantom II is that they are very weak and very outmatched by tanks, infantry's gun, and CC Air-crafts. The F/4 Phantom II is slow, bomb is sensitive(meaning two or three shots could explode the whole plane), require two pilots, and weak weapon(one primary weapon). Hover jets has so many weapon, but there's no manual to turn into a fast flying jet and it's basically the same thing to attack choppers. We need appropriate jets for RU/U.S to useful in war. It will also increase amount of players donating for the server and I suggesting this now is that I realized it is useless in war as a RUAF LTC and I barely see people use it on both side. Now the thing is that it's on WAC, no addons, just WAC. What are the advantages of having this? - Having two weapon system, fast, and small. Who is it mainly for? -Russian/U.S Regular T4 fight pilots Links to any content - N/A
  10. By SVCMDR Hunt3r Be sure to spread others that is on LOA or never got the message.
  11. + Support -Active -Loyal -Friendly - Good Humor
  12. IGN: Rank: Activity: Comments: Fail to respond will be remove from the Roster. RU CORE ONLY. By SVCMDR/Commissar Hunt3r permission by Willy 2LT or above
  13. To commemorate the best RU GENS memorial 1st EX RU GEN GrimLock 2nd EX RU GEN Reborn 3rd EX RU GEN Maki 4th EX RU GEN Jarret 5th EX RU GEN Sandler 6th EX RU GEN Snookiebear 7th EX GOA Alsher 8th EX GEN Vladimir