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  1. I seen this map before, l love it, but our server base can't handle this sadly.
  2. I wonder what happened? Corruption, abuse, or unfairness?
  3. When was the server alive and gaining players?
  4. What kind of bullshit are you trying to do?
  5. In my opinion, changing the whole theme of technology is a very risky move and I wouldn't replace it at all. Revolutionary War sound fun and all, but not everyone agrees about this topic which it'll take the fun away from them. Plus there isn't much addons to help this project. Like Awg said, either it's malfunctioning, or not supported anymore.
  6. Rad3c/Hunt3r(Dead)


    I remembered this map, this map was awful due to size and the lagg.
  7. You're not seeing the point here. If you're fleeing and come back, the drone will come back which it annoys people because they paid those classes to have some. Tanks is can be destroyed by rockets, bullets, and even a knife, same for the helicopters. Heavy drones are almost impossible to shoot due to speed and the size. Sure it's more "serious", but that doesn't mean it's fun, enjoyable for though people bought the classes. Now the light drones, I do not see troubles in them. Now sure you sure it's donator class of T5 people can hardly get it, but it doesn't really solve issue due some people that donate it. They either spam the heavy drones to just annoyed players or destroying tanks and helicopter only to be a dick.
  8. I love Militaryrp back of the olds where they don't have CCs. I wanna make more comment cuz I don't want to get banned even though I left.
  9. How about this John, let the updates continue for awhile see if the people's opinion like it or not in the future. If it has negative result, then you should highly recommend bringing back the war-timer. If the updates brings a positive result, then I suggest keeping it . In my opinion, you shouldn't ask people's opinion in the beginning if you haven't fully test it or implanted. My Second opinion of the topic mainly is that I do not think it wise bring this much update and removing the war-timer due to low population. If you're unable comprehend what I'm saying, basically, we are not there yet to bring this amount of updates. What I suggest taking it an ease or slowly on the updates in order to achieve. Beside that, it's good to have a manager trying to improve our server.
  10. The HAVOC was easily to fly my boi.