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  1. Hi! I'm Lawrence. Wanted to introduce myself as the new BG of USAF. You've probably met me before as I've had the luxury of meeting most US Enlisted/Officers. But in case you haven't met me, Hi! I've been a long-time member of USAF and I look forward to my continuing tenure. I hope to make some worthwhile changes while I'm here! Contact me if you have any questions- I should normally be active on Steam or Discord at most times of the day!
  2. Name (in game): USAF CMDR Lawrence Branch Applying for: United States Air Force Time on Server: 1 Week 0 days 5 hours and 46 minutes post-reset. Time in Community: Approximately 2-3 years Improvements You Will Make To Branch: With this promotion I would seek to use it to further implement any changes necessary that may have been bottlenecked in the past including but not limited to pending modifications I have been wanting to apply to AFSOC to make it a more viable and important Special Force. I would also like to better communicate ideas and cooperation between branches and other commanders in the hopes of having a more thoroughly developed and efficiently functioning armed force structure. Hopefully such would start to take a foothold in the command structure and eventually work its way naturally into active duty enlisted and non-commissioned officers. Past Command Experience: I've been the Commander of United States Air Force and its Special Forces for several months as well as the Assistant Chief for the United States Military Police prior to its rework. Why Do You Want to Be in a Command Position?: I've been commanding the United States Air Force for several months now and over time its become obvious that I can't ignore a growing interest I've had in respect to in seeing what kind of impact I can have with a higher position. I was initially unsure if I would like to take up a command position of Brigadier General or higher but with newer blood flowing through the branch and eager talent making its way through the ranks I feel as though part of me would be doing a disservice not to allow qualified persons to take up important positions and display their leadership ability on a more significant level. This in combination with a realization that more must be done in the branch to help keep it thriving and dependable as an armed force through time has led to an understanding that I'd be more than willing to pursue a position as a Brigadier General and take up any and all responsibility that it entails regardless of the work that is involved- and even to an extent welcoming the additional effort required to support my branch, peers, and other branches. How Active Can You Be?: I can be on most days of the week possibly missing 1-2 days in the week for work and other scholastic activity. Time Zone: Eastern Standard. Warns (across all servers): None.
  3. Accepted Next time don't be so qualified. Re-apply never. speak to a Chief Operator or higher for training
  4. bump. please fix Also, the new Aircraft available (Which I cannot remember the name of right now) has non-functional missiles
  5. On Hold Awaiting more responses.
  6. + Support + Active + Skilled adversary, great with aircrafts + Mature + Open minded - Abandoned USAF + Abandoned USAF I'd love to see what he could do with a lower-tier command position. I believe he has what it takes to take the command as COL-VCMDR and has the ability to grow beyond that once there is further solidification among enlisted. Good luck.
  7. Excuse the poor formatting which will be resolved once I am able to edit this post on a computer rather than my phone. USAF meeting - Scheduled on January 9th 2020. It will be at 7:30 EST. Please post a response in the comment section regarding whether or not you will be able to attend; include the following. -Name -Rank -Last online -Ability to attend -If unable, why? I will be expecting SSGT+ to be attending this meeting; however NCO’s will not be stricken if they are unable to attend. Officers will still be liable to receive strikes as per usual.
  8. Accepted Welcome to MAJCOM, speak with an LT. COL+ about training and seek out training as soon as you and a superior are able to!
  9. -Support i don’t even know you. don’t advertise your mistakes in the meme channel where im trying to enjoy myself with reddit memes. it ain’t meant for you to flaunt how bad you feel for screwing up. take your mistakes to another community; if you really cared that much you wouldn’t have done enough to get blacklisted in the first place. begone.
  10. Granted! Congrats! Speak to a COL+ for training whenever you/they can!
  11. In-Game Name: Lawrence Rank: Commander LOA Length: 6 days (Til Dec 2nd) Reason (Optional): Visiting out-of-state family during thanksgivemas break.
  12. Hi! This is something you should speak directly to your command about. Consider speaking to a captain or above respectively- if one is not available, talk to a Vice-Commander or Commander. Please follow the Chain of Command and do not go right to a General, as it'd be unlikely they would have the time to help you- Doing so would also likely get you and your superiors in trouble for not following chain of command. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread and I can respond when I can. Edit: Most meetings are primarily meant for Officers in a branch. They take place (as of now) on Saturdays at 7:00PM EST. Assuming you're enlisted or an NCO, this won't be an issue until you become an officer- so don't worry about attending meetings until you have to.
  13. for real this time Officer Meeting On 11/24/2019 (Next Sunday) I apologize for being unable to lead last Officer meeting, as I was under the weather. Hopefully this meeting will go off without a hitch. Next Sunday (11/24/2019) I'll be hosting a US Officer meeting. Please say below whether or not you will be able to attend this meeting as well as a reason for why using the format provided below. As a courtesy it would be appreciated if you could send me a DM on either Discord or Steam to let me know if you are unable. Thank you! NOTE: I will assume that you will be attending if you do not post a response here, and you will still be liable to be striked if you do not attend without reason. Officer Meeting Response Name & Callsign: Rank: Will you be attending?: If not, why?:
  14. Noted. Thanks for letting us know.