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  1. Hi! Lawrence here, wanted to chime in on this. While I'm not responsible for your branch I would like to make it clear that this is something you should discuss with your higher up's directly. I personally really appreciate you being open about this and willing to admit fault where it may be as few people are willing to do that. However that is not the point of your message. You're going to want to speak with your commander's and generals in combination regarding this. While I speak for only myself when I say this- I can imagine I'm not the only one who would not like to see you resign. Thanks!
  2. +/- Support - Dedicated as all hell - Active - Application is written in green. Green is the color of winners. And lettuce. - Literally two days ago you were popping into US teamspeak for all of three seconds playing a soundboard noise, then disconnecting. You proceeded to do this five or so more times.
  3. ___________________________________________ Ingame Name: Brigadier General Lawrence SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47578262 What date did you start playing the community: uh. I don't know. Earliest record I can find is from 11/25/17 and I was SRA. Probably close enough. I hope. When did you create your forums account: I have an old one which I made back when in 2017 (11/24) however mid 2019 I had some technical issues and resorted to making my new account. This account has been live since August 30th. What is your current ULX rank on the server: Champion. How many warns do you have on the server: None. What timezone do you live in: Eastern Standard. How often can you be on: Almost daily, guaranteed on weekends. Why do you want to join the Event Team: well, when War Dogs initially came out, North tried his very best to bully me into getting me into becoming one. At the time I didn't know exactly what it was and didn't feel comfortable putting myself in a position where I'd just be fill-in-the-blank staff and need to go to yet another useless weekly meeting and (or so I thought) not have any chance to freely express my interest in making events and creative/interactive operations that the server can enjoy. Ever since then I've gotten to know more about War-dogs. Especially as of recently I have seen more and more of an opportunity and interest to start bullying offering players into a helping of events primarily roleplay oriented, but on rare occasion let them blow off steam if need be. I'd like to use the opportunity to stray away from the term "event" being associated with nothing more than case-drops and letting it be an outlet for old and new players alike who may want a more-serious taste of the server. What is an example of an RP event you would host: Briefing: At approximately 16:00 hours SATCOM had lost radio communications with aircraft '"Cactus" Oscar Bravo 6' in an unknown grid as it flew over several miles to the south of US base. The aircraft was northbound and intelligence reports that it was projected to crash land somewhere within the grid of the surrounding territory. Central Intelligence has since contacted us in the last hour and has hinted to command there is vital information, personnel, or technology aboard. The aircraft was equipped with a radar jammer due to its covert nature making locating it with standard means otherwise impossible. US forces are tasked with finding and recovering the asset contained in the aircraft- as well as removing any trace of the aircraft's existence in the area. Do whatever is required to return the asset(s) to base and secure them with SATCOM. Russia intercepts messages regarding the US search-and-secure mission, and quickly begin deploying personnel in an attempt to recover this possible counter-intelligence operation against them. The forces would have to recover as much of the downed aircraft's assets as possible. They will be required to return the assets to the base intact in an attempt to try and gather as much information from them as possible. Each piece will have its importance and each piece will vary in importance. Forces will then be required to gather as much intelligence as possible from the wreckage they collect. They may sabotage any transport of enemy intelligence gathering and teams will required to work together in an effort to safely bring salvage back to a safe place/transport. US forces will be required to salvage as much counter-intelligence as they can from the crash site. RU forces will be required to prevent valuable information from falling into the US's hands from this crash sight. ___________________________________________
  4. ay lmao guess who won't be getting LTG now, nerd! ok the jokes not funny tho. cmon back
  5. My bad, Win. It seemed like a complaint more than anything initially. "Tanks & Jets are killing the server" sounds like a total unfounded opinion, even with what you added onto it.
  6. 1. Not my job to nerf them. If deemed necessary staff can - Change how many people can be on a job at once. - Change Damage Values. - Apply/create Cooldowns. - Find better ways to counter them. Maybe even coordinate properly for once. Explosive specialist exists for a reason. (Who'da thought?) If you don't want to deal with existing assets in a battlefield then don't play on a server that has an emphasis on modernized warfare and all that it entails. Complain to staff, not on my suggestion please. Your personal bias shouldn't be any reason to not allow new players a chance to experience things they may want to. Jets are an entirely different pool party, you have to purchase them- but can be introduced to flying in general VIA Basic helicopter pilot. And if you want to complain about only having 5 people, consult your own branches regarding activity. Keep in mind, I'm not trying to give every newcomer a Paladin. Just a base tank or APC (i.e. magloader/armed humvee?) to let them see how things can get rolling. 2. Tanks are still left out of the picture, unfortunately.
  7. +Support I'd love to keep both, but since the osprey is broken, its effectively useless. The chinook would be a great alternative.
  8. how you gonna support your own post like that? mb, im stupid, I thought it said you posted it for a sec anyway, im totally in +support for more LFS, more aircraft period. -A-10 still broken, -Fantan still broken -Osprey still broken because that's what they do. why on earth would they be allowed to do what they are meant to do bapbapbap.webm
  9. What you want to see? - A new class devoted to giving non-donors access to only lower-power APC's and Tanks. Why should we add it? - USAF already has a means of introducing people to flying without making them donate; Basic Helicopter Pilot. I think it'd be super useful to have something equivalent to that in the Army for its heavy armor, as it might help draw more people into staying in the future. (APC + Tanks) What are the advantages of having this? - Some people may be turned away from the fact they need to donate in order to have access to something that they might not even like. This should give them the ability to at least test it out and get used to it while at war before a make-or-break it decision. With a variety in price and selection, one or two introductory APC's and an introductory tank may be something a player needs to not only stick around in the server but maybe even incentivize them into donating as well. Who is it mainly for? - New Players Links to any content - N/A
  10. Thank you Jake. Very cool.
  11. Approved by moi 'n Jake Good luck in the Marines!
  12. Hi! I'm Lawrence. Wanted to introduce myself as the new BG of USAF. You've probably met me before as I've had the luxury of meeting most US Enlisted/Officers. But in case you haven't met me, Hi! I've been a long-time member of USAF and I look forward to my continuing tenure. I hope to make some worthwhile changes while I'm here! Contact me if you have any questions- I should normally be active on Steam or Discord at most times of the day!
  13. Name (in game): USAF CMDR Lawrence Branch Applying for: United States Air Force Time on Server: 1 Week 0 days 5 hours and 46 minutes post-reset. Time in Community: Approximately 2-3 years Improvements You Will Make To Branch: With this promotion I would seek to use it to further implement any changes necessary that may have been bottlenecked in the past including but not limited to pending modifications I have been wanting to apply to AFSOC to make it a more viable and important Special Force. I would also like to better communicate ideas and cooperation between branches and other commanders in the hopes of having a more thoroughly developed and efficiently functioning armed force structure. Hopefully such would start to take a foothold in the command structure and eventually work its way naturally into active duty enlisted and non-commissioned officers. Past Command Experience: I've been the Commander of United States Air Force and its Special Forces for several months as well as the Assistant Chief for the United States Military Police prior to its rework. Why Do You Want to Be in a Command Position?: I've been commanding the United States Air Force for several months now and over time its become obvious that I can't ignore a growing interest I've had in respect to in seeing what kind of impact I can have with a higher position. I was initially unsure if I would like to take up a command position of Brigadier General or higher but with newer blood flowing through the branch and eager talent making its way through the ranks I feel as though part of me would be doing a disservice not to allow qualified persons to take up important positions and display their leadership ability on a more significant level. This in combination with a realization that more must be done in the branch to help keep it thriving and dependable as an armed force through time has led to an understanding that I'd be more than willing to pursue a position as a Brigadier General and take up any and all responsibility that it entails regardless of the work that is involved- and even to an extent welcoming the additional effort required to support my branch, peers, and other branches. How Active Can You Be?: I can be on most days of the week possibly missing 1-2 days in the week for work and other scholastic activity. Time Zone: Eastern Standard. Warns (across all servers): None.
  14. Accepted Next time don't be so qualified. Re-apply never. speak to a Chief Operator or higher for training