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  1. This is just a little thing to see what makes the US not want to hop on the server. Also to see what suggestions we can do to improve on. And this is only for US Military Personel.
  2. Find another officer than Jones and like what North said application looks like the minimum effort put into it you have another 24 hours to fix the application or it will be DENIED.
  3. Missing poll fix your application in 24 hours or it will be Denied.
  4. Accepted Congrats, please contact a VCMDR+ for your Captain Training
  6. Congratulations you have been Accepted into MARSOC we hope you will serve USMC well and help us on dangerous assignments. Speak to an LTC+ for training.  - General Brandon
  7. Major + support Just like today what I heard from people is that a Youtuber came on and when he was minging he got arrested but then unarrested by staff I understand he's a Youtuber but still he's breaking multiple rules and yet no staff was dealing with him they were encouraging him to keep minging.
  8. ACCEPTED Please speak with a LTC+ for your training.
  9. +/- support + Good Staff member - Activity needs to be increased more
  10. ATTENTION ALL USAF OFFICERS USAF Officer Meeting will be on Saturday 10/19/19 at 6:00 EST/ 5:00 CTZ. If you cannot attend this meeting please use this format: Name: Rank: Reason (If its personal just put personal): If you can't attend, please put a reason why you can't attend so you don't get striked. This meeting is mandatory for all USAF Officers 2LT+ to attend.