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  1. On Hold This application is set to on hold due to it showing you're a Second Lieutenant on the roster and not a First Lieutenant. Speak with USAF High Command to get it fixed or speak with me. - Lieutenant General Brandon
  2. Awg you may think some of these add-ons we don't use but some we actually do use like the Gsecurity add-on USMP uses for our Base in case we have any intruders or any enlisted trespassing in certain areas the Binoculars are used for USAF ATC Controller and USMC Forecon Scout and the Stationary weapons are sometimes used when there is a mission to hold a certain area so out of the add-ons listed above we do use it's just maybe you don't see Russia using them but on US we do.
  3. Why must this always happen to the good people? But Ace how can I say this you were the greatest pilot and friend that I could have seeing you grow through the ranks in USAF made me think that you would be the perfect fit to take over once I moved on. But Ace I hope you do visit during time to time and I hope you keep streaming and I'll let you know how Parris Island is when I graduate from boot camp. - Semper Fi Lieutenant General Brandon
  4. Wow, I didn't see this day to come again Star you and me were both great friends from the day I joined USAF to the day I would become the branch general for it was amazing especially when me and Danny joked around with ya was the most fun part about you being in USAF. But it's been a hell of a road with you brother since you had to resign before and now your resigning again why does the world have to be so cruel. But anyways Star I hope you still visit if I'm still around. - Semper Fi Marine Lieutenant General Brandon
  5. I will be taking a LOA till 1/25/19.
  6. Don't respond to your application if you have a problem with someone private message them not here this application is to get feedback to see if you qualify for Rangers but it clearly proves you aren't ready since you are being mean to other players on the forums especially an Admin so this application is going to be Denied reapply in 1 week.
  7. 3 January 2019 21:02 Connecting Voice Transmission Transmission Name: Farewell Transmitting to Tango Uniform Mike Zulu: Tumz you were the best general that anyone could have in the United States Military. From the day I met, you-you were just a TSGT and I was just an MSGT in USMC man those were good times. And from here when I joined USAF I knew it was going to be a place I would call home cause it had you and many great leaders that would help me to get to where I am today. Tumz how can I say this your the best to ever play with especially when your on Russia driving your quads and trying to run me over with them and funny too with your operations like Operation: Hotwheels the best and hilarious operation I will never forget. I hope to see you sometimes if you ever visit and I hope you take care of yourself. - Lieutenant General Brandon - Ending Transmission to Tango Uniform Mike Zulu See you on the other side
  8. Accepted Speak with a LTC+ for training
  9. So I know this is fixed for Commander Jobs but for Minor General, it isn't so the on the Minor General Job they still cannot whitelist for USAF ATC Controller or for USAF AFSOC Transport Pilot the non-donator job can we please fix that.
  10. 12/27/18 Update: North has been promoted to CMDR. ATC and few new Airforce jobs have been added(this is old but I'm including this in update.)
  11. IN-GAME NAME: Lieutenant General Brandon RANK: LTG BRANCH: ALL CURRENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensure all the branches are stable and fully functional. Ensure all branch and special forces rosters are up to date. Solve any issues that a branch may have. Ensure that all CO's VCMDR/CMDR are doing their job with branch generals included. Staying Active Perform any task that my Higher-Ups tell me to do.
  12. I am just going to remain neutral on this suggestion because yes it can be frustrating to find coal but in my opinion, there are some good spots to get coal like at Oil Refinery since there are like three Radon spots you can either set up two mining entrances there and just get coal and the third one you can also pickaxe it to get coal to or real simple if you want more coal just get 5 gravel crates so you can organize your ores and just get coal.