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  1. Another new link to the US Discord other doesn't work anymore.
  2. + Support for a new map currently the new map is somewhat getting old and with the mountains being glitched not really a lot of places for a marksman to do their job.
  3. Accepted Speak with LTC+ for training
  4. - Support - Not a lot of detail in the application - Not active enough
  5. + Support + Dedicated Soldier + I see potential in him for the Future + Knows what he is doing + Listens to orders + Shows respect Semper Fidelis, Good Luck - General Brandon
  6. + Support + Active + Dedicated + Has experience
  7. + Support + Outstanding Soldier during Combat + Outstanding Jet Fighter - If he wants to lead and take the stress off of Lawrence he needs to be able to speak. All in all good luck.
  8. Major + support + Has Leadership Skills + Outstanding during combat + Active + Application is decent
  9. Going on LOA until January.
  10. Cannot have Generals on your application or the CMDR who Accepts them.
  11. + support The salaries are uneven since the Commander Jobs get more than a general.
  12. New Link
  13. ACCEPTED Was accepted in the US Officer Meeting
  14. ATTENTION ALL USMC OFFICERS USMC Officer Meeting will be on Friday 12/13/19 at 6:30 EST/ 5:30 CST/ 3:30 PST/ 4:30 MST If you cannot attend this meeting please use this format: Name: Rank: Reason (If it's personal just put personal): If you can't attend, please put a reason why you can't attend so you don't get striked. This meeting is mandatory for all USMC Officers 2LT+ to attend.