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  1. This application is has been Denied you can reapply in one week and don't you ever think about disrespecting me again cause I will strike and demote you for it so stop replying on this application it's been DENIED.
  2. You do know only marines say Semper Fi not Army right?
  3. No you can't your applying for a rank that your not even on roster and your also denying applications your not suppose to be doing.
  4. Denied your not even on the roster as a 1LT
  5. It doesn't matter Anonymous you cannot even deny any applications and your not even on the USMC roster for any rank so I wouldn't be talking since you are applying for CPT caused that's for VCDMR+ to do it you can't do that so you need to go message Furno and tell him that he personally needs to Deny this application or tell one of his Vice Commanders to do it.
  6. Nice update Scheffer keep it up.
  7. Accepted Speak with an LTC+ for training
  8. Fix the coloring of your text it is somewhat hard to read.
  9. Brandon0623

    Stars LOA

    Update on LOA plz.
  10. What's your rank cause I don't think MAJSGT is a thing unless you meant SGTMAJ.
  11. Denied Due to not enough support from the community and you have been inactive a little bit. Reapply in two weeks.
  12. Denied Not enough support from the community and you haven't been active very much.
  13. I know that but I'm saying he should be giving time to bring activity up before applying that's what me and Androntel are suggesting.