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  1. On Hold Need more supports
  2. As many others stated they had hope in this server being more fun but truly it's not my taste of action I wished. Since this is my opinion I'm going back to the server I loved and what I can do on that server. I'm sorry to those who wish for me to stay but I truly cannot stay here 1944rp was a good idea however grabbing attention and placing leadership into players with high rank from other GL servers has caused this server's downfall.Thanks to Scheffer into putting me into the rank. I will, however, stop by here and there to see how the server is doing but for now, I'm signing off.
  3. There Will Be Branch Meetings Every Friday At 6:00 pm EST. In the Infantry NCO Room. If You Are Unable To Attend A Meeting Please Post A Meeting Excuse Using This Format: Name: Rank: Date Of Meeting Missed: Reason (If Private Put Private): I Will Make Sure To Attain The Information Discussed At The Meeting (Put Understood): Respond To This Post With R&U To Show You Have Read And Understood This Post.
  4. Didn't expect you to resign before me and it's saitto see you go hope you stop by on sand or talk in Discord here and there to see how things are I'm gonna miss ya.
  5. How are you going to accept him that quick yes he was a former VCMDR for Milrp but like at least let the community decide if he is ready.
  6. I know I have been pretty inactive and the reason being is I have finals coming up in about two weeks so I will need the time to study and catch on school work so I won't be on till May 30th or June 1st I'll try to keep you all updated with what is going and let you know if I need my LOA extended. And Danny yes I know you see me fishing and all but that is on the weekend when I am with family and stuff so please don't give me any bs.
  7. Can everyone please calm down on this application and stop arguing and quoting each other with comments that are not related to this application? This application is to see if Jay is qualified for Captain so please leave this application to supports only and not make it an argument. - Lieutenant General Brandon
  8. Can we just leave this application to supports please and not lead it to arguments if you guys have a problem PM each other instead of going back and forth on his application.
  9. The only reason you don't see a lot more USAF is because one they are not getting promoted or USAF Officers aren't on to promote them.
  10. What do you mean by you train them and they're not on the roster are you talking about like once you train them you have their names changed to USAF AB (name) if so Airman Basic don't get put on roster only AMN+ are.
  11. It literally says right after the all Branch Officer Meeting so when the officer meeting is done.