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  1. MAJOR + Support I love you Charile Good luck you are already a GREAT Leader.
  2. Welp Brandon you better apply for staff lol
  3. Look in Airforce Fourm.
  4. Look in Airforce Forum
  5. Tyler’s Resignation I'm Sorry to everyone. I really can’t find myself to play. After the 3 day shutdown I realized how much better I like it when I don’t burn through my entire day on my computer and I can be at the skatepark or take my friends to the pool. I really Loved this community and most of the players ever since I first joined in 2017. I might return sometime in the summer. Richard - https://www.twitch.tv/1inchwonder1234/ Brandon - I watched you go up in the ranks while I was gone and I have nothing to say besides I love you man and I hope to see you as GOA within the year. Hudson - Man you were the best I loved you and your attitude Quinn - I didn’t know you very well but you were still very chill. Tempest - You are a Really good Leader Keep it up for the sake of GamingLight!!! Tumz I mean Timz - <3<3 Charlie - I love you brother Good luck you great leader. I hope to see you at CPT next time I look at the roster Lawrence - You are the Best Commander That I have ever had and friends. I love all that you have done for the Branch and for me personally. CT - I'll still talk to you dipshit lol I got your discord and we will be minecraftin lol Theman - You Jock you get some Phoenix - It has been an Honor ever since I started Teaching you the ways of the Chairforce. Goodluck in your future I love you man No Homo Jumper - Man i'll be Seein Ya lol Love you bro I hope you get up in the ranks. Dr.Wolfe - You are one of the only and Best enlisted I had Be Seeing you. Niko - I looked up to you this entire time you Senior Jess - I'll pop in your Discord nerd Again I will Miss you All I love you guys.
  6. xX_Tyler_Xx

    Map Change

    CS Desert New is the one with Classified Right?
  7. Im no Longer on LOA
  8. I really wanted Classified Desert Map Back
  9. xX_Tyler_Xx

    Tyler's LOA

    In-Game Name: Tyler Rank: MAJ LOA Length: 3 - 4 Days Reason (Optional): I need a break from that server nothing more. If I’m needed I will be on discord
  10. +Support Jag is a great person in general Good in Combat Good at listening to orders Active (Also Jag you can’t have a VCMDR as an officer but you can use me) - USAF AFSOC MAJ MAJDI MAJMP Tyler
  11. i didn't know we would need to reply to this but Understood