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  1. Gustard

    More Transport

    +/- Support I like the idea but, There shouldnt be a new rank, it should just be a new job that only specific people can get on. It can be called Transport or something and spawns Transport Urals!
  2. SchoolRP (like the good ol days) or DarkRP or TTT/Prop hunt would be great
  3. This one looks really good! Nice job
  4. United States Debrief Manual Table Of Contents Introduction.......................... Rules....................................... I. Setup II. Debrief III. Promotions / Demotions VI. Physical Training ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction There are numerous steps to a good Debrief, and I plan to touch on all of those steps in this post. Rules 1. Anyone not in debrief by the given time is AOS 2. Anyone leaving Debrief before it is officially over is AOS 3. All Soldiers are required to sit in their correct branches seats 4. Anyone who speaks out of PTS is to be AOS 5. Anyone with a gun out during Debrief is AOS 6. Last but not least, NO ASKING FOR PROMOTIONS 7. Only the highest ranking individuals for each branch should be on stage (Must be 2LT+ to be on stage) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Setup 1.The highest officers online will select the Host for Debrief (If highest online is BG+ then they are in charge of Debrief or who does it) a. The Debrief Host cannot leave in the middle of Debrief b. The Debrief Host is expected to act with professionalism, and are the only people who should be speaking (unless they grant someone PTS) c. Military Police are only allowed to use Text Chat during Debrief d. BG+ are the only ones who can bypass this rule. Interrupting the host is considered disrespectful, and you will be arrested (or striked) for doing so if you're not BG. 2. When war ends, ALL US Soldiers should report to Debrief 3. The highest Ranking US Player online should advert "/advert All US Soldiers report to debrief by (specific reasonable time) or be AOS" a. If the highest ranking official online is a BG+ let them do the advert b. Note that if the highest online is not a General, that they can only promote members of their branch c. Debrief should be over by 15:00 until War starts 4. Any soldiers not present after the time given, will be AOS a. It is Military Police's (or an officer that is not leading Debrief)'s job to arrest any soldiers not reporting to Debrief 5. All branches should be sitting in the correct seats. a. Army in first two rows, Air force in 3rd row, and Marines in the back 6. Start debrief at the time given in your advert II. Debrief 1. Start off by stating whether we won or lost 2. Then go into detail about what everyone as a whole did good on, and what we could improve on (ex: radio communication, team killing, point holding, tactics, ect.) 3. Ask if anyone has any PTS's about how we could improve in war for next time 4. Ask if there is anyone that needs training for a job specific to their rank, or previous rank (ex: E-2 - medic, E-6 - sniper, ect.) 5. Assign someone to train said individuals, and tell them to wait for debrief to end to start training 6. Assign squads in each branch for the future war 7. Ask all soldiers to private message you in regards to someone they think should be promoted or demoted, and the reason why. "/pm (your name) (reason)" a. Any messages that do not contain a reason, should be disregarded when accounting promotions and demotions , and are up to the person leading debrief)b. Anyone with 3+ recommendations most likely deserves a promotion / demotion (Messages should be kept in discretion III. Promotions / Demotions 1. Promotions / Demotions should be based off of whether we won the war or not (BG+ may promote or demote whether we won or lost) a. Did we win? Promotions / Did we lose? Demotions 2. Promotions / Demotions should only be given out by CPT+ a. If you are not a BG+ you may only promote /demote people in your branch 3. Promotions / Demotions should be deserved by the receiver 4. Promotions / Demotions should only be given out by people with the password to the promotion form (or roster access) 5. Promotions / Demotions must be recorded on the Promotion form, and then the Roster IV. End Debrief 1. Let everyone know when Debrief is officially over, but not before announcing if you are going to host or have PTS hosted 2. Tell the soldiers who were promised to be trained for a specific job that them and their trainers may start doing that V. Physical Training 1. Physical Training should take place after Debrief to improve our soldiers for the up and coming war 2. Physical Training must end by 5:00 until war starts 3. Make sure no one is skipping out on Physical Training a. The only people that are allowed to skip PT is BG+ and the people training or being trained for a new job accessible by their rank b. Strikes may be handed out to anyone avoiding Physical Training *Everyone who leads Debrief should follow this Manual* *Anyone who leads debrief without following this manual is subject to punishment*
  5. Gustard

    Police Brutality

    Funkey is a BG? wow who knew
  6. Tonight I decided that I was going to do PT every time that I am online. This will not be normal PT though! This PT will be at Gustard Falls. A beautiful scenic spot on the map! (PT will be different and varied) Gustard Falls will be where I am at if you can not find me. PT will be held here by me as much as possible! I would like to further continue this servers progression into SeriousRP, and I would like to do some SeriousRP here. Please feel encouraged to participate in all PT held at Gustard Falls. Thanks, Gustard
  7. Thanks for the updates John! Keep up the good work.
  8. I was holding a tool gun when you killed me, and I was actually moving.. Anyways you do realize that if you keep replying to this post its gonnaget denied for that reason.. right? You're supposed to make the post and not reply to any comments.
  9. I'm not even a staff member anymore (I retired last October)... I was trying to help John and set up the Training Room and other things on the new map. All you are doing is trying to create issues! You knew that I was working on the Training Room and you thought "it would be funny if i killed this guy". Also, I unminged you after MAYBE 5 minutes.. This was justified believe it or not.
  10. Trust me, I know that they are permanent props.. but this is Garrysmod. Nothing is ever 100% reliable 100% of the time.
  11. +/- Support If this was ever implemented it should be like every other week or every other day. 4-6 Hours is too much! Also I am sure Zeeptin could make it where maps would automatically switch at set times and it would removed the need of having a staff member online to do it. The biggest issue here is that what if a problem occurs with the map saves and the props all disappear in the middle of the night?
  12. Gustard

    Emergency sirens

    +Support I like this aswell, but I wonder if it would be difficult to prevent minges from turning it on and off when Tali are and are not attacking.
  13. This would result in every rank having a job in f4 menu... and I really dont like that idea. Thats how it is on PRP and the current system works better. Adding any drugs to the server wouldnt really be good for RP, but I could see some sort of Alcohol system where you can make it bootleg and sell it to fellow soldiers lol. It would just have to be against rules to drink on base for RP. Colt's Idea is really good. I support that idea.