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  1. Marsgaming

    I may be back

    So I finally got conformation on my grades. Also got my monitor good so I should be on by this Saturday.
  2. Name: Marsgaming Rank: Senior LT Length: 11-1/18/12-25-18 Reason: Very busy with personal stuff and trying to focus on academics so that I can pass this semester.
  3. In-Game Name: Marsgaming SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165359141 Rank: Senior LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 10-14-18/10-30-18 (Could be longer depending on the situation) Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Been dealing with a lot of personal stuff as well as helping my close friend get outta cutting. I apologize for the meetings and inactivity the last three days I have just not had time to make a LOA and have been very stressed so I wanted to take some time away from gaming and get my life in check.
  4. Ok ill give it a shot thx.
  5. +Support -Mature -Active -Respectful -Knows how to do his job -Been PD for a long time -Professional -Holds self to high standards -Good Luck Rhenic-
  6. Hello everyone, So if you know recently I went on LOA due to computer issues I have been trying to fix my game since, however it just will not work. The issue I am faced with is that anytime I load into game I can hear car audio, walking, weapons, etc. yet I cannot hear any other player talk. I have tried to removed my game and downloading it again and been through my Steam and Gmod settings yet nothing is working. If you have any ideas on how I can fix this please let me know thank you.
  7. Agreed people shouldn't be yelling at other people(Its one think to joke like "DANG KADE YOU KILLED ME XD..." an another to be like "YOU Mother****** YOU KILLED ME ".) in or not in EMS, this Community is a place for people to feel safe and have fun not get harassed because you had to wait 5 minutes to be revived on a server that has 100 people and 1 EMS. People get on EMS to have fun not get harassed, screamed at, etc. by the entire server. So please be careful what you say and think of how the person its directed to will take it.
  8. - Support -You were ordering staff to warn someone in a sit a few days ago -Anger Issues -Not Mature -Not active -Question 15 wrong -Replied to own application -Overall I do not see you fit for staff you have a lot to work on. Good luck.-
  9. Marsgaming

    Marsgaming LOA

    Name: Marsgaming Rank: SNR LT Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:165359141 Length: 10-8/10-10 Reason: The reason for my LOA is due to PC trouble and I have been very busy with family and other stuff.
  10. Name: Marsgaming Rank: Trooper Corporal Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:165359141 Length: 10-8/10-10 Reason: The reason for my LOA is due to PC trouble and I have been very busy with family and other stuff.
  11. Accepted Please contact an FTO or Low Command Member [LT+] to get trained and added! You are on the roster as a trainee! Also, please join our discord at WELCOME TO EMS
  12. Name: Marsgaming/Mars Rank: SNR LT Status on Roster: Weekends How active are you? Not to active but should get better. Why should we keep you in EMS(15 Words+)? I believe I should be kept in EMS as I am trustworthy and even though I am not to active I am constantly helping people apply for EMS etc. What is your favorite thing to do in Spooktober? Scaring little kids. Eating candy. Walking the neighborhood free to look like a dumba*s.
  13. I agree I have seen you a bit mingy, but still a + for me. -Active -Nice application -Kind -Good luck buddy-