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  1. I like this sever and this community but i see couple of things that i dislike. my first suggestion is getting better light saber combat i have played on a different JVS sever for a while i have seen what players really like about the sever the sever fills up to 90 player a day then i seen this sever start up i came to try it out the problem is the light saber combat felt really clunky. My second suggestion is adding in branches to the sever it gives player something to work up to it gives them a goal such as Darth malgus leading sith warrior branch player join and rank up to maybe even becoming the next Darth malgus. My last suggstion is to add in a hilt/staff rarity system haveing a raity system such as uncommon,common,rare,legendary and Artifact and haveing them do more damage and make the player farm for the crystall and hilt/staff this gives the player another reason to grind to have the best gear and do more damage.I just wanted to put that out there it will draw in a big player base also i want to see the sever grow i really like the gaming light community.