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  1. In-Game Name: RU GRU MDS RUMPWO3 VCMDR UwU SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78546142 Rank: Moderator Reason for leaving: No longer enjoying the server, college, timezones. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes - I had champion before staff Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes
  2. Hello, well bye any who so this is my long awaited resignation from the server as a whole due to the fact that it's no longer enjoyable, and not to mention the timezones don't exactly work out anymore, anywho it's been good for the start but it started to decline and now it feels like a chore getting on. Arnold - You dont check these but ill be in your dm's ;)))))) Rook - Not gonna lie you can be quite irritating Uhhhhh Reborn - yo yea nice guy gets a thumbs up //Filling this in im realizing how i didn't like so many people LtRDM - I like you, one of the only americans i like. Pilgrim - Good luck with USMC, i remember when you got a rank. Seth - good guy i like 11/10 IGN So yea this has been my resignation... See you
  3. + SUPPORT -Great active guy -Friendly -Knows the rules -Well Known -Deserves it GOOD LUCK
  4. Truth Zerx

    Core Rolecall

    No longer VCMDR now Colonel, I came back
  5. Truth Zerx

    Mike`s CPT app

    Trained With Perm Of Richard (BG)
  6. Truth Zerx

    Core Rolecall

    Name: Truth Rank: VCMDR Activity: Recently back Any Concerns: Jinx has been removed with the permission of Reborn (hes a colonel in ru core)
  7. I better see this taken down by the time I get back from Egypt
  8. Denied Captain slots are full
  9. A weapon to surpass METAL GEAR
  10. -Support Copies his old ones that are denied Hasn't changed too much from last seen Lazy (as shown) Says he learns from mistakes and yet on all of these apps he gets called out and carries on, un fit for staff
  11. On Hold Awaiting more +/- support
  12. -support Admitted to hacking Should know basic rules especially as a captain I'm disappointed... I thought we had a good captain, guess not... Why would you do it on a server thats "close to my heart"
  13. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Truth Rank: WO3 Activity: Recently back Questions and or concerns: None MP on usually or just minging ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    replace who tho