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  1. Name: Richmond Rank: Captain Callsign:´╗┐ 1T21 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53564568
  2. In Game Name: Richmond CERT Rank: Assistant Team Leader (ATL) CERT Call sign´╗┐: 1CT21
  3. My dude, you big minge. No deserve to call others minge. Also I agree with Ajax
  4. -SUPPORT There is only one minge worse than Gaur.... that's Mr. Chiken
  5. Basically explains it all. +1 FROM ME!
  6. INSIDE JOKEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEE How is this an inside joke we actually needed this thing!
  7. Army I have tried this, especially with my State Vehicles. The same principle that Joe was talking about applies to not only the tires but also the engine. Take for example the Motorcycle, my tires have been popped on it for ages and I've tried to fully repair it, return it, respawn it etc. But every time (and only way is to sell it) it stays broken and requires tires to be repaired. This is a glitch and I think it does need to be looked into. Probably deals with the settings on how you setup the vehicles to save upon the vehicle being despawned or returned in any state of condition.
  8. THANK YOU. The Heck you mean this was not needed?? As a State Trooper, PD should definitely have a guide to being a more effective member. Especially all the Officers and Seniors who don't know much yet.
  9. Apparently people were F***ing around with the 2012 Charger skins from High End Dealer and it caused some of us to lose the charger when they removed hence our money with it... Is it possible to get the 10 Million $ I spent on it refunded? Sold the 25 Mil GTR for 12.5 Mil to get it and I'm decently upset about this as one persons actions shouldn't affect the rest.
  10. Questions Your In-game: Coolio Julio (or 2LT Richmond) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53564568 The admin's name in-game: Walrus Ron The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A or Don't Know What warning did you receive: Staff Dis Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Walrus Ron observed a couple of us on top of cinema talking on teamspeak. There was no basing, no minging, no breaking rules. Was a couple of us like Duramax King, people from my family (Julio's), just random people hanging out. Hoopla (admin) was fine with us being up there. But Walrus decided it was not. He started to move us into the parking lot. As we were being moved down, a player received a warning for staff dis from Walrus... I then repeated to say in this exact quote: "Your actions are kinda making you seem like a dick for moving us, hoopla said it was allowed". I was warned without any verbal talking to and WE WERE NOT in a sit so I was not even question about statement or given any chance to explain this wording to him. Simply just warned and ignored. Any extra information: Ask Hoopla, Duramax, any others in my Family. Walrus was simply acting out of bounds with that warning.
  11. It was dealt with ingame, and the sit ended. They decided to bring it up on here against me cause they were not satisfied with the outcome.
  12. Based on my training as State Police and a CERT (Tactical Unit) I believe I shouldn't be warned for "FailRP". This was handled in game and Colesoft decided that I should not be given a punishment despite this video. In the video you can see I did not violate any major rules or anything. I as a state trooper have jurisdiction over the outskirts shell gas station and I was doing my best to wait for tac units to arrive to my panic button so you could not start a robbery and we could get our officer safe and sound. Only reason this report is being made is because you killed me, terminating any chance of negotiations and being killed inside the general store losing not only any guns, but your hostage, and money/time. As per a lot of other staff members this was handled ingame already and this is just extenuating the circumstances to make it drawn out and useless.
  13. Ingame name: Richmond Rank: First Sergeant callsign (for Cert): 1CT41 Specialty(s): Breacher, Trooper
  14. In-Game Name: Richmond SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53564568 Rank: First Sergeant How is your activity on the server? Excellent Any questions/issues/concerns? None. Questions: What is something that we can do to increase the activity within State Department? Definitely increase the value and uniqueness of being a state trooper. Are there anything you would like to see for State Department? (What can we do to improve the future of the State Department" Vehicles, weapons, skins?