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  1. I'm pretty sure the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) will have a field day with this. Try justification for reasonable force on that!
  2. Hello S.W.A.T Where have I been? I have a lot to talk about in this post so let's get the personal things out the way. Many of you have been wondering where I have been, this is understandable and let me give you a quick update. I moved premises from my old house into an apartment roughly 3 weeks ago. When I moved I rang an internet provider and offered me high speeds and cheap price, although it take 2 weeks to install. That is part of the reason for my 2 week LOA you may remember, although adjusting to a new surrounding and moving thing also takes time. Well my internet was meant to be working last Friday, however it did not. I rang my provider and they told me there is a technical problem with the line and will try to fix. It's now been 6 days and I have been told that it can be fixed between tonight and Saturday. You may of seen me occasionally on TS for small amount of time and a little on the forums. This was me using my mobile data to try keep in contact with those I needed to. I was unable to get in-game as this would drain my data greatly and leave me unable to communicate with you guys. Hopefully everything should be working at least Saturday and I will be back to my normal activity prior to moving. Also working a 8-5 job Mon-Fri has been making it harder to get on, including training for the RAF (Royal Air Force) for next year. What is happening with S.W.AT? Good question, something I can't really answer. The department was stable and fine before I left, I come back and it's got multiple problems. As a command member I always want to be as honest with members as possible. Many problems came from inactive command, inadequate new members, lack of passion and professionalism. I would like to apologize for these recent events and I assure you that I have spoken to all command members about their activity and this will improve. I would also like to point out you may recently seen some changes in our command structure, I cannot say at this time if this will be permanent. What I can say is these action were taken in the best interests of the department in revamping our structure. Tryouts has been a difficult discussion between command members, not just this but lower members. Some tryouts were undertakes by non command members and this is not acceptable. Those that were involved and command have been notified to make sure this doesn't happen again. Non command members may help set up tryouts but shouldn't have a direct influence on who makes it in and not. I personally never liked the idea of tryouts, although other command members liked this idea. This is why we keep switching our opinions on this over the past few months. Right now tryouts will stay open as we see the outcome at this weeks. Something else people have been wondering about is our update. Which is another complicated issue, I made the code for the update and sent it to SMT over a month ago. However, due to many situations that happened on the server that I am sure you will know more about than me. Things got in the way and the idea of departments becoming unique is now center focus. I want to say this to all S.W.A.T members that I have been working on a second update from scratch to go with this idea. This is still currently being coded by myself and needs some slight tweaks before being sent to SMT. If you guys have any suggestions for the update then please message me ASAP and I will look into it. This department is something I have been apart of for over 10 months now. Every action I make is in the best interest of this department, even over personal belief. But this does not mean I will let this department fall after all this hard work. Our department has some great members and they deserve better, we understand this and as an entire command structure we will work harder for you. I have many ideas on how to turn this around and make S.W.A.T once again the most active and professional department in Gaminglight. For this I will need you guys to help, whether through recommending our department, acting professional on the job or simply being active. Without our amazing members I wouldn't be in this position and I am always grateful for that. I am making a promise to you all publicly. I will always stand by S.W.A.T through the high and low times, S.W.A.T has been in worse situations and as a team we came back and peaked. I know we can do this again and I will put 100% of my effort into making this department thrive again. I know you all will probably have a lot of questions on what exactly I am planning. This is something I cannot go into much detail at the moment. I want to reassure you all that if even nobody else in this department believes that we can improve, I will be the one that will continue to do so. But I know that everyone in command believes we can become better. As a department, a team and a family we will continue to work together. Improving and growing every step of the way towards to where this department should be and will remain. - S.W.A.T Co-Commander Josh XBA2
  3. Sad to see you go, balance between government and criminals has been a hot topic for a while. I am sorry you felt SWAT wasn't fun and wish you the best. I'll be making a public SWAT announcement later today.
  4. + Support Reasons stated above, will help improve player and staff experience
  5. - Support Would ruin any chance of a surprise and make it easy for criminals. Irl they wouldn't say negotiations are over as the criminal might injure or kill the hostage. They would think it's ongoing and prepare for a surprise raid.
  6. State Trooper Roll Call Name: Josh Rank: SGT Callsign: 1T54 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:181545127
  7. Congrats to those that made it!
  8. - Support Gives people an excuse to be mingy and not follow rules
  9. Really sad to see you go Hannah, you were one of the best SWAT members I had the privilege of commanding. You are welcome back anytime and I wish the best in the future. Id like to talk with you on Friday when I'm back from LOA before this big decision.
  10. Sad to see you go, you were always a good laugh to talk to. I wish you the best going forward in whatever you decide to do.
  11. I'll defiantly be sending you one when I'm back from LOA!
  12. It's one of those things you'll love on government but hate on criminal. Although I'm glad it got added back, it's a move that is best for the community
  13. Playing Christmas music before December will be punishable by a fine of $250.