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  1. Josh H-Y.

    Kitty's LOA

    Another holiday, lucky!
  2. - Support All reasons stated above, I think it would also cause an imbalance in the community.
  3. It was just an example, I agree it shouldn't be higher than that.
  4. What you want to see? - The sky base rule given a specific height limit. Example: A base cannot be higher than 4 floors etc. Also where they are allowed to be spawned (if away from spawn or not) Why should we add it? - It will add clarity to the MOTD, not just for staff but players. What are the advantages of having this? - By having this rule more clarified, it can prevent sits which are down to staff interpretation. The staff member also won't have to check bases and give approval but another staff member disagrees which causes confusion for both parties. Not only that, it will help players not intending to break server rules make their bases legal and within the rules. A lot of bases have been popping up recently that showed a grey area of this rule. It helps everyone if this was fully explained by a set limit and if it's allowed to be spawned near spawn or not. It also means staff members will be able to deal with other people's sits, not in a long sit with a unhappy player due to unclear rule. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -
  5. If there is any song requests people want to recommend? Currently I have planned: - Pack up troubles in old kit bag/long way to tipperary - In Flanders Field - Last Post - National anthems of UK/Canada/USA
  6. It was a pleasure, good luck in the future Logan. You are always welcome back into the department!
  7. - Support All reasons why above False staff report
  8. Josh H-Y.

    Border pator

    Rockford isn't even near a border also.
  9. I agree with JMS. Rhenic is also very active and helps people often even when not on duty.
  10. I am really glad to see know that you are doing better. If you have any other problems feel free to contact me, that also goes to anyone in the community. I am available to anyone in need, if you feeling down or need to talk to someone you can come to me.
  11. + Support Very active Friendly Role model Responsible Can remain calm in hostile situations Helpful Doesn't watch anime
  12. Mine reset about 4-5 times since joining the community. It doesn't really mean much, just something that unfortunately happens.
  13. + Support I made a suggestion about this exact thing a few months ago and it was denied, maybe this time?
  14. It's been an issue on the server for many months
  15. @Marsgaming You must enter your LOA on the form for it to be official. Link: