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    To all who have the power to train, I'm getting sick and tired of the quality of training. Not only are new officers not being told the difference between lethal and non-lethal, I now have SNR's who don't even have their member tag in TS, or are tazer rushing, or fail rping. If not any of those it's that they don't know they MUST be in the TS when on patrol or maybe it's that they don't know what chain of command is? This is seriously annoying me now, ANYONE who I find to be responsible for neglect towards the minimum quality of training will receive a demotion. I do not expect OFC's to be retrained and I expect better from all but some of you, with this being said I understand that some situation cannot be avoided such as the cadet naturally being mingy. If that is that not train them. Regards, COL Alton. I expect SGT - SM to respond with Read and Understood.
  2. Not to mention in your reasons why you say you will "officers are trained the right way and the good way so we dont have corrupt cops on the street.". As an SM you should already be doing this stuff and not waiting for LT. It doesn't look so good when you seem to not be too aware of this in your application.
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    Squad System

  4. I dont like all the (+support)
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    Tank reworks

    When I'm watching a tank battle take place with my binoculars...I watched 3 men run top of an enemy tank and continue to stab it, while the friendly tank pushes it into the river. This was able to happen because both tanks could be destroyed, or could but it's very hard. It's entertaining to watch but like people have said very unrealistic.
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    Knuckleduster Bug

    You wanna get me one as well?
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    Ryan Staff Report

    Nice to know you didn't put so much motivation in just my staff report.
  8. Woah! Josh in ARU! I would have never expected it :O
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    SS Website

    Decided to do it in the end then.
  10. He's inactive anyways so what are you going to miss?