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  1. How do you know his forms account wasn't banned as well?
  2. @Tonto Can we get your response to this? Otherwise it's not looking great for your LT application
  3. Could just increase the price of guns, leaving only the shitty pistols available for the starting cash (50k). That way it'll also reduce the chance of someone just buying a decent gun instead
  4. If what you said was true then -support
  5. Alton

    Another LOA

    South wales basically? Where I'm going
  6. Alton

    Another LOA

    Also When I'm away I'd like @EternityAgar to take over the mass demotions/ public executions.
  7. Alton

    Another LOA

    What part?
  8. Alton

    Another LOA

    What is it with you and Wales
  9. Alton

    Another LOA

    Name: Alton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:120533979 Rank: COL Length (Provide Dates): ( I'm doing it in advance so I don't forget) 12th - 18th Reason (If private say N/A): Going on holiday again, also a wedding.
  10. Follow the format if you want to be taken seriously.