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    My Car Accident

    Looks like a scratch
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    Supervisor Meetings

    HI, this is a question to all people in the rank SGT - SM, Would you be interested in doing meetings to participate in Meeting for Supervisors? This would be a more relaxed meeting where Supervisors can speak their mind, it's been tested twice and seemed to have been relatively successful. It would include things you want to see added, removed, improved etc... It's also a way to have your questions answered or to have a chat with other supervisors. There would be no PTS. Time and Date is TBD since we don't know if it's even going to be added. Please answer the poll truthfully. Sincerely, CPT Alton. Note: Please also put a time and date that would be best to host this meeting.
  3. How could something like a text screen cause more lag?
  4. He is a good and mature person when on the server, the only faults that have been pointed out by people such as the minge for 10,000 seconds thing and responding to his own app are just a simple mistake, nothing that cant be learned when being a t-mod.
  5. After review of both me and my Girlfriend who is a on call Corperal first aider for the St John's ambulance servicee we have both come to the same agreement that you need to reduce some of your words and stop repeating yourself. You're 50 words over the minimum and would be better for you to reduce the quantity and improve the quantity. You don't need to but it's a recommendation.
  6. There you go