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  1. So sad to see you go man! Good luck on future endeavors!!
  2. He said he tried to but the admin overlooked it. + Support Clear harassment from the player which is not tolerated here at GamingLight.
  3. Logan

    I'm Back

    Welcome back man! I missed you!!
  4. + Support Yuki is just a name. Should be unblacklisted as their leader that got it blacklisted is gone.
  5. Congratulations!
  6. + Support Active Mature Friendly Past Staff Experience Good luck October!
  7. + Support Old ban appeal got accepted.
  8. + Support Evidence is clear. He killed 8 people in under a minute.
  9. Logan

    Admin Suggestion

    + Support I don’t see why not if in the staff handbook it says they can do it.
  10. + Support if you can find a vehicle that is a VCMOD vehicle and not a Photon vehicle.