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  1. Well most of you guys know I resigned from PoliceRP staff unexpectedly within the last month, I have legal issues in real life as I was indicted last year on federal gun charges lol. I'm 22 yrs old and I grew up playing Gmod and stopped playing till last year when I got my life together irl only to get indicted last year shortly after I started doing good. I'm starting my prison sentence in a month in the feds next month so I will no longer be active on steam or here until I am out again. My sentence is 18 months but because in the federal system you do 85% of your time I'll probably be out sometime around the end of next year. I had fun playing Gmod and enjoyed PoliceRP a lot! Thanks guys. Have fun!
  2. +Support Amazing staff Helps everyone who needs help on the server Professional Caring
  3. The voting yes on ur own poll was the main one for me -Support
  4. -Support -low forum activity -no poll -no proof of warns -low playtime on server
  5. +support - leadership qualities, proves that by holding multiple command positions - helpful, respectful, professional - active
  6. ya that looks official. that'd be dope on policerp! someone should make a suggestion w/ the format with that on there itd def give FBI a lot more to crack down on as well
  7. Hope all of u guys had fun and stay safe out there! Happy 4th of july!!!
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