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  1. In response to this I was on a Roleplay (Deathtrooper) job at the time and got kicked out of my Roleplay by Bub himself! He threatened me with a warn and a staff arrest if I refused to leave bridge so they could start their RDM fest. There is no way he can claim ignorance with this one as he was actively involved. The evidence here is damning that he lied his way to avoid any form of backlash from his higher-ups and pushed all the blame onto lower staff, meanwhile all those around him would still defend his case and claim no wrong-doing (more than one person has confirmed submitting an SMT report through the proper channels, obviously nothing was done). Corruption at it's finest!
  2. mashallah, you were the only one i would've chosen to take up naval after me, you held it together as long as you could my friend !!!
  3. + Support the lack of understanding for one's situation has caused more than just the removal of Spice. Management has continuously pushed others out of positions due to refusing to understand personal scenarios and refused to go back on their decision because of course it is "Final". This really just comes off as egotistical and refusing to admit that they could be wrong!! maybe it's just me !
  4. + Support The last time the seeker loadout was changed was over a year ago. It can use some revitlization, even if it means removing the best gun from the kit (RIP Dual RK3)
  5. The Officer Corps can only benefit from another active member. Give him a Shot!
  6. The GM ISB and Dark Trooper jobs / whitelists are made up of the same group of people, currently totaling 13 members. They have been given their own dedicated area of the map for their bunks, which is almost completely redundant as there is nothing that they truly use them for. Actual regiments use their bunks for things such as weekly meetings, trainings, tryouts, and other similar activities. This is simply not the case with the GM team, they will almost always not be on the respective admin jobs at the time of those meetings, and don't have the standard activities that actual RP regiments have. I understand the map is brand knew and not everything is set in stone, but the fact that they have been given their own section (let me reiterate once again that it is only 13 people) whilst the entirety of the Naval Branch totaling 49 members from Navy/SF/ISB Internal Affairs, and 25 Deathtroopers, for a total of 74 people share a single bunks space. All of these regiments host some forms of activities that would benefit by having their own space available, but all 74 people who are actively engaging in Roleplay are crammed into the same space given to a measly 13. There are plenty of other options for bunk spaces for the ISB or Dark Troopers (across from IC bunks at the SOC room for example) that would not intrude on the regiments that are engaging in RP regularly (Not just the one person who hops on ISB every so often). Personal Suggestions for Alternatives: 1.) Place ISB/Dark Troopers in the Open Bunk Slot across from IC. They have the high clearance level like IC and would be granted access to the Special Ops center and such. They have access to ships (and Dark Troopers Rocket Boots) so getting to the base wouldn't be too troublesome for them. (The only reason I am not suggesting DT bunks be moved here is it would be an extremely long run / walk for your average trooper just to make it to a VIP.) 2.) Moving ISB/Dark Trooper bunks to one of the available spots in the General Bunks area. Whilst, yes, DT bunks or any of the Naval regiments could be moved there as well, doing it this way allows the branch to be in one centralized spawn location just as it has been prior. 3.) Adding a keypad to one of the houses in the town and having that serve as the ISB GM bunks, it gives them their own section, and it wouldn't be uncommon from an RP standpoint for an occupational force to take over a local building for some form of forward operations / data intelligence gathering. Once again I'd like to address and ackowledge that this map and everything is brand new and not set in stone as of yet, but I genuinely believe that this change would benefit the Naval branch by giving them more space and room to perform their RP work without stepping on each other's toes. The GM team deserves the perks like being able to be on the ISB / Dark Trooper jobs, but previously they had the Pandora which allowed them to have their own personal section. With the current setup they are taking more space than is given to an entire RP branch when I believe some of these other alternatives could prove to benefit and satisfy all parties involved.
  7. + Support - Active - Hits / exceeds quota consistently. - The position can be used as a means to learn and grow They're ready, TI-23 is significantly weaker without it's full numbers. Giving them this opportunity and allowing them to mold themselves into a perfect fit for the squad and position would be nothing but beneficial to the sub-branch.
  8. + Support the savior we really need!
  9. + Support - has best intentions for the regiment and always puts his best foot forward
  10. Denied. The reported staff member has been spoken to about conduct, however, SMT does not believe this merits the requested punishment.
  11. Denied. Thank you for your report. At the time of the incident, he was merely in transport to the hospital.
  12. PENDING Please provide evidence of this incident or it will be denied. Nothing regarding the scenario or context have been provided.
  13. Accepted! Thank you for your report, this issue will be handled accordingly by a member of SMT.
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