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  1. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : DT M36 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Death Troopers 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I have found so much appreciation in how this battalion operates, as well as the people in it. The discipline and hard work required to be a member of Death Troopers makes the experience so engaging and rewarding. I got on this server one random night and saw a Death Trooper selection advert in chat, and had NO idea that I would find newfound love in Garry's Mod again. I literally only play this game for this regiment and what it is. I've poured my heart and soul into this regiment, and it has brought me immense joy. My growth has been facilitated by some of the long-lasting members still in this battalion, as well as those who have moved up into NHC and bigger things. Being Vice Commander of Death Troopers would really only be the icing on the cake. Something stuck out to me when I read a Darth Vader application that was underlined, lasting changes. THIS is why I want to be a Death Trooper Vice Commander. I want to constantly be improving our SOP as well as sub-branch functions within DT, and having been a member of both and still being a member of one sub-branch, I know how they operate already and have so many ideas. I will ensure all members are being respectful and using teamwork, as well as interacting with other regiments, recognizing their importance to the server, and becoming friends with them. I also want to be a Vice Commander because I am NOT hesitant to speak out against someone who is disrespectful or disobeying rules, I will take action accordingly and want to make sure incidents like this are minimal to none. This battalion is such a nice escape from everything going on in the real world, and the people in it make it such an amazing place to hang out, and I want it to stay that way. I genuinely just want to see the Death Trooper regiment be the best it can be, and make sure everyone in it is happy and enjoying the experience. I want to represent this battalion to my utmost capability, and believe my time, dedication, and respect to this regiment and fellow members would allow me to be a Vice Commander that DT and other members of GL can look up to and talk to. I will ensure that this battalion thrives no matter what, and there is absolutely nowhere I'd rather be than in DT, it means everything to me. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? With about 5 months since I've joined the server, I've put in 1,072 hours, which is over a month of in-game time, and if you look at the past 3 months you can see that my activity is consistent, besides a couple LOAs I took for vacation time. Battlemetrics 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a commander, for any branch on the server, is to be an example and model of what that said regiment should represent. Death Troopers are a very serious and disciplined battalion, which means the reputation lies in a very delicate balance, and commanders in this position must be very capable and competent in their role. Any mistake made by a commander is noticed by everyone and directly reflects on you and your troopers, and everything you say and do is monitored; as a result this position must only be held by a select few who HC deems worthy to have. Vice Commanders of Death Troopers are to supervise COL and below, and must be there to assist the Commander and/or Senior Commander with Death Trooper operations and oversee the battalion's status. Vice Commanders should also be making sure that any issues Officers cannot handle are dealt with accordingly, and they are also dealing with the paperwork side of things; roster updates as well as suggestions for the betterment of the battalion. Despite the paperwork side of things, Death Trooper Vice Command still MUST be active on the server and should monitor and lead the battalion. However, leading alone is not enough. Death Trooper Vice Commanders need to show OTHERS how to lead, so that one day they can be in a place where they can become a Vice Commander or Command Officer themselves. By the same token, Vice Commanders of Death Troopers are able to strike Death Trooper members and remove people from the battalion if needed, while, on the flip-side, also are able to promote to Command Officer and reward those in Death Troopers with reserves, which means a Death Trooper Vice Commander must use extreme care when punishing or rewarding. In addition to this, a Vice Commander of Death Troopers should know how to communicate effectively with members to make sure there is a bridge between Command Team and the rest of DT, and there should NOT be disconnect between the two. It's a role with a lot of power and responsibility, and someone in this role must be representing the best of their battalion at all times. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I believe there are many reasons why I can be entrusted to this position of Death Trooper Vice Commander. I have a commitment to being and continuing to be as unbiased as possible in all scenarios; I always look at situations objectively and ask myself if the rules, either outlined in our SOP or just general server-wide rules, are being followed at all times by fellow members of DT, no matter who they are. I lead by example and make sure that I am doing the same, I never minge as a member of GL and make sure I am remaining respectful and kind to everyone around me, as well as speak out regarding any Death Trooper breaking the SOP rules or server rules. If I see rules being broken, I will talk to said Death Trooper on the side, giving PT or striking if only absolutely necessary, or route up further concerns. I NEVER have, and NEVER will abuse the power given to me as a Death Trooper, and I've never received a strike. On the other hand, I make sure to promote any Death Trooper that I see exceeding in their roles and reward them. As a result, I believe I have earned the trust of fellow Death Trooper members and have made many, many friends on my time here on ImperialRP from people in other regiments, and due to this, I have a good reputation on the server. I always make myself open to fellow Death Troopers, or really anyone on ImperialRP in DMs and also make sure that everyone is staying on top of quota and active, ensuring success for my battalion and improving the well-being of those around me. I forward any ideas or concerns by others to DT Command to make sure everyone's voices are heard. Furthermore, I am constantly topping quota, but make sure that I am coming up with creative ideas for trainings and simulations, and also making sure that I am not taking away from anyone else's quota or boring fellow troops out. Some examples, when the new map came out, I saw that Tatooine would be a perfect spot for VIP escort, as the hills could be used for a enemy combatant, and we have had many enjoyable SIMs from this as a result. On a similar note, I came up with spots to use in SIM room for trigger action and also pinpointing, a type of training created by me where you try to hit someone as many times as you can in one magazine, with the DT with the most hits being the winner of the SIM. As a GM, I have also come up with multiple dupes for Death Troopers, including a massive CQC dupe when I saw that we did not really have a great place to practice CQC (bridge constantly has Naval personnel, making it harder to practice there), and a Pandora dupe used for tryouts, which took a lot of effort to make and it has received really positive feedback, which shows dedication to my branch. Being a GM has also allowed me to help with many, many tryouts and SIMs hosted by fellow DT members. In addition, I contribute to my battalion frequently in terms of suggestions, for example I currently have a TI-23 doc in the works that would make the sub-branch more engaging (got recognition and praise from Palpatine himself), and also got the Booster Bacta Kit HP/Second doubled, which is very important for DT's M36 role in TI-23 as well as the 69th Medical Corps as a whole. My activity as a Death Trooper is consistent and you wouldn't have to worry about me going away anytime soon. Lastly, I believe I can be trusted as a Death Trooper Vice Commander because my decisions and character are already trusted; I have earned the Death Trooper Regulation Officer position, which is highly sought after and means I am trusted by the DT Command Team, as well as NHC. This position allows me to strike if I have to, which exemplifies this trust. I work closely with NHC and the DT Command Team already when it comes to battalion matters, and this ensures that a transition from DT Command Officer to DT Vice Commander would be smooth. I have learned so much in the past 4 (almost 5) months as a DT and believe I am knowledgeable in every aspect about this battalion, and I constantly lead on the battlefield and in day-to-day duties. I can be trusted as a Vice Commander because there is nothing more I want than the success of my regiment in all facets, and I believe I would be the perfect fit for this position. 7. How often can you be Online? : I can guarantee 5-6 hours of playtime almost everyday, however a lot of days I go way over this estimate. I am on PST. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have no warnings across all GL servers. Extra note: Thank you so much for even considering me for this position. There have been so many amazing people from DT (both past and present) and other battalions on the server who have provided me guidance, inspiration, and someone to look up to. I couldn't have gotten to this point without you guys. -=Second to None=- DT M36
  2. Overall: -support I do not think you would be a good fit for TI-23 at this time, however I would still like to explore where I think you shine as well. Where I think you stand out: You are very easy to get along with, and I think you would be great for a tight-knit group. You're very good in combat. I never have to worry about your activity. You know the SOP well. Where I think you may struggle against other applicants: This application. It is way too short and greatly diminishes your chances of becoming a member of TI-23. We need to really know why you want to join and what TI-23 does in length. EL1, you're a great trooper and I know you do have genuine interest in this position, but this application does not reflect that.
  3. Overall: +support You have made a good addition to DT ever since you've been here. I think overall you'd make a good fit for Unit TI-23! I am going to examine things I've noticed from you on an individual level, and while I have some things that I'd like to see you improve on, do not be discouraged by the criticism! You bring a lot to the table. Where I think you stand out: One of the most knowledgeable people in the battalion, due to dedication and time. You would work well in a tight-knit group. Your application succinctly explains why you want to join TI-23. You have been in seeker before which shows experience in an elite sub-branch. You're a leader in DT. Where I think you may struggle against other applicants: You have been MUCH more active which makes me very happy, however I still worry about this being a possible issue in the future.
  4. MAJOR +SUPPORT!!! Daze has been working extremely hard and 100% deserves this position. He is doing more off-maps than anyone and pushing his limits 24/7. He’s moved up fast in the GM ranks for a reason and is a great leader.
  5. Aren’t phones so cool? I love technology!!! i also love men and mann
  6. -support I think you have done good work as an NCO, and I've even promoted you up as an NCO. However, I do not believe you are ready for the officer position at this current time. I'm going to tell you where I think you do and don't make fit for officer material. Where I think you make fit for officer: -You like to lead others. It's a trait I'm happy you have as an NCO. -You take the battalion seriously most of the time and I think you would host good sims/missions as an officer. Where I think you don't make fit for officer at this time: -You sometimes seem focused on your power, rather than how you fit in with others and play your role as an NCO. I heard you recently got into an argument with someone who is one rank next to you about who is in command, which is quite unnecessary considering you two are both NCOs. -I think you're still learning how to fit into your role as an NCO in DT, in various aspects. -Officers are able to promote others and give PT, which is something I do not believe you're ready for quite yet. -You recently failed to meet quota which resulted in you getting a strike, and I really don't see you truly exceeding quota too often. One of the best things you can do as an NCO is host as many tryouts as possible to keep the battalion growing. We are really needing this, especially now. I feel like you require more contribution to the NCO core before moving up to officer. Final note: These are just my opinions and others may feel differently. I am happy to have you as part of DT and as an NCO, I just think you need more time as an NCO to mature a little more and improve your contributions in that role. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck!
  7. -I’d make an addition but there really isn’t much more to say. This would help Versio fit his role better.
  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I was going to suggest an HP buff around that amount but I wanted to prioritize the bacta booster specifically, and get to 40 HP/S as a good starting point for testing and future improvements
  9. +support! As long as it is compatible with the server I think this would be a great change for Naval and give them extra RP!
  10. What do you want to see?: I want to see some improvements to the booster bacta kit for the medics of the server. Booster bacta buff: 40 HP/S (instead of around 10 HP/S) Noise: Slight increase Why should we add it?: As for the buff: Right now, the booster bacta is still very very slow in combat. 10 HP/S doesn't do too much and although people should definitely watch their HP during events, things happen and troopers get hurt. Medics are in demand during big events and in the last mega/jmt/smt I couldn't do that much due to the kits healing at around 10 HP/S, I had multiple people needing my healing and I just couldn't help. In fact I saw some people realizing the healing was so slow that they decided to killbind and walk back. My justification for 40 HP/S: When facing against event characters with M45s, etc, it takes mere seconds to drain a troopers HP to a super low amount. I know one of the problems was CCs getting combat healed with their giant HP base. The new booster bacta kit prevents this problem as healing isn't based on % of HP, but rather on a set time and HP amount. With this new HP time, it would still take CCs over a minute to get fully healed from a medic. At the same time, this new 40 HP/S would allow for regular troops to get healed rather quickly when hurt, but not to the point where they could survive if they were enduring constant fire. This would, in my opinion, make medics efficient again. One of the things Beckett said in the recent meeting was he didn't want people mindlessly going into battle and expecting to be healed in 2 seconds, and I think with 40 HP/S this wouldn't be the case as it would still take time for people to get back to their base HP and time for the medics to actually get to these troopers. I think this HP/S would be a good compromise and keep event characters and regular troops as well as CCs happy at the same time. As for the noise: I'm definitely glad the noise has been reduced, and happy this issue was addressed quickly. However, it's almost too quiet now, especially during events. I'd say just a slight noise increase would be good as medics would know when their healing is actually going through. What are the advantages of having this?: The advantages are: Medics can make a significant difference again. CCs can't get to their large HP pools in seconds. Troops can be healed quickly, but not to the point where they're not careful about their HP. Slight noise increase will help medics know when they're actually healing someone in combat. Who is it mainly for?: The 69th Medical Corps as well as battalion medics. Links to any content: N/A
  11. What do you want to see?: I want to see a reversion of the bacta kit, and have the bacta injector be brought back. This suggestion leaves stims out of the picture, as I don't see them as important. Why should we remove it?: The bacta kit should be removed because: -It is extremely loud and can be heard across the map. I have hyperacusis (hyper sensitivity to sound) and this sound in particular is so loud that I have to turn my headphones down whenever I use it. -The rate of healing is very slow, even on the better bacta kit. A single medic will have a really difficult time making an impact during event, as they will not be able to heal others quickly and efficiently. -A majority of players on the server seem to dislike the change. I understand that part of the reason for adding the bacta kit was to nerf CCs HP, but removing the stim already helps with this issue. What are the advantages of having this?: The advantages of bringing the bacta injector back are: -The sound is not nearly as loud but still notifies others of healing occurring. -The healing is fast, which is essential for combat on the battlefield. -It can give ammo quickly, which can make the difference between life and death in some scenarios. The ability to give ammo makes the medical experience more engaging and removes the frustration from having to buy ammo in the middle of a firefight. Who is it mainly for?: 69th Medical Corps, and battalions with a medical specialization, however this will impact all players of the server. Links to any content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727824870 Final Note: I know that SMT are constantly working hard to improve the quality and experience on GL servers, and I really appreciate the amount of time and dedication that is put into ImperialRP, and I believe that a majority of changes made to the server are positive. This is just something that I think should be changed as most players do not like the new medical healing items. While I certainly believe these current medkits could be updated in the future, I really see bringing back the bacta injector as a better option for the server's interest. It would be a quicker change than modifying an item and is something players are familiar with already. I believe that removing the stim was an effective way to tone down a CC's HP, and that bringing back the bacta injector would be the best move. Humbly submitted, DT M36/Crystal
  12. I hope you stay as GM for a LONG time, because I want you to stick around on the server in some shape or form. You're super kind and friendly, stick around!!
  13. +support I've only had positive interactions with him, seems like a great and competent Naval member. Best of luck to you!
  14. Firekirby

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    i love dt and if you're not in dt you should join because we kill a lot of things and a lot of people and go on cool missions and do cool things with cool people
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