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  1. Ah the time has come Wheat is free or something my time as Brigadier General was a lot of fun head aches and loss of braincells a truly romantical experience over all Ill shout out the homies I can remember otherwise I might join a regiment probably not though. 1. Brexit geezer Bon wagwan my slime good luck my homie as emperor palpatine. 2. Bear we have gone to the sweet retirement home I didn't last as long as you did but at least I got there also lets go on a lonely gun walk 3. Mann Mwah 4. Suns rat 5. Tuna/Joker Great guys Generals do indeed stick together. 6. Mark you were really quiet homie 7. Theta the time has come. 8. Ah shit my main man in crime Senior deer get active 9. Frosty/Grizzly great guys overall you both have great potential 10. Miyo Frog 11. Starch Walmart pecan pie moment 12 Anomaly don't become crunch at all costs. 13. Rux FATASS love ya sweetie 14. Nebel I know you wont look at this 15. Goat God I miss you come back to my beautiful pizza delivery boy. 16. Core and Alpha god you guys ran me through the ringer but you guys are wonderful command members flaws in all #bleessed. 17. All my former ST Vice commander brothers IM COMING HOME. 18. Liken I wish I could remove you from Major one last time also change your name back to Liken you lemming. 19. Sainty wagwan 20. @ducks yeesh 21. If there's someone I missed well tough shit cope I guess, 22. Frog my dear beloved I remember the day you left PoliceRP to join imperial then you ghosted me ever since ill miss you sweetie 23. Xenoz skull #Live Laugh Love my slimes Oh yeah I forgot to say now I have time to paint more! @Goat @Bon @Theta @Rux @suns shit didnt work @Starch probably the right one idk @Anomaly @Mann @Skippey @Camo_Creed @bobross shit @NebelFir @Frog
  2. +Support Panic did great for IC in the past and is currently doing so now is app is a bit short but he has the experience and knowledge to greatly help IC during this current time.
  3. I remember when I finally retired from Havoc just for it to get removed! Yippie
  4. Kat would be a great fit for this position of Pyke underboss and especially right now but the application is a little short they have been in multiple branches on the server so they definitely have the experience for it. +Support
  5. +Support+ Dedicated Active Nice and approachable Good Application Very helpful
  6. +Support Reaper did well in ST the short time he was in there and always prioritized Nova above all else I would most definitely say he has a good chance for this position or at least a Commanding officer position within Nova.
  7. ++SUPPORT Honestly, nothing but love for Onlos. He's a great guy! Very open with everything, never abuses his powers. Very good with leading Medical!! In my honest opinions I think Onlos would be a great Vice Commander! Goodluck Onlos!!!
  8. + MASSIVE SUPPORT In my tenure as low command Suns was by far my best overseer. He takes a hands on approach to things, something I wish more HC would. He’s very involved and never makes you feel alone in anything or like HC is working against you. Hes an outgoing kind hearted guy. I think he’d excel as High General!
  9. +Support + Active + Great App + Great Person + Trust Worthy + Experienced Would Make good Senior Admin
  10. Nixon is not a crook is all im saying
  11. -Support there are better candidates suited for this position application is extremely short
  12. +Support - understands the purpose of a vice commander -has a lot of experience on the sever
  13. I have seen Bell on pretty much every time I've been on and I can say that he is definitely hard working for IC. Application is also very detailed and explains well on what should be expected of someone high ranking of a Vice Commander. Also a great guy to be around and I think he deserves this spot of Vice Commander. + BIG SUPPORT
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