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  1. I know you are active and doing a great work for Stormtroopers. Best of luck Lucy.
  2. That makes all CC with cloak powers Gods. If I can't see him **Faded** that would mean he can just walk into brig while I was doing a simulation and could open all the cells. He can just walk in bridge and can't see him. It would make our lifes a pain and not fair. Explain how that would make RP sense. It just isn't right. Next time I will just call Staff immediatly as he suggested but this warning is just false for the many reason. It doesn't state in the rules. I have never encounter such degree before since I just arrest him immedialty but he ran away. I couldn't know, that is why my warning should of been a verbal warning since now I know. @Polarity
  3. 1. Questions 2. Your In-game: HighWorks ( Shock VCMDR HighWorks 5125 ) 3. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:78680549 4. The admin's name in-game: Icer 9738 5. The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] Icer (STEAM_0:1:567205559) 6. What warning did you receive: Warning for FailRP 7. Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): 8. Why do you think this warn was false: This warning is false for many reasons: - Misunderstanding He was complaining about having this conversations many times but I never heard anything about it. I just followed common sence. - Common Sence Looking at the cloak you can see if he is running he is faded. You can still see him when he is running. Before arresting him he was standing still and we didn't know where he was until he popped out of cloak and back in cloak. We just followed common sence. - No rule There is no rule against this or not clear about if it is failRP or not. If it was in the rules this warn appeal wouldn't be made. - The foot steps At the end if I did or didn't see him. I could here him loud and clear with his footsteps + his force jump. This is just common sence. - NITRP He just when inside brig and trying to avoid arrest plus calling me a prick. He just asks for him to get arrested. He abuses his force cloak to do bad stuff. After going in brig he did in again in bridge. (No evidence. Rumors from my shock) 9. Any extra information: If you look at this evidence and my reasons why it was false, it would be just a false warning. Just give me a verbal warning instead. Now I have my warn for ever for something that could be verbal warning suited better.
  4. Denied Shock command didn't found you fit for the officer position within shock. You may reapply in 1 week.
  5. Accepted! Welcome to the Shock Officer Corps. Contact Shock Command to start your officer training. Once training is done you will get your whitelist and roles.
  6. Accepted! Welcome to the Shock Officer Corps. Contact Shock Command to start your officer training. Once training is done you will get your whitelist and roles.
  7. 1. What is your IGN? (In-Game Name) : Shock STFAL CPT HighWorks 5125 In full: Shock Special Task Force Assistant Lead Captain HighWorks 5125 2. What Regiment are you applying for? I’m applying for the position of Vice Commander within the Shock Imperial Army. 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? There are a lot of reasons why I want to be Vice Commander of the Shock Army. I found myself fit as I have been in this sort of position before on another server called Icefuse ImperialRP. I have received this position twice in 2 different Battalion. I have the experience and leadership needed to lead a battalion. One of the main things I want to improve is seriousness in the battalion. I found myself too much shock minging. There is a level between non-minging and minging. Having a laugh or making a joke is considered non-minging. But if you start breaking server rules as a joke you are minging. I PT my troopers a lot if they minge around me. Once that PT (Punishment Time) is over they learned their lesson hopefully, and if they continue I will PT them again. I shouldn’t be the only Officer PT’ing people. That is why I also want to start making a PT document that gives clear instructions on who you can PT for what reason and how hard the PT will be. The shock battalion is my home battalion and all of my shock are brothers and sisters. I never let them down unless they do stupid stuff. Rules are rules and I follow them. Shock has been on the edge of instability. Management could be better, Documents need to be updated and Roster needs a better fix. These things haven’t been done by my commander and Vice Commander. (I mean with this for example their join date which like 80% is answered with “?”) The Shock SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) is as well outdated. I have been the one working on it all by myself. Doing new layouts and new information. I don’t mind doing this alone, I do this for my battalion and my shock troopers. I also want to improve relationship with other battalions. This is already done on 5/12/2021 with IC to improve security around places. This wasn't very clear but I and IC Commander Boss came to a great solution. These are the many reasons why I want to be Vice Commander of the Shock Trooper Battalion. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 6 - 7 days on the server. Doesn’t sound a lot I know but consider those hours put into the server None AFK ( Unless IRL stuff ) and only server experience. The rest of the experience with leading and management is from another server which I have over 2500 hours on. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? There are a lot of purposes for a position for a Vice Commander / Commander. There is not much difference between the Vice Commander and Commander other than that the commander has more authority. The main purpose is: - Leading the battalion Leading a battalion is the top priority of a Commander / Vice Commander position. If you can lead a battalion everything goes loose and chaos is created. Leading a battalion can vary from giving orders to troopers to making sure every battle station is guarded. If a commander can’t lead a battalion he / she shouldn’t have gotten commander. This is one of the experiences that a commander must-have. - Server Experience Server Experience is very important if it comes to being a commander. A commander must know what he is doing. With server Experience, he knows where is and how to react to situations faster and better than the rest of the battalion. If a commander doesn’t know what he is doing and becomes a commander position he will tell the wrong thing to his troopers making confusion and shock will get worse. - Management Management like documents and roster always need to be updated. Some of the documents could be outdated and the Vice Commander / Commander’s job is to make sure it is fixed and up to date. Not only is management count towards documents and roster but also for roleplay. You need to make sure everyone is at their station and you need to keep track of who is online so you can manage the best. If someone goes offline at Bridge CheckPoint you will send another trooper over there. RP management is not that required by looks more professional. - Responsibility and Respect Responsibility and Respect plays as well a big role in becoming Vice Commander / Commander. Everyone always needs to show respect to each other. No one is better and everyone is equal. You as Vice Commander / Commander need to make sure of that and it’s a Vice Commander / Commander’s job to be responsible for that. Everything that happens in the battalion is what you’re doing. If something doesn’t go the correct way you need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Such responsibility can’t be handled by everyone. Only Vice Commander / Commander can do that. Such Management is on a high level. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I am trustworthy in holding this position and a very chill guy. I don't complain unless it needs fixing or when something is not very settled. I have never done power abuse in my entire life. I tread EVERYONE equally unless it is a rebel. From Trainee to the emperor. If he fucks up he gets his deserved punishment. BUT! If an enlisted fucks up and didn't know I will let it slip. Making the same mistake twice is just fooling me. But there is more reason why I should be trusted with holding this position. - Experience I have so much experience on not only this server but as well on another server. I have played ImperialRP for a long time and I know what is right and wrong. The experience I have as a shock trooper goes into a long storyline. But I will keep it short within Gaminglight. When I joined Shock Trooper for the first time I already felt home. Shock always is a cool battalion and a very chill battalion as well. This goes for every server that I have been on. As enlisted I was trying to experience the most of my moments and learning. Until I saw the SOP that was a complete copy of Icefuse’s Shock Handbook. I informed others about it and they reversed it to their old SOP. The SOP was so unclear about most of the information and it was just hard to find that information. It’s like reading a book instead of a handbook with clear instructions. As enlisted I was asking myself a lot of questions and Dodo was so kind to answer them all for me. Then I reached the rank of NCO meaning I could do more leadership. I started to get the hang of it with most situations. My NCO term was basically to meet the most of shock and perform my duties to the best I could. Once I reached Sergeant First Class I felt I was ready for officer once again. Got accepted within 1 hour after the post. This way in my surprise that this happened this fast. Never Imagined this fast. I was in the officer ranks. I had so many things I wanted to improve as I could. Starting with disciplinary. Many of the shock trooper lack discipline. So whenever I saw a shock trooper minge I would give them PT. My entire Officer Term I have done this so Shock is non-mingy when I am around. Then the big moment came. Updating the SOP. It needed to be done. It was outdated and so much information was lacking. So I decided as 1LT with permission from my commander to start working on a new SOP. I invited my entire Officer Corps to join in on making the SOP but only Milk joined. That was to my surprise. I was working my way to finishing the SOP but there was still a lot of information missing. Then I reached the rank of Captain. I am still undergoing updates for the SOP on my own. That is when I decided to make my Vice Commander Application. - Leadership My leadership experience goes pretty deep. I know what to do in battle situations or how to deal with common issues. By playing a lot of time on both servers my leadership skills only increased. By trying to play as seriously as I can I make sure everything is managed. - Dedication Since I played this server and joined shock I already feel dedicated to this server. Shock is my family. ST is my brotherhood. Shock always has been in my blood and always will be. I will never leave shock behind under any circumstance. Unless IRL stuff. So bet that I am dedicated to the Shock Trooper Battalion. - Being a true leader There are 2 types of leadership. You have a boss that tells you what to do. You also have a Leader that joins you in doing tasks. Boss: A boss tells you what to do. He sits there and watches you do your tasks. If you mess up you will pay for that mistake. They don't understand since themselves don't do much. Boss's usually keeps with doing management and makes sure the documents and roster is up to date. Leader: A leader tells you what to do but doesn't sit back there and watches. He will join in on the fight. A leader does more RP then document / roster work and finds it morely important to train the troopers and letting them experience. I'm a true leader with the experience of a boss. I don't act like a boss but I do his work. I do both Document / Roster work and train my troopers within Roleplay. This is a very important reason why I should be trusted with this position. 7. How often can you be Online? : I can be fairly active. So here is my schedule for me to play Gaminglight Imperial RP: Monday = 4 am EST >< 11 am EST | 2 pm EST >< 5 pm EST Tuesday = 4 am EST >< 5 pm EST Wednesday = 4 am EST >< 5 pm EST Thursday = 4 am EST >< 5 pm EST Friday = 4 am EST >< 5 pm EST Saturday = 4 am EST >< 11 am EST | 2 pm EST >< 5 pm EST Sunday = 4 am EST >< 5 pm EST OR 4 am EST >< 7 am EST | 1 pm EST >< 5 pm EST (Depending if I need to work) Note: I can't make any meetings from shock to others. Can't help it But we can come in a solution. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I do not have any warning for any reason. Extra: My plans as Vice Commander are as followed: - Giving Shock Disciplinary and making a PT document - Updated the SOP (Full in development) - Increasing battalion relationship (RP) All of these plans are currently being done. I already give Shock Disciplinary but the most officer doesn't give Shock Trooper displinary. The SOP is already being Updated by me. Battalion Relationship is done with IC and undergoing with Purge. Who knows what more I will do or who we will work with. Thanks for reading my application. Feel free to leave a +Support or -Support on my application. This application is made by HighWorks. Give detail on why so others know what you are talking about and I can improve on.
  8. +/-Support Alrighty, so Tango you are a great person with a good heart. You know your experience and you can Roleplay very well. I do have seen you minge here and there but that is on an acceptable level. You can create multiple personality's which looks cool and you can Roleplay in variety of ways of roleplay. I have also seen you lead and give orders sometimes and you can do it. You follow what is asked of you and now it is time to reverse. There are also negative things. Your activity is a bit short. You have Purge NCO, Shock NCO, and Royal Guard Cadet jobs. You have played 40 hours in the past 2 weeks. If all of those hours are in shock then I would say you don't lack activity. That as well goes for your dedication. You lack the dedication to play all shock out. I understand you have Purge NCO and Royal Cadet roles but not gone lie you can put more into Shock as we can use active Officer's. I can as well imagine if you get the role you would be more active on the job. But no guarantees. Proof yourself worthy. If I see you more active on the shock job and you get noticed well I will change my set of mind. In short: Pros: - Leadership - Experience - Roleplay Experience - Overall a relaxed guy Cons: - Activity (40 hours in past 2 weeks: https://gyazo.com/a3758922aed211c026a89ce24c535dc9) - Dedication - Tiny mingyness (Not serious in his roleplay) Best of luck! Note: This is from my perspective. If I hear / see different things from you. I will change it.
  9. +Support Although he is THE Gamercat that minges on like every single fucking server like Pixelcat and BeepTeeBops. He still does good work. To summary everything up from Pros: - Dedicated - Proffesional - Active - Leadership - Experience Cons: - He is THE Gamercat I ain't gonna lie but I do see you fitting among the officer team. Best of luck! ~HighWorks | IGN: Shock STFAL 1LT HighWorks 5125
  10. +support This guy has been doing amazing work. He knows what he is doing and is friendly to everyone. He sets a good example of a shock trooper. He shall do a great job. He has the following that he own of becoming commander: - Experience (Too much) - Leadership - Dedication - Active Overall he will do well in this position. I fully support your application! Thomas has never seen such greatness before.
  11. +Support + Application + experience + Will do good in this position - Lore: Scorch is a lore character. Not only does this position require leadership, skill and dedication. It also requires lore knowledge. I hope you know it. If you update the application with some knowledge within scorch you are without a doubt fit within this position and with that, this one will be going from "-" -> "+"
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