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  1. +Support + Great app + Would be a cool officer + Very mature
  2. HUGE +SUPPORT + Cool dude + Awesome dude + Good leader + Helps the bat greatly + Great Dude + VERY VERY MATURE
  3. Sorry everyone, especially RG. I was very inactive in these past few days and it was hard for me to find motivation to play. I got burnt out from the server and I wish I didnt, I hope that RG and the server have a successful future. Shout out to Hale for keeping RG together while I wasnt on, Steel for being such a good guy, Ryan for keeping me up to date on whats goin on, Caps for showing good leadership, and Adam for staying with RG through thick and thin. Again, very very sorry for my inactivity and I give my luck to the next vice sov. Cya bois will really miss all of you
  4. Accepted Please contact Vice Sovereign+ for your new rank!
  5. +Support + Active + Friendly + Dedicated + Has past experience
  6. Definitely one of the nicest people on the server, will really miss your good mornings man o7
  7. Pretty sure you insulted him before he said that making you the instigator, -Support
  8. +Support + Mature + Active + Does tryouts consistently + Responsible Good luck Azir!
  9. +Support + Has experience + Good app + Active and dedicated Good luck Kuzon!
  10. Huge +Support + Very Active and dedicated + Great dueler + Great application + Good leadership Good luck Striker!
  11. -Support - Application is way too short - Havent seen you on that much - No effort in application
  12. -Support - Very very short application - Needs more detail - Just got promoted - Doesnt give a good answer for why he should be trusted Good luck.
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