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  1. +Support -Seems dedicated to the server/has good playtime -Has past GM experience -Decent application -Good ideas for events Good luck!
  2. +Support Seems to have experience with higher ranks in the past. As long as others have noticed your dedication to the Pyke's, I believe you have potential to be an Officer.
  3. +Support You are very active, and always around willing to help. The application itself was good as well. Good luck!
  4. +/- Support (for now) I think the good intent is definitely there, but I would suggest getting a little more known and posting some more on the forums. I want to wait and see what other people think till making further judgement. Best of luck!
  5. +Support Couldn't have said it any better. Good luck!
  6. 1. What is your In Game Name/Steam ID and Discord ID?: Biggy, [GL] J, JaredFlo#2636 2. Why do you want to become a Member of the Pyke’s?: It is a huge addition to the server that deserves active players to keep the server interested. I am super PVP oriented, and have already enjoyed the new rogue troopers during events. I also just resigned from my only life in the 501st as it was very repetitive. Although, I was very committed to getting on and fulfilling my duties within the branch. I would love to do the same for the Pyke's and put in the work to show why I was chosen over applicants. 3. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants?: I am super ambitious and would love to learn everything that Pyke has to offer along with reading/learning the new SOP. I am also dedicated to Gaming Light and would love to see the Pyke battalion excel and give the server the big change it deserves to keep players into the events and PVP combat. 4. What is the biggest thing you would bring to the Pyke Branch? (Please explain): Not only do I feel like I would bring the addition of strong PVP characteristics, I would also be a great leader to those trying to just get into the new battalion and feel comfortable. I am willing to openly take suggestions and report them to higher-ups who can possibly turn it into reality. I also am able to represent myself in a very respectful manner, and act mature in tough situations which may set me apart from other candidates. Representing the Pyke's in a professional fashion would be the mindset that I would want to bestow on other members since the new group will be closely watched. Finally, I am very organized, and with new documents edited, and sent out continuously, I am able and willing to help with any finalizations on making documents and making them easily accessible to those who need them. 5. List a few achievements you have accomplished in the server: For starters I am currently staff. I was an ARC member in the 501st which is a limited roster known for their extensive combat skills, and I was also a heavy assistant lead. I even was accepted into DT for a short amount of time until resigning. 6. How often can you be active in-game?: I would be on a couple hours during the week every night, and quite a few hours during the weekends. 7. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): Yes, I have warns for Mass RDM, LTAP, Racism, Disrespect, and some others. (All previous while minging, and I am aware of my mistakes)
  7. Agree 100%. Great job, and good luck.
  8. -Support Seen numerous complaints about how mingey you are and everything you've posted has not been backed up and is most likely fake.
  9. +Support Seems to have tons of experience and the application was very well thought out. Great job, and good luck!
  10. -Support Staff requires some effort and to show that you deserve that rank, I believe more effort should be put into the "why" other than feeling like you earned it. I would love to see you apply again with more effort put into the application.
  11. -Support If you would like have people on your side with removing a false warn, I would highly suggest using the format provided in the pinned messages.
  12. +Support Solid application and always seems willing to help out fellow staff and users. Putting others first is a great quality to have especially as a higher-ranking staff member. Good luck!
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