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  1. glory to the KPD
  2. + Support There is no denying the fact that Hotshot is incredibly busy with managing his life. However, I think that the issue here lies soley in the absence of proper action being done by Hotshot. I understand that he holds personal ties with Zeeptin but if life has proven to be too complicated or bustling, perhaps it would be best if you step down because currently sitting on the fence between managing life and a Garry's Mod Server is proven to be doing more harm than good to this community and buisness. The claims of the absence of communication from Hotshot to High Command and the Community as a whole, has led to distress and ""Uprisings"" amongst members in this community. Currently there are 5 JMT members of staff and if the number of Management members and those competant enough to know LUA code, has been a genuine concern of yours then why not try to outsource your development team? Or inquire if any of the current FIVE Junior Management members who have been promoted if they have any knowledge of coding. If you promote these people with the intention of eventually making at LEAST ONE of them a member of the SMT team, I think that it would be smarter to actually plan out promotions for those who hold knowledge for lua coding rather than at the last second, lose the very limited supply of "coders" or useful people able to aid you in your quota/updates queue. In regards to the arguments of RP influence, he does hold the final say. However the general consensus among former and current High Command is that there is for lack of a better word; too much meddling going on from the side of Hotshot. From what I have gathered the current High Command Team feels like they are not trusted with completing all of their duties. I cannot speak on the topic of biases however. It is my belief that changes do need to be made regardless, In no way is any of the points I am making a personal attack to Hotshot himself, through limited conversation I have had with him I think that he is just a regular person.
  3. -Support does not pose the maturity nor the managing and multitasking skills to handle a high-command position frequent and excessive liar (referencing past forums posts where he would over-state his achievements or involvements in achievements, and undermine that of others, as well as personal interactions I have had with him.) it is my whole hearted opinion to say that I do not believe manjini is remotely qualified for a high command rank as of me writing this response. There is a lot that he needs to work on (both personally and proffesionally) before I, as well as a handful of others can see Manjini perfoming well in such a grandiose position.
  4. i am joining your fivem roleplay server as we speak, there will be blood mr cloudz hope you have fun doing other things with your time now
  5. sean, i will forever miss our intimate moments on the isd. the way you walked and spoke will forever be burned into my heart
  6. + Support Literally the best Inquisitorius member I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Truly an amazing leader Responsible Kind and easy to talk to In my most honest opinion I believe that Kev is an amazing choice for this position, and I cannot see anyone who is a better fit for this position I unironically love Kev
  7. +Support -definitely the best choice -has had previous high command experience -well known/beloved community member -professional yet understanding/easy to talk to -gave me 160mil on his last day
  8. - support all around toxic community member
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