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  1. O7 man You will be missed
  2. -Support -you got Busted fair and square as far as ive seen, Sorry mate
  3. Woah well, This is Sudden, I wish you all the best in your future Endeavors Slasher, You are one of the coolest people ive met on Gaminglight, Good Luck Have Fun and always Remember: SERVARE VITAS!
  4. Woah. Well this Is Sudden, All I can say is Thank you. Thank you for being an amazing FBI Member, And always living up to the Motto of Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. O7 King, Good Luck on your Future Endeavors.
  5. Clover1

    Bosco 48 hours

    Good luck with your future endeavors, May you find your place
  6. I believe this man would be a good Moderator. He Seems like a good guy from What I have seen. +support
  7. Damn, So sad to see you go, Nother good player bites the dust. Good Luck in your Future Endeavors.
  8. Clover1


    idk, i like all cheese
  9. Yessir! I was there in background somewhere lmfao
  10. +1 Active, Great guy, Great NCO
  11. About that Last part I was fightin them Purely due to the fact that they were trying to fight me and were threatening me cause They didnt like my name/way of speaking, I dont really remember the rest of the Details
  12. Seen as in that Video, the First one I mean, they absolutely had the right to shoot me but i was retaliating cause That flamehthrower attack that i did in medbay was on accident thats why i started Running away, I was not intending to actually have to retaliate so much but basically Every single person in medbay started shooting me or damaging me so I retaliated, I later on also getting Alot of Flak from them and someone who i thought i had a hit on Was there so i started stabbing them (I'm not sure if i did have a hit but I remember going for one person specifically), I also know I shouldve controlled my Weapon more Firmly, And I Apologize for this. As for the Way I Generally Act when on Imperial, It is not me Trying to be mingy, It is just generally how I Act out of The Game, At my Job and also Online Its not something that I will try to use as an Excuse but I just want to make that Clear, That is All I have to say. Thank you for letting me answer. -Charlotte
  13. [Start Log] Civillian name: Charlotte Last name: Doe Military Name: Stormtrooper Scout Instructor Sergeant Charlotte 1054 Backstory: As a Lone Child, Charlotte Doe Often had Trouble making Friends and talking to People, As she grew Older she began to Appreciate the Empire for what it does and what it stands for Then at the Ripe old age of 16, She Joined the Stormtrooper Corps as a Private, She was Very Shy at first but began to Grow Self Confidence over time and eventually made her first couple of Friends. On her first Mission she was Promoted to Private First Class for her Excellent Combat Performance and Tactical Maneuvers. [First Mission, Begin Sub-Log A1] *hologram of SGT Charlotte Appears* "Holy damn is it ever Hot on Tatooine, I hate this Planet already." As the Hologram Transmission Ends you can see Charlotte loading her E-11 Blaster Rifle. As the Troops around her start slowly Moving up and some of them dying in the Process, She feels a sudden Burst of Resolve and starts Mowing the Rebels down. [End Sub-Log A1] [Interview with SGT Charlotte, Begin Sub-Log A2] Interviewer: "Ma'am How is it serving the Empire as an NCO?" Doe: "Oh you know its Sometimes Stressful, but also very Resolve Heavy. I myself have been to countless Battles and received Countless Wounds, Scars and More. I have seen my Officers, my Enlisted and fellow Imperials Die in Battle. Interviewer: "Oh...Do you take pleasure in Killing?" Doe: "Oh, Not Particularily No but I dont hate doing it." Interviewer: "Thank you for this short Interview, Ma'am." Doe: "No Problem, Sir." [End Interview Sub-Log A2] [End Log]
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