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  1. Imagine not doing what you applied to do. Also seems like you're bias towards him. You're doing everything possible to not help him. +support
  2. if need to go afk, then afk. Dont ruin the rp. People can still negotiate to sell as afk player. +support
  3. Why you typing like that though?
  4. +support He's really trying guys. Give him a chance.
  5. Why you typing like that tho?
  6. +support Character development on point
  7. +support. Extreme duration for rdm.
  8. Car safety systems have come a long way, but he was out to prove they could be outsmarted. The sign said there was road work ahead so he decided to speed up. When he asked her favorite number, she answered without hesitation that it was diamonds.
  9. -support Nuisances. They stayed as errors on my game. Even after reinstalling. Had to wait for map update, only to have the new map polluted with Christmas props that had the same issue after removed.
  10. There was no ice cream in the freezer, nor did they have money to go to the store. She only paints with bold colors; she does not like pastels. She hadn't had her cup of coffee, and that made things all the worse.
  11. Everything was going so well until I was accosted by a purple giraffe. Mothers spend months of their lives waiting on their children. Little Red Riding Hood decided to wear orange today.
  12. No need, I'm agreeing with eyelanders dispute. I don't have anything else to add. If you really want me to write something down, it's pretty much exactly what he said. I believe that a temporary blacklist is more appropriate than a permanent one considering the past incidents.
  13. +support Those racism bans were just times where his real world speech patterns were unfiltered when he was talking on GL. He wasn't intentionally racist or directly racist to any other player. Otherwise he wouldn't have gotten unbanned for those two racism counts. He went this long from that time without letting things get through that filter again but he slipped up. Perhaps he was having a bad day or something. The fact that he has been able to keep control of what he says majority of the time, it's very likely he made another slip up. I genuinely believe he is committed.
  14. Homie committing crimes with both DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE!
  15. Honestly never cared about staffing so Idk if you need a supervisor as trial mod, but that sounds like it is a thing. The outcome of the sit doesn't matter. I'm mostly looking at the lack of a supervisor as a trial mod during a sit +support
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