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  1. +Support - Super friendly and helpful, Not a big minge, I've never seen him break any rules to my knowledge Very into the RP. I know him only from research and there he does a great job Perfect material for the team
  2. Lore Name: Brigand Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41610668 Rank: Lead Researcher Activity Level: Very Frequent (At least until my quarantine ends)
  3. https://docdro.id/oIKGiGz [PDF Sharing Website - Safe to open]
  4. +Support Good guy, Works hard for division and is on frequently from my understanding [Approved from Tar Triumvirate]
  5. Thanks! I'd love it if you graded it lol - Been waiting like 3 days now
  6. https://docdro.id/FXR0DFE [PDF File Sharing Website - Safe to Open]
  7. https://docdro.id/Sv5i9nU [PDF Sharing Website - It's safe to open]